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ZendCon 2017: The Red Team is Coming

  1. @adam_englander The Red Team Is Coming! Adam Englander iovation
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  3. @adam_englander Red vs. Blue Lone Gunmen Hactivists Competitors Organized Crime Nation States You
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  5. @adam_englander
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  8. @adam_englander 68% of people reuse passwords Source: August 2015 Password Survey
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  10. @adam_englander Multi-Factor Auth has limited adoption Source: August 2015 Password Survey
  11. @adam_englander The Path to Pwnage Your Website Bank Account Credit Card Account Cloud Document Storage Government ID Identity Theft Shadow Card Account Malware Propagation Key Logging Account Takeover User’s Email Account
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  14. @adam_englander –FTC Annual Summary of Consumer Complaints for 2017 399,225 reports of identity theft were made last year in the United States.
  15. @adam_englander –Las Vegas Review Journal “The FTC estimates that it takes an average of six months and 200 hours of work to recover from an instance of identity theft”
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  17. @adam_englander FIPSHIPPA PCI DSS
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  20. @adam_englander PHP
  21. @adam_englander OWASP
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  23. @adam_englander Security BSides
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  29. @adam_englander • Compliance: By Nick Young [CC BY-SA 3.0] • Botnet: By Joey Devilla [CC BY-SA 4.0], via Wikimedia Commons • The Red Pill or the Blue Pill: By Paul L Dineen [CC BY-SA 2.0] • All other photos were public domain