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Afrika Tikkun Annual Review


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Afrika Tikkun is building a sustainable future by enabling today’s disadvantaged children and youth to become tomorrow’s productive citizens. We do this via a unique and proven Cradle-to-Career model which invests in the education and social development of children from early infancy through young adulthood and into gainful employment.

South Africa’s multitudes of disadvantaged children face unique challenges that are no fault of their own. For many, lack of access to basics such as having parents, food, shelter and healthcare means that daily life revolves around simple survival, frequently leading away from education and social promise into despair driven crime.

Afrika Tikkun's mission is to break the cycle of poverty, providing these children with Hope, Capability and Promise - the education, life-skills and confidence to become the self-sustaining, productive future of the country. This is the shared goal of Nelson Mandela, our founding Patron, whose legacy we strive to live by and to instill in all those we touch.

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Afrika Tikkun Annual Review

  1. 1. Chairman’s Report Afrika Tikkun NPC – FRom Cradle to Career Afrika Tikkun NPC – Governance Afrika Tikkun NPC – Community Impact Afrika Tikkun NPC – Financials Afrika Tikkun NP C – Partnerships Afrika Tikkun Services (PTY ) LIMITE d FROM CRADLE TO CAREER ANNUAL REVIE W 13/14 AFRIKA TIKKUN N P C
  2. 2. Afrika Tikkun strategic alliances Three Operating Entities NPC AMT AST Afrika Tikkun (Not for Profit Company – NPC) (Hereinafter Referred to as “Afrika Tikkun”) Early Childhood Development (ECD) Child and Youth Development Support Services (1 to 18 years) Vision MaAfrika Tikkun Beneficiary Awards 100% shareholder Endowment Trust “MAT” BBBEE Equity Ownership Investment Management Legacy to Life Endowment A sustainable future for children in South African townships. Mission Afrika Tikkun Services (Pty) Limited ATS (Hereinafter Referred to as “ATS”) Consulting – BBBEE Scorecard & Equity Employment Job Readiness Training Recruitment & Placements (19 to 35 years) Afrika Tikkun is dedicated to investing in education, health and social services for children, youth and their families through its Community Centres of Excellence and strategic partnerships.
  3. 3. Chairman’s Report Afrika Tikkun NPC – FRom Cradle to Career Afrika Tikkun NPC – Community Impact Afrika Tikkun NPC – Financials Afrika Tikkun Services (PTY ) LIMITE d Afrika Tikkun NP C – Partnerships Afrika Tikkun NPC – Governance AFRIKA T 1 IKKUN ANNUAL REVIEW 13/14 Building a better world with Barclays Citizenship is a vital component of Barclay’s overall ethos in becoming the go-to bank on the continent. Community investment and, more particularly, how we remain relevant to the communities in which we operate, is a key pillar of our citizenship-agenda. Our community investment team focuses on projects that develop the financial-, enterprise development-, and numeracy and literacy skills of disadvantaged youths between 10 and 35 years – increasing their chances of employment. We have a strong preference for initiatives that are innovative, use different channels to increase their reach, and collaborate to evolve with best practice, thereby increasing their impact. We particularly look for programmes that address both supply and demand, linking an initiative to an opportunity. We are very excited to commit to two projects with Afrika Tikkun in 2014, as both showcase best practice and innovation. The Afrika Tikkun Employability Project not only provides excellent training, but also has the right networks to ensure job placements for at least 50% of participants. Likewise, the Step-Up-2-a-Start-Up enterprise development project, that includes the best of international and local thinking, reaches 15,000 youths through movie theatres. As a financial services organisation, this focus enables us to allocate significant business resources in support of these programmes, as well as mobilise colleagues through volunteering. We hope that these efforts will make a true difference in building a better world for South Africa’s youth. Stephen van Coller Chief Executive Corporate & Investment Banking, Barclays Africa Group
  4. 4. AFRIKA TIKKUN (NPC) – CHAIRMAN’S REPORT 2 New initiatives changing lives The issue of growing youth unemployment is increasingly recognized as one of the most disturbing economic and social issues facing the country. One in two youth under the age of 25 is unemployed, and most unemployed young people don’t have the knowledge or resources to generate a sustainable income. The repercussions affect the stability of the country’s future, whilst draining social funding. The remedy does not lie in quick-fix training programs, applied in isolation by individual corporate organisations. Intervention is required early on in a child’s development, particularly where children have few role models of sustained permanent employment. In light of these facts, Afrika Tikkun Services (Pty) Limited was established as a separate entity to the developmental activities of the non-profit entity to provide job readiness-training and consulting services, with the support of a handful of key companies who saw economic value in the project – from a BBBEE perspective as well as the potential of new employees from the pool of applicants developed and screened by Afrika Tikkun Services (Pty) Limited. The results achieved in the first year of operations were in line with expectations, and the newly appointed team under the management of Errol Pillay are to be complimented for establishing a solid foundation in this complex, but promising, business sector. The MaAfrika Tikkun Endowment Trust was fortunate to see an improvement in the value of its equity holdings, and the trustees extend genuine appreciation to those corporations, particularly the Redefine Group, who saw value in retaining and growing our participation in their equity structures. MaAfrika Tikkun Endowment Trust is a well-suited BBBEE partner capable of delivering tangible SED, job training, and placement- and advisory services to equity partners who recognize our integrated approach.
  5. 5. Chairman’s Report Afrika Tikkun NPC – FRom Cradle to Career Afrika Tikkun NPC – Community Impact Afrika Tikkun NPC – Financials Afrika Tikkun Services (PTY ) LIMITE d Afrika Tikkun NP C – Partnerships Afrika Tikkun NPC – Governance 3 AFRIKA TIKKUN (NPC) – CHAIRMAN’S REPORT Whilst numerous other NGO’s were forced to close their doors due to funding constraints, Afrika Tikkun was able to meet and slightly exceed its budget – but only just, and all indications are that the next few years will prove to be most challenging. The board has therefore continued to plan conservatively, and cash flow and cash management remains a priority. The achievements of the organisation were remarkable, considering the effects of retrenchment and cut-backs of certain activities. But sound and firm business practises, combined with an authentic care for the beneficiaries, ensured that the organisation maintained its prized standing within communities. Whilst we are, I believe, justifiably proud of what we’re achieving, it is difficult to budget ahead because of the uncertainty of finances. Therefore, in particular, if we had government to not only applaud us, which they do, but to jointly participate with us in our programmes, the outcome can be dramatically improved. Not only could we then deploy increased capital, but know that we have an assured stream of money without living with the uncertainty and fear that we may have to reduce our programmes and put children back on the streets. We also hope that our donors support us in our desire to work with government, because there is a tangible need in our country and we need to employ our resources into joint programmes that may boost this economy. I would like to extend my appreciation to my fellow board colleagues who genuinely contribute not only to governance in terms of ensuring adequate controls, but add value through contributing their wealth of personal and professional knowledge to the business of developing children and youth into the mainstream South African economy. In so doing, they empower local communities to empower themselves – ultimately the most effective way of ensuring sustainability. I wish the executive team and all of the Tikkun family, allied organisations, government participants and partners great success as we embark on this motivated new course of creating employable resources so desperately needed in this wonderful country of ours. Bertie Lubner Chairman
  6. 6. Afrika Tikkun – FROM CRADLE TO CAREER 4
  7. 7. Afrika Tikkun NPC – FRom Cradle to Career Afrika Tikkun NPC – Governance Afrika Tikkun NPC – Community Impact Afrika Tikkun NPC – Financials Afrika Tikkun NP C – Partnerships Afrika Tikkun Services (PTY ) LIMITE d 5 Afrika Tikkun – FROM CRADLE TO CAREER
  8. 8. AFRIKA TIKKUN (NPC) – CEO REPORT 6 Changing lives: From cradle to career The strategic alliances of Afrika Tikkun address the demand for corporates, foundations, private individuals and government departments to develop children from disadvantaged backgrounds into jobs and entrepreneurial opportunities. The association provides for the development of infants through to the end of their schooling through Afrika Tikkun (NPC) operating from community centres in townships across South Africa. However these development efforts were not enough to ensure employment for township youth. Afrika Tikkun (Pty) Limited (ATS) was formed, an Enterprise Development, training and placement company with the vision to secure employment and break the cycle of poverty. Each company is governed by separate boards and managed by independent executive management as each has a separate but aligned set of objectives. Afrika Tikkun takes a holistic approach to the development of children and youth who seek to address their educational, psychosocial, health and economic needs. In order to provide services and interventions that support them from cradle to career, Afrika Tikkun has three core programmes, each focused on specific developmental and age-appropriate needs: 1. Early Childhood Development (ECD) provides home-based together with centre-based support for children up to 6 years of age, and development services for those aged 2-6, getting them school-ready. 2. Child and Youth Development (CYD) provides sports, arts and culture, learning, homework support, and life-skills intervention for specific age groups of 7-9 years, 10-13 years, 14-16 years and 17-18 years. The key outcome is a higher matric pass rate, whilst also providing career information and further learning opportunities. 3. Skills and Enterprise Development (SED) which are offered from an alliance with ATS, a separate legal entity provides career guidance, job readiness-training, entrepreneurial training, job placement and bursaries for further learning. It targets young adults aged 19-35, with a matric or equivalent. The key outcome is to equip young people with skills to navigate the labour market and find sustainable employment or create new enterprises.
  9. 9. Afrika Tikkun NPC – FRom Cradle to Career Afrika Tikkun NPC – Community Impact Afrika Tikkun NPC – Financials Afrika Tikkun Services (PTY ) LIMITE d Afrika Tikkun NP C – Partnerships Afrika Tikkun NPC – Governance 7 AFRIKA TIKKUN (NPC) – CEO REPORT While the latter programmes are designed to build on skills acquired in the previous levels, each programme also offers specific educational- and developmental outcomes in its own right. As such, participants can enter, exit, and re-enter the programmes at any point. In line with Afrika Tikkun’s holistic approach to child and youth development, the programmes also offer support services including primary health care services, nutritional and food security services; and family support services for children, youth and their families on a case-by-case basis.
  10. 10. AFRIKA TIKKUN (NPC) – CEO REPORT 8 New initiatives and tangible results Year upon year, Afrika Tikkun strives to improve its service offering and refine its practices in order to offer the maximum possible value for all beneficiaries and partners in the long run. This year, some exciting new initiatives have already shown great promise, building on our already-solid foundation: A new era This past year, Afrika Tikkun embarked on a strategy to improve the effectiveness of the centre based-programmes, and orienting the child- and youth development programmes towards the ultimate goal of creating employable individuals who would be introduced to job opportunities. Improved library support services and computer-based learning replaced some of the recreational activities that were considered less important in the career development-process. We will continue to refine these programmes as we work with major players in the development of career readiness programmes. The ultimate plan is to ensure that Afrika Tikkun is regarded as a leading provider of competent first-time job seekers and potential graduates of university programmes. Emphasis is being placed on exceptional matric results, requiring many years of pre-matric preparation in both life skills and academic support. We will achieve this by integrating the specialised services of other complementary organisations. The reorientation of our services requires constant monitoring and evaluation as a standard in our daily processes. As such, a more advanced evaluation system will be implemented this year. By having access to this impact data and statistical reports, we will be able to constantly analyse the effect of our work. The plan for the year ahead is to grow the number of youth graduating from the Afrika Tikkun centres so that they become eligible for placement by ATS and other placement organisations. Special thanks This past year, operating costs at Afrika Tikkun sites were kept below budget at R44,957,255, whilst organisational overheads including marketing, fundraising and financial administration amounted to a further R9,208,272. The R54,225,118 income received therefore covered the total costs of R54,165,527, with operating overheads representing 83% of the total income.
  11. 11. Afrika Tikkun NPC – FRom Cradle to Career Afrika Tikkun NPC – Community Impact Afrika Tikkun NPC – Financials Afrika Tikkun Services (PTY ) LIMITE d Afrika Tikkun NP C – Partnerships Afrika Tikkun NPC – Governance 9 AFRIKA TIKKUN ANNUAL REVIEW 13/14 My sincere thanks to everyone who helped make this possible. May we continue to forge ahead, building on our blessed success, in the years to come. • Afrika Tikkun continues to invest in the competencies of its staff at all levels. This differentiates the organisation from many others, as on-going training ensures that the organisation operates at optimal efficiency. It is most encouraging to see the development of managerial teams who competently bring their own creativity and enthusiasm to specific operational areas. Our culture of encouraging individuals to direct their enthusiasm into tangible and measurable outcomes is one of the reasons we are able to attract and retain the staff that we do. I would like to thank the family of 578 staff members who bring meaningful change to so many young lives every day. • I would also like to pay tribute to the many professional specialist organisations ensuring that we are well-guided in our efforts. • In thanking our various supporters who ensured that the organisation was funded with R54 million, I also acknowledge the work of the development team championed by Onyi Nwaneri. Onyi not only goes in search of funds, but together with our esteemed Executive Deputy Chairman Herby Rosenberg, ensures we co-opt contributors as family, friends and indeed partners. • Leonie van Tonder, an outstanding manager of both people and systems, took over the role of organisational COO in January. She successfully implemented an organisational behavioural realignment-plan for leadership, driven by value-defined principles, and her impact has been immediate and most effective. • My thanks to the indefatigable Arnold Forman, whose attention to detail and strict control gives us the security of operating from a place of financial knowledge, while stakeholders have a very practical understanding of our performance. • My gratitude to chairman Bertie Lubner, the most responsible yet passionate human being I know, to our boards of directors and trustees who have supported this pioneering and ambitious vision, and to all who have encouraged us in whatever form to build a world of better prospects for us all. Marc Lubner CEO
  12. 12. AFRIKA TIKKUN (NPC) – BOARD OF DIRECTORS 10 Board of Directors Lubner, Bertie Chairman Castle, Moonyeen Non-executive Director Hazdan, Rabbi Dovid Non-executive Director Rosenberg, Herby Executive Deputy Chairman Harris, Ann Non-executive Director Boiskin, Li Alternate Non-executive Director to Moonyeen Castle Lubner, Marc Chief Executive Officer Khumalo, Bongani Non-executive Director Lucas-Bull, Wendy Non-executive Director Patrons Raymond Ackerman, Yvonne Chaka Chaka, Basil Hersov, Ronnie Lubner, Gill Marcus, Irene Menell, Elliot Osrin, Cycril Ramaphosa and Eric Samson.
  13. 13. Afrika Tikkun NPC – Community Impact Afrika Tikkun NPC – Financials Afrika Tikkun Services (PTY ) LIMITE d Afrika Tikkun NP C – Partnerships Afrika Tikkun NPC – Governance AFRIKA T 11 IKKUN ANNUAL REVIEW 13/14 Forman, Arnold Financial Director Loubser, Russell Non-executive Director Mokgatle, Dolly Non-executive Director Basserabie, Arnold Non-executive Director Mohan, Karuna Non-executive Director Jabu, Moleketi Non-executive Director
  14. 14. A well-oiled machine To ensure the proper functioning of an operation the size of Afrika Tikkun, several systems are in place to closely monitor all activities: Afrika Tikkun is governed by a board of directors and managed by a CEO who is an ex-officio of the board. The board meets quarterly, with an annual general meeting and report of the annual audited financials. The members are professionals with degrees in the fields of accountancy, law, business administration and other masters degrees. The Executive Management Committee (EXCO), which includes departmental and programme heads, is made up of professionals from different backgrounds, including law, human rights, finance and the fields of child- and youth care. This team meets bi-weekly to provide managerial direction and risk assessment, and to ensure cost-efficiency the best possible programme delivery. As an organisation, we continuously develop new systems that analyse and oversee risk, quality, procurement, finances, human resources and information management to ensure proper management and delivery of projects. All our systems are guided by the following policies: Human Resources Policy, HIV Policy, Financial Policy, ICT Policy, Child Protection Policy, and others. Monitoring and evaluation (M&E) The broad M&E components of our programme are based on a theory of change, which has been tested and approved across the organisation. Some of the monitoring tools that we currently use include: • Soweto Care System: Database software designed to facilitate the client administration of NGOs; focusing on home-based care, orphans and vulnerable children, and voluntary counselling and testing. Clients, employees, home-visits, client needs and programmes can be entered and updated in the system, after which comprehensive reports for management and partners are generated, and these reports can be accessed at any time. • Implementation- and log frame-plans: An annual strategic log frame lists all the objectives, activities, targets, indicators and means of verification. Log frames are reviewed quarterly with programme staff and in monthly supervisory sessions with programme managers. • Weekly/monthly narrative reports: Weekly highlights, current success stories and monthly narrative reports discuss impact, challenges and targets. • Management/financial reports: Monthly management reports are prepared per site, per programme (comparing actual costs and budgeted costs/beneficiaries). The budget is prepared in conjunction with the implementation- and log frame-plans. Arnold Forman Financial Director AFRIKA TIKKUN (NPC) – MANAGEMENT AND GOVERNANCE 12
  15. 15. Afrika Tikkun NPC – Community Impact Afrika Tikkun NPC – Financials Afrika Tikkun Services (PTY ) LIMITE d Afrika Tikkun NP C – Partnerships Afrika Tikkun NPC – Governance 13 AFRIKA TIKKUN (NPC) – ORGANOGRAM organogram Board of Directors Chairman: Bertie Lubner Audit and Risk Committee Chairman: Arnold Basserabie CEO Marc Lubner Financial Manager Christine Pestana Operations Centre General Managers: Sipho Mamize Patricia Ledwaba Manny Mhlanga Xolani Sampies Lizo Madinga Lizeka Rantsawa Delia Engle Head of Fundraising and Marketing Onyi Nwaneri Financial Director Arnold Forman CO Leonie van Tonder Legal, Governance & Client Relations Herby Rosenberg (Executive Deputy Chairman) Monitoring and Evaluation Ronnie Simmons
  16. 16. Facts and figures AFRIKA TIKKUN (NPC) – COMMUNITY IMPACT 14 Our Community Centres Gauteng Wings of Life: Diepsloot Over 800,000 residents reside in this sea of shacks not far from the plush northern Johannesburg suburbs of Dainfern and Chartwell. It’s one of the largest informal settlements in the country. Manager, Sipho Mamize Phutaditjaba: Alexandra One of the oldest townships in Gauteng, Alex is home to some 500,000 people in 5,210 houses, 34,000 shacks, three hostel complexes and around 2,500 flats. General Manager, Patricia Ledwaba Arekopaneng: Orange Farm Over 1million people live in the largest informal settlement in the country, 45km south of Johannesburg. It’s a fairly new settlement and the original inhabitants, laid-off farm workers, moved here in 1988. General Manager, Manny Mhlanga Afrika Tikkun Uthando Centre: BraamPark In July 2012, this centre relocated from Hillbrow to vibrant Braampark – a multicultural melting pot of decaying blocks of flats that are home to more than 1million South Africans, Zambians, Nigerians, Zimbabweans, Angolans, Mozambicans and Congolese. General Manager, Xolani Sampies
  17. 17. Afrika Tikkun NPC – Community Impact Afrika Tikkun NPC – Financials Afrika Tikkun Services (PTY ) LIMITE d AFRIKA T 15 IKKUN ANNUAL REVIEW 13/14 Afrika Tikkun NP C – Partnerships Cape Town Zolile Malindi Community Centre: Mfuleni More than 45,000 people live in poverty in this severely under-resourced area bordering Khayelitsha on the Cape Flats. General Manger, Lizo Madinga Nelson Mandela Peace Park: Delft Lying north of Cape Town on the Cape Flats, drug trafficking and socio-economic problems are rife in this community, where unemployment exceeds 70% among its 100,000 residents. General Manager, Lizeka Rantsane Primary Health Care: Delft and Mfuleni 300 staff employed under the contract of the Department of Health (Western Cape) to provide primary health care support services to individuals in impoverished township comunities. Afrika Tikkun • Reaches 6,565 beneficiaries on a monthly basis, including children, youth and their families. • Helped 307 Grade Rs graduate through our Early Childhood Development programme in 2013, and placed them in surrounding primary schools. • Supported a great number of matriculants in 2013, resulting in a matric pass rate of 96%, compared to 85% in the previous year, with over 30 distinctions. • Serves over 50,000 meals to children, youth and their families on an annual basis. • Created over 600 jobs in the communities we operate in, while more than 85% of staff members are from these communities already. • 13,056 beneficiaries reached through primary health care on a monthly basis. • Total beneficiaries reached in the year under review is 19,621.
  18. 18. An average of 5,413 children received daily after-school care, and care during school holidays AFRIKA TIKKUN ANNUAL REVIEW 13/14 16
  19. 19. Afrika Tikkun NPC – Community Impact Afrika Tikkun NPC – Financials Afrika Tikkun Services (PTY ) LIMITE d Afrika Tikkun NP C – Partnerships 17 AFRIKA TIKKUN (NPC) – A NOTE FROM THE COO Happy staff, happy families This past year, an intensive focus on staff members has already shown great results. The year kicked off with a coaching programme for general managers, which immediately resulted in a remarkable improvement in their respective handling of tasks. A staff satisfaction survey was then conducted, which highlighted three main concerns. These were unfairness in the workplace, lack of communication up and down the line, and security concerns. All these matters were addressed with practical solutions. Communication forums were created to immediately address staff concerns in each of the Afrika Tikkun centres, while only matters that the general managers cannot handle are referred up the line. To date, all issues have been promptly dealt with, and resolved. Security changes were made where possible in the areas around our centres in order to accommodate the staff. The philosophy of Care and Growth, an extraordinary approach to principled leadership, was rolled out to staff – starting with the executive management committee. The aim is to focus leadership on their role, and those of others, to establish a basis for legitimate leadership – a leadership style where integrity and trustworthiness are the main drivers to ensure a trustworthy and enthusiastic team. Twenty staff members from the Early Childhood Development Centres completed the NQF4-training course, and four staff members received NQF5 training. All teachers are now NQF4-graded, or higher qualified. In the Child and Youth Programme, 52 of our facilitators also qualified as child- and youth workers on an NQF4- level. The staff members’ tireless work had tangible effects in beneficiaries’ lives. We cared for an average of 1,152 children per day throughout the year in the Early Childhood Development Centres. In the Child and Youth-programme, an average of 5,413 children received daily after-school care, and care during school holidays. The well-supported libraries and IT-laboratories in these centres equip the children with the skills to achieve better results in their school work, and, as such, a better chance of successful careers. In the life skills- and arts and crafts-classes, children are also equipped with creative knowledge and the opportunity to express themselves on a new level and in a supportive environment. The Family Support Services-section, headed up by social workers, worked endlessly to create a better and more supportive environment for children at home. Some of the services include provision of food parcels, assistance with grants, and primary health support. They also got involved in a number of crime cases, where much-needed support was given to the affected families. We look forward to the new year, and the opportunity to serve communities through a better-qualified, responsible and accountable workforce. Leonie van Tonder COO
  20. 20. Financial review AFRIKA TIKKUN (NPC) – FINANCIALS 18 COMPREHENSIVE OPERATING STATEMENT FOR THE PERIOD ENDED 28 FEBRUARY 2014 Figures in Rands SUMMARY: 2014 Total Mfuleni Alexandra Delft Diepsloot Orange Farm Uthando Net Fundraising 47 269 287 Donations raised 54 225 118 Marketing and fundraising costs (6 955 831) Other Income 2 526 318 Interest received 883 460 Income from beneficiaries 1 642 858 Total Income Received 49 795 605 Head office expenditure (1 584 573) Cradle to Career Expenditure (35 215 190) (5 636 374) (5 308 241) (4 988 622) (7 025 309) (7 967 621) (4 289 023) Early childhood development (9 155 537) (1 507 209) (1 434 845) - (2 105 140) (2 258 930) (1 849 413) Child & youth development – pre-matric (23 784 889) (3 888 095) (3 380 891) (4 783 143) (4 494 103) (5 031 315) (2 207 342) Staff skills development (2 274 764) (241 070) (492 505) (205 479) (426 066) (677 376) (232 268) Community Outreach Costs (9 742 064) Health Care & Intervention Programmes (6 976 365) Adult learning skills (234 522) Empowerment program for children with disabilities (381 843) Emergency outreach (1 398 395) Employment creation project - National Development Agency (213 535) Ancillary social projects - Department of Social Development (537 404) Net surplus for the year including designated funds 2 585 909
  21. 21. Afrika Tikkun NPC – Financials Afrika Tikkun Services (PTY ) LIMITE d Afrika Tikkun NP C – Partnerships AFRIKA T 19 IKKUN ANNUAL REVIEW 13/14 COMPREHENSIVE OPERATING STATEMENT FOR THE PERIOD ENDED 28 FEBRUARY 2013 Figures in Rands SUMMARY: 2013 Total Mfuleni Alexandra Delft Diepsloot Orange Farm Uthando Net Fundraising 46 703 918 Donations raised 55 370 150 Marketing and fundraising costs (8 666 232) Other Income 2 338 644 Interest received 724 163 Income from beneficiaries 1 614 481 Total Income Received 49 042 562 Head office expenditure (2 002 310) Cradle to Career Expenditure (45 589 060) (8 691 092) (5 844 814) (5 795 339) (9 181 009) (8 727 777) (7 349 029) Early childhood development (9 713 697) (737 642) (1 230 754) (812 335) (1 973 809) (2 101 920) (2 857 237) Child & youth development – pre-matric (35 110 539) (7 768 685) (4 515 248) (4 831 501) (7 117 235) (6 412 840) (4 465 030) Staff skills development (764 824) (184 765) (98 812) (151 503) (89 965) (213 017) (26 762) Community Outreach Costs (7 107 728) Gender based violence project (1 028 314) Health Care & Intervention Programmes (3 618 214) Adult learning skills (258 829) Emergency support (924 580) Employment creation project - National Development Agency (568 483) Ancillary social projects - Department of Social Development (458 508) Ancillary youth projects - BASA (250 800) Net deficit for the year including designated funds (5 656 536)
  22. 22. Thanks to Grant Thorton For the past 15 years we have assisted with the audit of Afrika Tikkun. To watch their growth and increased scope of projects evolve over the years has been a humbling and uplifting experience. Afrika Tikkun’s Cradle to Career model invests in the development of children from early infancy into young adulthood and into the world of work. This approach ties in closely with Grant Thornton’s objective of growing our profession and our country. Over 2% of our fees are dedicated annually to the upliftment of our community, made up mainly by donating the time and expertise of our professionals. It is indeed a privilege to assist AfrikaTikkun as auditors and accountants and we hope to continue our association with this extraordinary organisation for many years to come. Garron Chaitowitz, director of Grant Thornton auditor to Afrika Tikkun for many years. G M Chaitowitz Director Chartered Accountant (SA) Registered Auditor 42 Weirda Road West | Weirda Valley | 2196 AFRIKA TIKKUN ANNUAL REVIEW 13/14 20
  23. 23. Afrika Tikkun NPC – Financials Afrika Tikkun NP C – Partnerships Afrika Tikkun Services (PTY ) LIMITE d AFRIKA T 21 IKKUN ANNUAL REVIEW 13/14
  24. 24. Fundraising thanks United Kingdom Afrika Tikkun UK would like to express our eternal gratitude to all our loyal supporters: individuals, corporates, trusts and foundations alike. Your generous donations allow Afrika Tikkun UK to contribute significantly to the life-changing cradle to career-programmes run by Afrika Tikkun. 2013/2014 was an exciting year, with a number of significant changes at Afrika Tikkun UK. The UK board has continued to provide invaluable support to the organisation through their expertise, innovative fundraising ideas, connections and passion as well as their significant financial support. We are so appreciative of their unwavering commitment, drive and enthusiasm for our work. We would like to thank each one of our donors for their on-going support. Working together, we can ensure a sustainable future for thousands of young people in South Africa. Gary Lubner (Chairman), Jennifer Miles (Executive Director) USA Impact speaks louder than words. We are proud to say that Afrika Tikkun USA rose to the challenge and we are making a difference in the lives of those in need from cradle to career, thanks to the steadfast support of our donors and partners. Our USA board continues to provide expertise in strategy, finance and governance. Afrika Tikkun’s new young Junior Board also nurtures a passionate group of school age-youth who are eager to live out their values, building a new generation of leadership. Your collaborative support offers structure and stability to over 18,000 beneficiaries, allowing Afrika Tikkun to develop and empower them. When you invest in Afrika Tikkun USA you are helping a strong team to work towards a unified goal. Brian Anderson (Chairman), Diana Anderson (Executive Director) THANKS! 22
  25. 25. Afrika Tikkun Services (PTY ) LIMITE d Afrika Tikkun NP C – Partnerships AFRIKA T 23 IKKUN ANNUAL REVIEW 13/14 Australia We are constantly humbled by the commitment and generosity of our Australian donors and supporters. A big thank you! Our immense gratitude to the individuals, families, corporate employees, and foundations who offer Afrika Tikkun the capacity to assist so many in need. With your help, miracles happen, little lives have hope, and a vision is made possible. Thank you to each and every Australian supporter for investing in the children and the future of a country so far away – yet so dear to all our hearts. We thank you for partnering with us during the past year and look forward to engaging further in the year ahead. Richard Lubner (Chairman), Gael McKenzie (CEO Australia) South Africa “What counts in life is not the mere fact that we have lived. It is what difference we have made to the lives of others that will determine the significance of the life we lead.” (Nelson Mandela – 2002) The scale of problems facing Afrika Tikkun is sometimes daunting. But the reward for its perseverance is the credibility it has achieved in its short life, not only within the community and those who receive its assistance, but also in government, business circles, and other NGOs. The most important lesson learned has been that of expectations. The more Afrika Tikkun achieves, the more is expected of it and the more resources, both material and human, are required. Thank you for the difference you have made in improving the lives of so many young children in South Africa. Over the past year, the number of children we helped has increased from 17,000 (2013) to 19,621 (2014) – a total of 2,621 more lives changed. We at Afrika Tikkun sincerely appreciate the example set through your generous contributions towards our work. Our unique approach of Cradle to Career plus various partnerships, including you, our investors, the government and local community, has been extremely successful. Many children and youths participating in our programmes are able to realize their dreams of becoming responsible and productive citizens. With your help, we are building a sustainable future for the children and youth of South Africa. Once again, our heartfelt thanks for your partnership and support during this year. Herby Rosenberg (Executive Deputy Chairman), Onyi Nwaneri (General Manager: Development)
  26. 26. Maximizing your BBBEE partnership BBBEE Element Proposed Financial Investment by CLIENT BBBEE PARTNERSHIP 24 Services to be rendered by ATS/AT Comments Ownership As per ownership element MaAfrika Tikkun is a black owned Trust which has acquired equity investment in many well–known companies. This Trust is able to provide Broad Based Black equity base as the Black economic partner for your company. Achieve 25 point through voting rights and economic interest in the hands of black individuals incl black females Enterprise Development 1% of NPAT Financial support provided to Afrika Tikkun Services Pty Limited will enable the 18 months company increase it’s infrastructural and resource base to deliver value to the economy and create jobs. This investment will enable the development and sustenance of an emerging enterprise which is capable of becoming a pipeline to your company in the area of preferential procurement and supplier development Socio-economic Development 1% of NPAT Financial support to Afrika Tikkun (NPO) will enable socio-economic development of identified beneficiaries in six South African based communities Investment will be in the form of grant to enable the provision of cradle to career services within Afrika Tikkun’s Centres of Excellence. Any grant provided will meet the BBBEE requirement that “these activities will promote participation by beneficiaries in the economy” Skills Development A 6% of leviable Payroll This funding will be focused on addressing the Skills Development Sub element that 2.5% of the workforce comprise previously unemployed person. Afrika Tikkun Services will use CLIENT job profiles to source the candidates with the correct personality, dexterity, cognitive and related requirements so that the conversion to ongoing employment is successful (and to get the 5 bonus points on offer) This can be aligned to the overall development and recruitment plans of the organization around defined skills an race categories Supplier Development 2% of NPAT Strategic & operational support in respect of CLIENT’s entry-level employee resourcing needs (pre-assessments, learners, employees, per race, gender, disability and age requirement as well as competence level assessment) as well and providing Career readiness programmes (soft and hard skills) that will respond to skills development programmatic needs as listed under the learning programme matrix This VALUE-ADDING service will address the technical Supplier Development Requirements
  27. 27. Afrika Tikkun Services (PTY ) LIMITE d Afrika Tikkun NP C – Partnerships 25 THANKS! Corporates Absa Afrisam Alliance Bernstein Amaden Realty Group AngloGold Ashanti AON Apexhi Autobahn BMW Azura Worx (Alechemy) Barloworld Becton Dickinson Belron International Blue Label Telecoms Branch Engineering Callforce Direct (Vodacom CTW) Comair Combined Admin Management Services – VCFM Constantia Insurance CQS Technology Holdings CQS GRC Solutions CQS Performance Solutions Crowdrise Datatec David Rubin & Partners Deloitte Deutshe Bank Dis-chem Foundation Discovery Dwight Anderson Charitable Giving EOH Mthombo (Pty) Ltd Exxaro First for Women Fluxmans FNB/RMB Private Bank Genesis Steel Genius Catalyst Global Giving GMHC Grant Thornton HCI Heavyweight Group Helder VZW HSBC Hudaco JD Group Jewel of Africa JSE KFC KPMG Lewis Stores Macsteel Mauberger Metalmin MPACT Mustek Mutual & Federal Nedbank Infrastructure Norton Rose O’Brien Glass Old Mutual Protech Khuthele Ronnie Lubner Sasfin Sentinel Steel Sage Spoor & Fisher Synthesis Software Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Tourvest Trencor UBS United Way of Central Ohio Vestacor Vodacom WBHO Construction Pty (Ltd) We Pay Webber Wentzel Werksmans Xstrata Zurich Insurance Trusts, Foundations & Embassies AJWS Anglo American Chairman’s Trust Australian Consulate Belron Foundation Crawbuck Foundation CS Mott Foundation Dwight Anderson Charitable Giving Ellerine Bros Trust Fred and Gertrude Perlberg Foundation Graham Beck Foundation Harbour Foundation Issroff Family Charitable Trust Jewish Communal Fund June and Eliot Tatelman Family Foundation Loewenstein MAID Foundation (Making a Difference Charity) Oppenheimer Memorial Trust RB Hagart Trust Reed Foundation Robert H and Monica Cole Foundation Safelite Charitable Foundation Sophie Jacob Memorial Grant Stonehage Charitable Trusts The National Lottery Distribution Trust Fund The Rotary Club of Rosebank United Way of Central Ohio USA Consulate William E Simon Foundation Government Department of Social Development Western Cape Department of Social Development Gauteng City of Johannesburg Department of Sports and Recreation Australian Consulate City of Cape Town Department of Arts and Culture Department of Health Individuals Alan Sonnenfeld Andrew Nolan Berry Versfeld Brenda Eiesenberg Christopher Holder Cynthia McMillan Dale Ellen Leff Daniel Bradlow and Karen Hoffman Daniel Jowell David Meller Dawid Unterhalter Gary Lubner Gary Millner Gerard Damski Gordon and Vicky Muller Guy Spier Hagai Segal Ira Rapp Irv K. Messenger and Mark A. Rumpie Jacques van Niekerk Jeff Boekstein Jennifer Jansen Johathan Brodie Konrad Schlatter Larry Green Leslie Bergman Lord Anthony St John Michael Roets Mr & Mrs Zimmerman Nigel Doggett Nizan Olsha Nolan A Newman Oscar Finn Philip and Norma Gordon R Sassoon Ralph Hosker Robert Newman Roni Witkin Ronnie Lubner Saad Mered Steve Katznelson/Jeds Foundation Susan Thau Tim Wooten Vaughan & Jacqui Blank Vrijsen-Laureyssens Walter Bolliger Warren and Natalie Muir Our Partners
  28. 28. Chairman’s comment This year, we celebrate the increasing maturity of Afrika Tikkun Services (PTY) Limited (ATS) formed as an aligned strategic partnering organisation. The birth of ATS in 2012 enabled us to position the company as an organisation capable of meeting the transformation agenda of our corporate partners. Its service offering naturally builds on Afrika Tikkun’s youth development programmes, ensuring real and current job opportunities to beneficiaries. The combination of the developmental activities from the NPC with the job readiness and placement activities of the (Pty) Limited company offers great promise, and is the first of its kind in the country. After Afrika Tikkun develops children from infancy to young adulthood, ATS’ job readiness-training, assessment and career placement offers a tangible model for breaking the cycle of poverty and addressing the critical issue of youth unemployment. ATS showed acceptable performance in its first year. Whilst a set-up operating loss was incurred, as anticipated, a business plan was formulated that ensures that youth from Afrika Tikkun programmes, as well as certain other areas in the broader community, are assessed, developed, skilled, and recruited into a wide array of job opportunities. The inclusion of John Botha, former executive director of Adcorp, and Gavin Freeman (ED FM) have contributed to ensuring the relevance of the work undertaken in this complex field. Their contribution to the formation and expansion of the business of ATS is significant and appreciated. Errol Pillay, CEO of ATS, has shown himself to be a dedicated, motivated and highly principled leader that cares as much for the fulfilment of children into job objectives as he does for the commercial liability of the business of ATS. Marc Lubner Chairman of ATS AFRIKA TIKKUN SERVICES (PTY) LIMITED – CHAIRMAN’S REPORT 26
  29. 29. Afrika Tikkun Services (PTY) LIMITEd AFRIKA TIKKUN SERVICES (PTY) L 27 ANNUAL REVIEW I1M3/IT14ED – BOARD OF DIRECTORS Afrika Tikkun Services (PTY ) Limited Board of Directors Moosa, Arshaad Board Member Botha, John Board Member Nwaneri, Onyi Board Member Pillay, Errol CEO Lubner, Marc Chairman
  30. 30. Afrika Tikkun Services (Pty) LIMITED grows exponentially According to the Quarterly Labour Force Survey by Statistics South Africa, in the third quarter of 2013, 34.8% of young South Africans could not find a job this increases to 47.5% if one consider youth who lost hope in this regard. Afrika Tikkun Services (Pty) Limited (ATS) was set up to respond to this reality in our country through fulfilling the career mandate of the Cradle to Career model. ATS was established as a for -profit entity in order to contribute to the sustainability of the Afrika Tikkun model. ATS owned by the MaAfrika Tikkun Endowment Trust, pass on all nett income generated within ATS to the Trust and to further the work of Afrika Tikkun in communities. ATS provides skills development services, project management and consulting services, along skills deployment services. The ATS training and development programmes is framed on interventions that unlock individual potential and address the psycho-social development of youth by providing youth with appropriate world of work exposure. It is our belief that these modules are essential for sustainable development of youth and that they enhance the theoretical work around career readiness. Initial funding from RAM provided for the start up to ATS. The first year of operations was dedicated to creating a tangible product offering compliant with holistic skills development principles and SAQA accreditation. ATS programmes help beneficiaries once they leave grade 12 with dedicated career programmes and link these individuals up with real opportunities within corporates. Last year two pilot programmes, benefitting 385 youth, were concluded and a comprehensive skills database for job placement opportunities was created. A central job centre was created at our Phutaditjaba Centre in Alexandra, with the help of partnerships; the centre was created to provide young people with career information and access to the job market through a national placement service. The evaluation of our impact is measured in the number of individuals placed in work opportunities. All youth on our database are interviewed to allow for career guidance and appropriate matching with career opportunities. In 2013, we sent out 2,381 CVs and placed approximately 150 candidates in short-term and permanent jobs. These youth would otherwise not have had the same exposure. ATS was also able to improve its BBBEE accreditation from level 3 to level 2. Our focus in 2014 will be to expand our database, and continue to recruit, train and place candidates in career opportunities linked with corporates and the BBBEE objectives. Our client engagement strategy for 2014 is to become the first port of call for sustainable career solutions for unemployed youth in the communities we serve. We are confident that our efforts in 2014 will enhance Afrika Tikkun`s Cradle to Career model and lead to profitable income to further sustain the work we do as Afrika Tikkun from Cradle to Career, well into the future. Errol Pillay, CEO of ATS AFRIKA TIKKUN SERVICES (PTY) LIMITED – CEO REPORT 28
  31. 31. Afrika Tikkun Services (PTY) LIMITEd Organogram Errol Pillay CEO Praneshka Mohan Database Manager Londiwe Luthuli Key Accounts/ Recruitment Manager Errol Pillay Business Development Tracey Kotzen Training Management + Media Relations AFRIKA TIKKUN SERVICES ( 29 PTY) LIMITED – ORGANOGRAM
  32. 32. AFRIKA TIKKUN SERVICES (PTY) LIMITED – I AFRIKA TIKKUN ANNMUPAALC RTE SVTIAETWIS 1T3I/C14S 30 Afrika Tikkun Impact Statistics 400 students enrolled in the career readiness programme 143 Students were placed in jobs, learnerships, internships and entrepreneurial development opportunities
  33. 33. Afrika Tikkun Services (PTY ) LIMITE d Afrika Tikkun NP C – Partnerships AFRIKA TIKKUN SERVICES (PTY) LIMITED – B 31 ANNUAL REVIEW 13/14 BBEE PARTNERSHIP
  34. 34. Over the past year, the number of children we helped has increased from 17,000 (2013) to 19,621 (2014) - a total of 2,621 more lives changed AFRIKA TIKKUN ANNUAL REVIEW 13/14 32
  35. 35. Afrika Tikkun Services (PTY) LIMITEd SOUTH AFRICA JOHANNESBURG OFFICE: Ground Floor, Eastwood Building, 57 6th Road, Hyde Park. Tel: +27 11 3255914, Fax: +27 11 325 5911 CAPE TOWN OFFICE: 2nd Floor, Longkloof Studios, Block A, Darters Road, Gardens, Cape Town. Tel: +27 21 276 0424 INTERNATIONAL AUSTRALIA: P.O. Box 665, Newport Beach, NSW 2106, Australia. Email:, Tel: 61 2 8231 6661 UNITED KINGDOM & EUROPE: Belron International, Milton Park, Stroude Road, Egham, Surrey, TW20 9EL. Email:, Tel: 44 (0) 1784263 584 UNITED STATES OF AMERICA: 535 East 72nd Street 2a, New York, 10021, United States of America. Email:, Tel: 1 212 327 1423 Public Benefit Organisation No. 18/11/13/2470 Non Profit Organisation No. 021892 NPO Association Incorporated under section 21 No. 98/15527/08, Vat No.4910185539
  36. 36. 13/14 ANUAL REVIE W FROM CRADLE TO CAREER Tel: +27 11 325 5914 | Fax: +27 11 325 5911 Email: (Johannesburg) (Cape Town)