General information sheet eneda is 11 oct 23


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General information sheet eneda is 11 oct 23

  1. 1. GENERAL INFORMATION SHEETENEDA is !It’s going to be in 11oilo City on February 8 to 10, 2013. SPU Iloilo is the School Partner.The 11th National Conferencehighlights the continuing thrust of ENEDA to Keep the Entrepreneurship Spirit, Alive!Together with its student arm, the Young Entrepreneur’s Society or YES, in collaboration with the Iloilo City Government, its academic,business, civic and student community as well as well-meaning personalities and individuals joined forces to fuel and sustain theentrepreneurship spirit in the country. ENEDAin !is on February 8 to 10, 2013. It is a nationwide gathering of stakeholderscomposed of educators, students, schools, government, policy makers, experts and entrepreneurs as we all recognize the immensevalue of how shared and meaningful efforts can deliver results in helping turn better educators and enterprising individuals for arobust and productive nation. There are about 350-400 expected educators and students to join this year from all over the Philippines.Objectives: ENEDAis !and its role in the future of youth entrepreneurship education aims to:1. Bring in Filipino homegrown successes with progressive vision as inspiration in creating impact to society through productivepursuits and responsible stewardship of local and human resources;2. Provide a forum where educators can have a meaningful exchange of knowledge, ideas, and practices through paper presentations,discussions and workshops on the diverse areas, topics and current concerns; as well as fresh developments and happenings in theASEAN region;3. Create a venue where local resources as well as its culture are appreciated and thus serve as the rich playground for creativity,inventiveness, innovation and change with a global vision. This is through enriching and memorable experience-based challenges,regional student business operation competition and explore and know the local industry ; and4. Collaborate and work together with individuals, agencies and institutions with shared vision and commitment of empoweringeducators and students, the new game changers, with fresh and progressive entrepreneurial spirit that will sustain, continuouslyinvigorate and transform our nation.PROGRAM OF ACTIVITIES: EDUCATORS and STUDENTSProgram of Activities: Organized by ENEDA/YES its supporters and friends (Major Activities with sub-activities totaling to 20Conference Activities). These activities were drawn from the needs and concerns as brought up in the past conferences and round tablediscussions.February 8-10, 2013 @ SPU Iloilo/Amigo Terrace HotelActivity Highlights1. Eucharistic Celebration. The conference will start with a Eucharistic celebration in SPU Iloilo Gym; and ending at TrappistMonkChapel inGuimaras Island. This is to start and end the activities with gratitude and in keeping the tradition of the faith and valuesthatgive us meaning to what we are doing for the good of self and others. SPU Iloilo is in charge of the February 8 Mass. YES National is incharge of the February 10 Mass.2. Parade of Delegates with special participation of the famous Dinagyang, courtesy of theIloilo City Government, Office of the Mayor.This festive spirit is a welcoming gesture of Iloilo City as we all take part in this shared goal of promoting the entrepreneurship spiritand keeping it alive through meaningful and relevant education. The SPU Student Organization and YES National Officers incoordination with the City Government of Iloilo will handle this activity. Official Address: University of the Philippines - Institute for Small Scale Industries (UP-ISSI) Room 405, 4th floor, E. Virata Hall, E. Jacinto Street, UP Campus, Diliman, Quezon City ZIP 1101;; 0916 624 8355, Chloe/MC; Telefax: +63 2 443 3929 c/o PDO/MC
  2. 2. 3. Student Venturesand SponsorsExhibit: Student Prototypes/Products/Sponsors/Schools. Student organizations, entrepreneurshipstudents and schools are encouraged to join in this pocket event. This serves as the venue to showcase the products of students;testtheir marketability;as well as celebrate their creativity and inventiveness. This is also one venue where schools can createawarenessand promotion of their programs and achievements. Likewise, sponsors are welcome to join to co-promote their productsor services for the mutual benefit of ENEDA/YES and their company’s brand integrity. This will be handled by YES National; YES ChapterOfficers; Ms. ConconEderadan, Ms. Sharon Mendoza, SPU- Iloilo Student Organization and the AMIGO Terrace Hotel for closecoordination. Amigo Terrace Hotel is the Exhibit Venue.4. Various Forums with the Experts: Experts will be tapped to share their business learning points and aha-moments that impactedand changed the way business is done and sustained. ENEDA in cooperation with the Chamber of Commerce & Industry of Iloilo, Inc.(CCIII)came up with the Forum with couples doing business with love. Love in its truest sense is the key in sustaining and keeping theentrepreneurship alive. The forum will be graced byTony and Grace Tan Caktiong, Jollibee, other businesses and its Foundation;JohnLuand Marilou Koa, French Baker and 3 more International Brands; Alfonso and Lourdes Supetran, Pride and very Pinoy; Martinand Leah Lorenzo of Pancake House, and seven more other food chain business; and Art and Mona Serrano, 5 businesses combinedand very recently, the Thinking Hat. The other engaging discussions will also focus on the making of ENEDA;Trends and Directions ofEntrepreneurship Education, Competenciesfor Teaching and Learning Entrepreneurship; Project-based-learning; and Entrepreneurialinspirations for relevant and appropriate pedagogy for the digital youth. Maria Luisa B. Gatchalianof ENEDA and Miriam College withYes Volunteers take charge of this part in coordination with Sister Nicole, of SPU Iloilo; its Student Organization; and Diane Eustaquioof Ideasphere.5. Call for Papers: Entrepreneurshipeducators are encouraged to submit research abstracts; papers, position paper, cases and articleson Entrepreneurship Education in the areas of: Pedagogy; Best Practices;Research; Curriculum Design; Project/Outcomes-BasedLearning; and related matters. These will be peer-reviewedand selected for documentation. Three (3) blindreviewed papers will beselected for the Conference Paper Presentations of 15 minutes each. All reviewed papers will becategorized for e-publishingin themaiden issue of ENEDA e-zine orcompiled and documented in the proceedings. Dr. Eunice Areola, of Manila TytanaColleges;Prof.Raem Mendoza and Virginia Salongaof Colegio de San Juan de Letran, Intramuroswill take charge. th6. Parallel Sessions/ Appreciation Workshops for Entrepreneurship and Business Educators: The parallel sessions in the 11 Nationalconference were organized based on the identified needs, gaps, and preferences of both students and educators in the previousconferences and roundtable discussions. Among them are:Organizing Business Boot Campby Ideaspace;Coaching & Mentoring Skills forTeaching Entrepreneurship in Higher Education by Dr. Nancy Bartolome and Mary Hildence-Baluyot of UST; Global Trends in E-Teaching and LearningTools by MayaUriarte of Wiley International Publishing House; and the fresh developments and happenings inthe recently held ASEAN Conference on Entrepreneurship Education in Malaysia where some ENEDA members participated as well asthe research-based Teaching Guide Project of ENEDA educators with the Small Enterprises Research and Development Foundation.7. Competitions; Mini-Boot Camp;Ideation Workshops: This year, ENEDA created a new competition titled: Best Student BusinessOperation. This is open to all business and entrepreneurship senior students who are operating their school-approved business. This isone of the suggested areas that students thought should be given emphasis in terms of business profitability, scalability, andentrepreneurial gains in competencies, skills and values learned. The Mini Boot Camp will highlight 2 workshop activities: Tweak it! nd thand Ideation for Powerful Venture Pitching. This concept is now in its 2 year because of its success in the 10 National Conference.Chef Jan Viray of The Cookery with Cristina L. Ibanez of MC and James Jones of UP Diliman take charge of Tweak It and Ideation ; MarkVillamayor of CapSU; TJ Macapagal of MC and Edwin Suson of UST on Powerful Venture Pitching. Talk on organizing Mini Boot Camp isin coordination withDiane Eustaquio and Earl Valencia of Ideaspace.8. Talk Show: DZUP 1602 - Thats Entreptainment goes to Iloilo! Kasalika! Ian de Vera of UP ISSI and radio program host of DZUPThats Entreptainmentengages John Michael Lu , Claire Santos, Theresa Cruz, and Patrick Mabilog of Fuel Phil to talk about “Decidingand Owning Our Future!” Thats Entreptainment is aired every Friday 5 to 6 pm1602 and live stream at!9. National Awards: This is the Annual Search for the GawadENEDA Awards: a) Most Outstanding National EntrepreneurshipEducator of the Year; the search committee is composed of Dr. MelchorMorandarte, Dr. Cristina Cabral and Dr. Gloria S. Chavezare b)Most Outstanding National Entrepreneurship Student of the Year; Dr. Richard Mariano, Chair; and c) Best Business Operations ofEntrepreneurship Students; James Jonas and Cristina L. Ibanez take charge; This event gives recognition to educators and students whomade an impact in terms of creating new paradigms and remarkable contributions in entrepreneurship teaching and learning.10. National Election: Election of ENEDA and YES National Officers. An annual activity that opens new positions to officers who willunselfishly commit their time and devotion to promote good governance, fresh and impactful programs for faculty and studentdevelopment in various capacities to continually improve ENEDA’s operation for its members and society in general. Nomination isencouraged for those who share ENEDA’s purpose and vision. Dr. MelchorMorandarte, Chair with Dr. Edwin Bernal as Vice-chair. Official Address: University of the Philippines - Institute for Small Scale Industries (UP-ISSI) Room 405, 4th floor, E. Virata Hall, E. Jacinto Street, UP Campus, Diliman, Quezon City ZIP 1101;; 0916 624 8355, Chloe/MC; Telefax: +63 2 443 3929 c/o PDO/MC
  3. 3. 11. Evening of Variety Show, Games, Fun, Connecting and Awards: This years’ celebration is themed: RED Party. It celebrates love inFebruary and to encourage the spirit ofcamaraderie, appreciate our regional culture through dance, entertainment and fun. There will ndbe a Variety and Game Show and Meet the Locals. For the 2 night there will be a “Presentation of Newly Elected National Officers”;andthe muchawaitedAwards for 2012.12. A Memorable Iloilo Experience: Iloilo City Historic/Cultural Tours/Food Trip;Guimaras Island Experience: Separate Arrangementmay be made at own personal choice and expense. Information about Iloilo Tourist Spots included in this information sheet is forreference only. Iloilo City and Guimaras Tourism offices are beingtapped to provide venues and plant visits and packagesfor ENEDA is11! Likewise, there are local tours being prepared by SPU Student Organization and Friends. Delegates are free to explore on theirown.Official Partner School of ENEDA is !In Iloilo:St. Paul University Iloilo: Sister Carol Agravante, President(033) 338 1097 local 1143 (PO);;Official Hotel Partner: Amigo Terrace Hotel ***Marketing Coordinator: Ma. Kristina M. Bolante: 0919 493 9879; 033 335 0610; 033 337 Accommodation on friendly rates for ENEDA is 11 Delegates and Organizers)ENEDA is !Institutional Partners1. University the Philippines Institute for Small Scale Industries,(UP ISSI), Diliman UP Campus, Quezon City)2. Small Enterprises Research and Development Foundation, Inc.(SERDEF), E. Virata Hall –UP ISSI, UP Campus, Diliman Quezon City3. Miriam CollegeKatipunan Road, Diliman, Quezon CityConference Fee Includes:Conference registration fee for February 8-9 only; 3 snacks; 1 lunch; 2 Dinner; Kit; ID; Handouts/Program/Certificate of Participation;February 10 ExploreIloilo and Guimaras are on personal account; Suggested places/farm/agency visits are for reference only.Registration Coordinator: Miriam College: Planning & Development OfficeMa. Cristina L. Ibanez/Chloe; 0916 624 8355Trunk line: (+632) 580 5400 local 1105Telefax: (+632) 443 3929 (c/o PDO, Dr. Lopez, Director)ENEDA is !- ENEDA-YES Iloilo Conference Program Chair: SPU QCMaria Elsa F.; 0 920908 2456ENEDA is !ENEDA-YES Iloilo Conference Program Secretariat: SPU QCLolita N. Albit,;0939 920 4208; 0927 372 4297 On-site Secretariat/ Registration Dr. Nancy C.Bartolome (UST); Treasurer;; 09175331322 Prof.Evangeline Dominguez (Lyceum of the Philippines); 09214272197 Prof.LeopaldoTagarino (Benguet State University); ; 09175071677Prof. Asuncion Nazario (St. Louis University – Baguio);; 0920 909 0364Student Exhibits /Workshop Competition Coordination:1. National Program Coordinator: SPU Quezon City, Miriam Collegeand USTStudent exhibit may be in the form of scaled model/prototype; or AVP (maximum of 120 seconds or Portfolio for displays/exhibition)SPU QC: Ms. Elsa F. Hufano;; 0920 908 2456 Official Address: University of the Philippines - Institute for Small Scale Industries (UP-ISSI) Room 405, 4th floor, E. Virata Hall, E. Jacinto Street, UP Campus, Diliman, Quezon City ZIP 1101;; 0916 624 8355, Chloe/MC; Telefax: +63 2 443 3929 c/o PDO/MC
  4. 4. MC: CheskaCustodio:; 0917 823 0234; Brenda Valerio:; 0917 554 6128UST: Josh Ochave II; 0917 595 4771; Will Joy Faith S. Lee:; 0917 894 89982. Chapter Contacts:South Luzon:Dr. RuelManingas, President, South Luzon Chapter; Colegio de San Juan de Letran, Calamba ;; 0922-8612715DLSU, DASMA: Jerald Sakay;; 09277443781Prof. Janet Maduro, Palawan State University:; 09207554415Allyssa Karla Nolsol, Palawan State University:; 090826975323. NCR:Dr. Ignatius Anagbogu, President, NCR Chapter;; 09204256204Far Eastern University, ManilaUST: Cursor Uy;; 0916 318 82954. North Luzon: Dr. Josue A. Chua,President, North Luzon ChapterNueva Vizcaya State University:; 0915-837-1461Karen C. Sebio, University of the; 0917-502-54145. Visayas: Region 6 & 7(SPU Iloilo – Partner School: Over-all Physical Coordination with Amigo Hotel and SPU Student Organization;UPV-JES; YES National)Sister Helen, College of Accountancy and BusinessProf. Mary Con Louise Ederadan: SPU Iloilo;; 0917 312 3010Prof. Sharon Ann Mendoza: SPU Iloilo; ; +63 999 464 7574Ruby Santillana SPU Iloilo;; 0906 802 0719Prof. Mark Glen Villamor: Capiz State University;; 0917-6299530Louie Guzman, Capiz State University;; 090715506216. Unibersidad de Zamboanga: (Mindanao)Dr. Richard Mariano:; 0905 582 8508Ruben Tinambacan;; 0926 569 3872Institutional Partnerships/Institutional Sponsorships/Invites and PRO1. Dr. Cristina Castro-Cabral (Letran):; +63 917 815 65312. Prof. Eric G. Pasquin, (UST),;091639023503. Jhon RolandDamiano (San Beda College),; 092673184704. Khristine Mae Bustos (Letran):; 091788202625. Liezel Anne Lagleva (Treston International College); 09061116555Conference General Sponsorships1. Dr. Nancy C. Bartolome: (UST) 0917 533 1322; ncbartolome@yahoo.com2. Prof. Elsa F. Hufano; (SPU Iloilo) 0920 908 2456; misshufano@gmail.com3. Prof. Evangeline Dominguez: (Lyceum) 0915 3323210; dominguezjumax@yahoo.com4. Prof. Cristina L. Ibanez (MC); 0915 915 7411Call for Papers:1. Eunice Areola; (Manila Tytana Colleges): 0922 891 4421; euniceareola@gmail.com2. Raem R. Mendoza: (Letran): 09333074420; rmendoza@letran.edu3. Virginia Salonga: (Letran): 0922 823 8701; vsalonga@letran.eduBest Business Plan Competition4. Dr. ArabelaPilapil( PartidoState University). Bicol);; 09209078157Chapter Concerns:1. Dr. MelchorMorandarte; Chair, ENEDA Chapter Concerns;; 0918 948 38592. Dr. Ruel V. Maningas, South Luzon Chapter President;; 0922-8612715 Official Address: University of the Philippines - Institute for Small Scale Industries (UP-ISSI) Room 405, 4th floor, E. Virata Hall, E. Jacinto Street, UP Campus, Diliman, Quezon City ZIP 1101;; 0916 624 8355, Chloe/MC; Telefax: +63 2 443 3929 c/o PDO/MC
  5. 5. On Competitions Search for GawadAwards forthe Most Outstanding National Entrepreneurship Educator of the year; Educators: 1.Dr. MelchorC. Morandarte, Moderator (Malayan Colleges, Laguna) ; ; 09286671568 2.Dr. Cristina Castro-Cabral (Colegio de Dan Juan de Letran; ; 09175796351 3.Dr. Gloria S. Chavez, Moderator (College St. John - Roxas (DLSU) ; ; 09328779888 Most Outstanding National Entrepreneurship Student of the Year Students: 1. Dr. Richard Mariano, Moderator ,(Universidad De Zamboanga);; 09055828508 2. Prof. Eric G. Pasquin (UST),;09163902350 3. Prof. Janet Maduro (Palawan State University) ; 09207554415 Best Business Operation Practices and Models 1. Prof. Cristina Ibanez, Moderator (Miriam College);; 0915 915 7411 2. Prof. James Jonas, Co-Moderator UP Diliman-CBA; ;0921 335 3858 3. Prof. Roehl Macapagal (Miriam College) ;0917 510 1017 Payment Information and Simple Steps for PaymentConference Fees: Include: Registration; ID; Program: Kit; Certificate; Meals :(Day 1: 1 pm snack; 1 Dinner; Day 2: 1 am/1pm snacks; 1 lunch; 1 dinner) Check Participant Early Bird Rate: Regular Rate Exhibition Joining Fees for: ID’s Collaterals;  Payment on of before After December 1. Exhibition: Per Student Team/Company Displays in 5 page Portfolio/ with December 15, 2012 15 1-2 Minute AVP/ One Hundred Pesos Only: P 100.00 1. Student (YES P 2,500.00 P 2,750.00 2. Exhibition: For School Exposure/Brochures/ Portfolio of Courses for member) Displays/ with 1-2 Minute AVP Two Hundred PesosOnly : P200.00 2. Student (Non- P 2,750.00 P 3,000.00 *Day 3: Explore Your Own Memorable Iloilo or Guimaras Experience /This is member) at own expense; 3. Educator (ENEDA P 3,500.00 P 3,750.00 *Local Tour packages available at hotels member) *List of Tourist Spots in the attachment is for information/and Reference only 4. Educator (Non- P 4,000.00 P 4,500.00 member)Annual Membership: ☐ENEDA/Educators: P500.00 ☐YES/Students: P 100. 00SIMPLE STEPS IN MAKING PAYMENTS Payment Information:1. Fill in Registration Form and make payment2. Make CHECK payable to ENEDA; or ENEDA BDO Savings Account No. 00246103626 Makro -CaintaCash then Deposit to : ENEDA BDO Savings Act No. 00246103626 ; Makro-Cainta Total Amount Paid:Branch ; Date and Time of Payment:Ask and Retain Deposit Slip – to bring on February 8/Conference Branch Address:3. Scan/E-mail t Deposit Slip with the filled-up Registration Payment Form to: Mode of Payment: ☐ Cash☐ ; or Bank Name /Branch of Check:4. FAX to: 63 2 443-3939 (PDO/Dr. Antonio M. Lopez/Miriam College); Purpose:5. Text advise: 0916-624-8355 (Chloe); and wait for confirmation6. TRUNK LINE: (+63 2) 580 5400 local 1105, PDO – Miriam College; Prof. Cristina ☐ Conference Registration Fee☐Annual MembershipIbanez /or Chloe Villegas Name/Delegate7. KEEP Original Deposit Slip; Bring and show on Conference Proper on February Contact Details:8, 2013 E mail Cel Phone Official Address: University of the Philippines - Institute for Small Scale Industries (UP-ISSI) Room 405, 4th floor, E. Virata Hall, E. Jacinto Street, UP Campus, Diliman, Quezon City ZIP 1101;; 0916 624 8355, Chloe/MC; Telefax: +63 2 443 3929 c/o PDO/MC
  6. 6. Official Address: University of the Philippines - Institute for Small Scale Industries (UP-ISSI) Room 405, 4th floor, E. Virata Hall, E. Jacinto Street, UP Campus, Diliman, Quezon City ZIP 1101;; 0916 624 8355, Chloe/MC; Telefax: +63 2 443 3929 c/o PDO/MC