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Laura 5A


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Laura 5A

  1. 1. Talking Cookie Laura 5ºA
  2. 2. This is the story of a cookie that was just baked with his family. When he was three years old he scraped for a new life. When he went to the house of a divorcée that had a daughter that was adopted, he saw a girl cookie and he fe" in love.
  3. 3. When he got to know her better, a dog ate the girl and the cookie cried .The cookie ran to another house to see if there was another girl cookie to fe" in love in love again.The cookie's name was Arlabán.
  4. 4. Arlabán went to find the girl cookie but there wasn't one.When he went to the kitchen Arlabán saw the girl cookie and Arlabán fe" in love.The girl cookie's name was Roama and she fe" in love when she saw Arlabán. They married and had two children.
  5. 5. The End?
  6. 6. Thanks for listen me Bye 😛😜