January 2012 Newsletter


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January 2012 Newsletter

  1. 1. Volume 3, Issue 1 January 2012 ATSCOM/164TH TAOG FREEDOM/GUARDIAN COL James Macklin, Brigade Commander Visit us at www.facebook.com/ATSCOMTAOG Welcome, 2012! January 1New Year’s Day Happy New Year! This is the time of the year when we all reflect on the last year and our January 9 lives in general. We think about what we want to bring in for the New Year and reflect onWIND Meeting, our best life. It is the perfect time for goal-setting! Here are seven goal-setting tips:Regimental Con-  Make it a treat! Set up a good mood for your goal-setting time. Build a fire and pour a ference Room, glass of wine, sit in the middle of a grove of trees, put on some great music, or get snuggled 1000-1100 up in your coziest sheets and pour a cup of tea. Create an environment that makes you feel January 10 good.CG’s New Year’s  Set goals for all the main areas of your life. We tend to set the most intense goals in Reception, The the area where we want to effect the most change. We may set all our goals regarding better Landing, 1300- finances or fitness and forget to set goals in the other areas of our life. The suggested main 1700 life areas to consider goal-setting are health and fitness, finances and money, career, pri- January 12 mary relationships (spouses), family (kids and others), friends, spirituality, education and Martin L. King, personal growth.Jr., Commemora-  Dont be too serious. These are your goals. Dont get analysis-paralysis. Get started and tive Program, just let it flow. Post Theater, 1000-1100  Keep it realistic. Set yourself up for success. Create goals that are attainable. You can always increase your goal if you attain it before the years end (see advanced goal-setting January 13 below). DONSA  Create a wish list in addition to your goals. List places you want to go, things you January 16 want to do and things you want to acquire. Martin Luther  Have fun with it, and dream! Imagine you are limitless. What would you want to do?King, Jr. Holiday Set your goals from your mind and your heart. Dont only "think" what you need to do; think about how you "feel" about the goal. Does it feel good, happy or fun? Let your emo- January 20 tions be your guide.Newcomers’ Wel- come Briefing,  Just do it! Goal-setting is one of the most important things to do to transform your life. The Landing You may not know where all this "goal-setting stuff" will lead; all you need to know it that it is the next step on your journey of awakening. January 23-26  A goal suggestion:Aviation Senior This is a very powerful personal growth goal suggestion: start a gratitude journal. BeforeLeader’s Confer- ence going to bed, write down five things on that day that you are grateful for. It will enable you to float off to dreamland with the great feeling of gratitude and abundance. Best to you in the New Year, and happy goal-setting! For consultation, please contact Dale Lott, MFLC, 334-369-8556. If you have questions or suggestions concerning this newsletter, please don’t hesitate to contact Marie Stallworth, FRSA for 164th TAOG, Bldg. 30501, Cairns Army Airfield, Fort Rucker, AL 36362. Telephone: 334-255-8919 or Email: marie.a.stallworth@us.army.mil
  2. 2. HHC 164TH TAOG Happy 2012, I hope that everyone had a great Christmas break and welcome back to work. Many of you made some New Year’s Resolutions and best of luck sticking to them. Welcome home to the first push from 1-58th AOB. I was down range with these fine Soldiers, and it is great to see them home and just in time for the holidays was a blessing. We cannot wait to see the remaining Soldiers return next month.At this time, we will not be having a formal hail and farewell due to the amount of training,but in February, we will be having a farewell for the deployers. Be looking out forinformation about that.TRAINING OPPORTUNITIESOne of the first training events for the month is the 8-mile road march. That is a great wayto start the New Year. Other events include new equipment training and an M9 shootingrange.NEW ARRIVALSThere has been a large arrival of new Soldiers over the last month. About five new Soldiershave come to the unit working in the areas of medicine, a chaplain’s assistant, and personnelmanagement. Welcome to the newest Warhawks: PV2 Maxwell, PFC Arkansas, PFCMunoz, SSG Seng and MSG Nesbitt.FAREWELLSWe must bid farewell to a few Soldiers along with welcoming others. SSG Farrington willbe leaving us to work recruiting duties and SSG Hussaini will be going to Eglin AirforceBase to work with Army Special Forces. One Soldier will be medically retired SGT Kobeland another, SPC Williams, with be leaving the Army after serving his required term.Farewell to all of those moving on and best of luck in all they do.CPT Douglas A. Blevins, AV, HHC 164th TAOG, Commander Page 2
  3. 3. 597TH MAINTENANCE DETACHMENT Families of the 597th, The New Year is here… welcome to 2012! With a new year comes new opportunities and new resolutions. Remember to keep your resolutions realistic so you do not get discouraged. Here are the top ten New Years resolutions (according to the Huffington Post): 1. Lose Weight 6. Travel 2. Stay in Touch with family and friends 7. Volunteer 3. Quit Smoking 8. Go Back to School 4. Save Money 9. Cut Back on Alcohol 5. Cut Your Stress 10. Get More SleepWhat are your resolutions for 2012?Last month went by very fast with Exodus taking up half the month. I hope everyone had ajoyous holiday season. I would like to welcome the newest members of the unit: SFCSoraya Merles, SGT Armando Frias, SSG James Thompson and their families.The combined HHC/597th FRG meeting for this month is currently scheduled on the 10thwith more information to follow on the location. Each FRG meeting is filled with valuableinformation about your Soldiers activities, military events, and a fun activity. The meetingsare definitely worthwhile. Please come and support if you can!During the month of January we will be celebrating Martin Luther King, Jr. Day on the 16th.He was born on January 15th, 1928, and was 40 years old when he was assassinated on April4th, 1968 in Memphis, TN. It is a time to reflect on everything Dr. King accomplished in thecivil and human rights movement for this great country of ours.The ATSCOM/TAOG FRG’s Facebook site is a great resource to help discover upcomingevents and programs here at Fort Rucker. Please visit the site for more details: http://www.facebook.com/#!/ATSCOMTAOGAs always, if there is anything that my wife Dejah or I can do for you, please let us know.“An optimist stays up until midnight to see the New Year in. A pessimist stays up to makesure the old year leaves.” Bill VaughnFast and Furious! Page 3
  4. 4. CHAPLAIN Happy New Year 164th TAOG FAMILY!!! “Walk Wisely” As we embark upon another New Year, it comes with both hopeful and challenging days. Some view this as a time for a new beginning while others perceive it as a means to correct past mistakes or failures. Indeed, 2012 will offer many incredible new opportunities for all of us, but, we must ask ourselves, “How will we respond to the opportunities that God sends our way?” Some years ago, I was in a junction in my career making a decision of which direction I should travel next with my life. My mother was aware of my situation at the time,and I still remember her saying to me, “Son, life is too short to do that which offers littlevalue.” In essence, she forewarned me to use my few days here on earth wisely. Whenthe author wrote Ephesians 5:15-17, apparently when writing to his audience, he had thatsame idea in mind. Paul warned the church at Ephesus, “Therefore be careful how youwalk, not as unwise men, but as wise, making the most of your time, because the days areevil…understand what the will of the Lord is.” First, he cautioned us to be careful and walk circumspectly, meaning “lookingaround.” In other words, we are to walk wisely. In order to accomplish this, we mustmake the most of every opportunity God gives us. A Chinese adage says, “Opportunityhas a forelock so you can seize it when you meet it. Once it is past, you cannot seize itagain.” Secondly, we are admonished to understand the will of God. Without question,2012 will have numerous distractions willing to fully occupy our time. Yet, the wise per-son will ensure their lives are in-sync with God’s will. Basically, Paul is saying we mustdiscover and carry-out the will of God. In order to fulfill this task, we must pray forHis wisdom and meditate upon the Word of God, and then He will transform our mind. closing, due to the brevity of life, make sure you take every opportunity in 2012 tolove and spend time with your Family. Moreover, strive to do things that will last ormake an everlasting impact upon someone’s life. When walking in the will of God, leavethe consequences in His hands. Hence, walk wisely in spite of what lies ahead in 2012, asit does not exceed the Almighty God.164th TAOG UMTCH (MAJ) A. Gerald DuBose / SSG Farrington Office: 255-8968 BB: 470-6436SSG Seng Page 4
  5. 5. FAMILY READINESS SUPPORT ASSISTANT, FRSA Your Soldier Is Home – Now What?Being reunited with your Soldier is very exciting, but can also be very stressful as the Sol-dier readjusts to being home and the Family is readjusting to having their Soldier home.Resources, agencies, organizations, and assistance are available to you. Here are a fewthings to think about as you transition and readjust to having your Family back togetheragain:Helpful ResourcesMilitary OneSourcewww.MilitaryOneSource.com or 1-800-343-9647This DoD portal offers a toll free telephone number and web site with 24/7 capability forconfidential counseling, to either speak or email a master level consultant, at no cost. As-sistance to Soldiers and Family members includes: Child care, personal finances, emo-tional support during deployments, relocation information, resources needed for specialcircumstances, or private counseling in the local community.Soldier and Family Assistance Center (SFAC)www.myarmylifetoo.comThis Center provides multiple Family services and connections for wounded Soldiers andFamilies, and DA civilians. Some of these services are: Military personnel services/benefits, Substance Abuse Services, Information and Referral, Financial Counseling,Transition/Employment Counseling, Education Counseling, Child Care and Youth Ser-vices, Pastoral Services, and Legal Services. A virtual SFAC (vSFAC) is a web-basedsystem of information and support that is available as well, and especially helpful forFamilies who are not near an installation.Installation’s Support Services such as Army Community Service (ACS), Family Ad-vocacy Program (FAP), and Child Youth Services (CYS).Medical ProviderYour doctor or medical professional can help determine what may be causing your diffi-culties and refer you to the appropriate specialist for help.Mental/Behavioral Health ServicesWithin the Army and local community, trained medical and counseling staff provideemotional and mental health services.There is also your Chaplain, Military Family Life Consultant, and School Counselor.For more information and referral, please contact these service or myself at 334-255-8919 or marie.a.stallworth.civ@mail.mil for further contact information. Page 5
  6. 6. TAOG FRG LEADER Happy New Year, The Christmas wrapping went well and thank you to everyone that helped. The funds we raised will benefit the FRG towards training, socials, and deployment resources. With the upcoming deployment on the horizon for our ATSSE, Air Traffic Services Standardization Element, weneed to be thinking about a key caller or two for that team. There will also be times when we gettogether and put care packages together for the team downrange. We will need to do everything wecan to take care of them.The January FRG social will not be at The Commons as usual so be looking out for where the newlocation will be.Again, here are the CURRENT POSITIONS we have and those that are available.FRG Leader: Megan BlevinsCo FRG Leader: Natasha Perez – Will come available soon.Treasurer: Judy NoblesCo Treasurer: Christina SengActivities Coordinator: Julie SmithKey Caller HHC: REQUIREDKey Caller 59TH: REQUIREDIf you would like to know what the required positions duty descriptions are, please let meknow.~Megan Blevins, HHC/597th FRG Leader Page 6
  7. 7. December 31stNew Year’s Eve Bowling PartyStart the New Year off with a Smash!! Make it a Bowling Party at RuckerLanes. Family Friendly bowling times run from 2:00 - 4:00 pm and 6:00 – 8:00pm and the cost is $40 per lane (up to 8 people). This price includes 2 hours ofXtreme Bowling, Shoe Rental, and Buffet. The Adult Bowling Time runs from10:00 pm – 1:00 am and the cost is $56 per lane (up to 8 people). This price includes 3 hours of XtremeBowling, shoe rental, Countdown to Midnight and Champagne Toast* (21 and Older), and New Year’sEve Buffet. A $20 deposit is required… non-refundable 24 hours before the event! SPACES ARE LIM-ITED – ONLY 20 LANES AVAILABLE. Call Rucker Lanes at 255-9503 to reserve your lanes to helpsmash in the New Year. Open to the Public.January 9thAlabama vs LSU Championship Game at Mother Rucker’sCome out to Mother Rucker ‘s on January 9th starting at 7:30 pm to watch Alabama &LSU Championship football game. We will be doing a tailgate BBQ on the back patio,which will include BBQ ribs, fries and coleslaw; $12 for the Rib Platter. There will bebeer specials and door prize give-a-ways. Open to the Public ages 18 and over. Mother Rucker’sSports Bar 503-0396.January 20thComedy Live at RuckerComedy Live at Rucker will feature comedians Richie Holliday and Collin Moulton.Doors will open at 7pm and the comedy show will last from 8:00-9:45pm. The show is consid-ered Adult Rated and is for ages 18 and up. Advanced tickets are $10 and are available at TheLanding Zone until 4pm on January 20th. Tickets are $15 at the door. Comedy Patrons are in-vited to hear the DJ in the Landing Zone after the show. For more information please contactFamily & MWR at 255-9810. This event is Open to the Public.Check out the January Fort Rucker @ Ease Guide to Family & MWR .Visit www.ftruckermwr.com to see all your entertainment and family needs. Page 7
  8. 8. January 5Hunter Education Courses at The Tri-StateGun Club on Dale County Road 437 from5:30-9:30 p.m., call 255-4305January 6Promotion Points Parent Support Program atthe Early Childhood Activity Center, 3705Dean Street from 9:00-11:00 a.m., call 255-3898January 12-February 23Becoming a Love and Logic Parent Workshopat the Early Childhood Activity Center, 3705Dean Street from 9:00-11:00 a.m., call 255-3898January 18 &19AFTB Level III Training, at The Commons,Bldg 8950, from 8:30 a.m.—2:30 p.m., call255-2382.January 20Newcomers Welcome at The Landing from8:30-10:30 a.m., call 255-3161.January 23CYSS Parent Advisory Council Meeting, atthe Youth Center on 7th Division Rd, Bldg.2806 from 12:00-1:00 p.m., call 255-2958.January 24 & 26Financial Readiness Program: Home Buying& Selling Workshop at The Commons, Bldg8950 from 6:30-8:00 p.m., call 255-9639.January 26Get R.E.A.L. (Rucker Experience, ArmyLearning) at The Commons, Bldg 8950 from8:30 a.m.-2:30 p.m.January 31Stress Management Workshop at the EarlyChildhood Activity Center from 9-11 a.m.,call 255-3898 Page 8
  9. 9. KiD’s CoRnEr6:15 p.m. to 10:15 Page 9
  10. 10. All Conveniently Located at Fort Rucker, Alabama Page 10