Master of deception (mod)


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Master of deception (mod)

  1. 1. Master of Deception (MOD) One of the legendary hacking cases of the 20th century
  2. 2. WHAT IS THIS CASE ABOUT? A New York-based group of hackers, mostwidely known in media for their exploits oftelephone company infrastructure and laterprosecution, as well as being the subject of thebook Masters of Deception: The Gang That RuledCyberspace. MODs initial membership grew frommeetings on Loop-Around Test Lines that led tolegendary collaborations to hack RBOC phoneswitches and the various minicomputers andmainframes used to administer the telephonenetwork. They successfully remained undergroundusing alternative handles to hide even their truehacker identities. Master of Deception
  3. 3. Acid Phreak founded the Masters ofDeception with Scorpion and HAC. The nameitself was, among other things, a mockery ofLoD, as M is one letter up in the alphabet fromL, although the name originally was a flexibleacronym that could be used to identifymembership in situations where anonymitywould be the best course of action. It couldstand for "Millions of Dollars" just as easily as"Masters of Deception." Master of Deception
  4. 4. It is claimed that the mockery of the LOD namewas a statement to the underground that LOD hadlost its direction. Several LOD members were closefriends of MOD who had been raided and indicted bythe government, causing the majority of those whoremained to drop out of the underground for safetyreasons. In their absence, LOD largely fell into disarraycausing the disagreement and disillusionment thatled Phiber Optik to align himself with MOD in aneffort to restore the direction of the spirit ofunderground hacking. The conflict between the (MOD), Masters ofDeception and (LOD), and Legion of Doom wasmarked as the Great Hacker War during the year1990-1992. Master of Deception
  5. 5. WHO ARE THE PARTIES INVOLVED?Original Masters of Deception: Mark Abene ("Phiber Optik") Paul Stira ("Scorpion") Eli Ladopoulos ("Acid Phreak"), HAC John Lee("Corrupt" a.k.a. "Netw1z") Julio Fernandez ("Outlaw")Additional members whose real names areunknown include: Supernigger (also ofDPAK), Wing, Nynex Phreak, Billy_The_Kid, CrazyEddie, The Plague, ZOD, Seeker, Red Knight (whowas also a member of Cult of the Dead Cow), LordMicro, n00gie and peaboy (aka, MCI Sprinter). Master of Deception
  6. 6. DID ANY PROSECUTION RESULT? Yes, it did.IF SO, WHAT WERE THE OUTCOME? As a result of a major nationwideinvestigation by a joint FBI/Secret Service taskforce, five of MOD’s members were indicted in1992 in federal court. Within the next sixmonths (in 1993), all five pleaded guilty andwere sentenced to either probation or prison. Master of Deception
  7. 7. WHAT ETHICAL ISSUES ARE RAISED BY THISCASE? The ethical issues in this case involvesevery issue in hacking. You cannot deny that youare the hacker. And you cannot avoid the warbetween the two groups of hacker. Although TheHacker Manifesto states that, “The only crime ahacker commits is the crime of curiosity.”Hacking is a serious crime, It is more the“unauthorized access and modification of thedata there in” which is regulated by laws ratherthan the act of ‘hacking’ which in short , means“writing the code in an unauthorized way”. Master of Deception
  8. 8. Master of Deception