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2102 ADT credential_mar72013#1.1


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2102 ADT credential_mar72013#1.1

  1. 1. ADT CredentialPresentation to
  2. 2. Who we are• Founded in 1998• Dynamic & Innovation working environmentof more than 50 staffs in both Hanoi andHCM• Full media service provider• Innovator and Exclusive owner of fewcreative media formats• Content provider/ management
  3. 3. ADT Affiliation•Media planning•Media buying•Airtime trading•PR strategy•Key contact points forVTV and Northernmedia owners•Northern-based clientservice•Media planning•Media buying•Airtime trading•Strong relationshipwith HTV and otherSouthern media owners•Exclusive AdvertisingAgency of VNN•Online commercialservices…•Online advertising R&D•Online advertisingplanning• New media
  4. 4. Our philosophyUnderstandthe needsCreateOur wayCommitthe plans
  5. 5. ADT group mappingCLIENTSAccount Services Media servicesManagementBoardMedia strategic PlanningBuying serviceMKT strategic planningBrand consultancyCommunicationBusiness DevelopmentBACKOFFICEHR & Administration Finance & InvestmentITSTRATEGICPLANNING
  6. 6. Numbers tell it all (Billing)Others45%Trading55%Billing contribution 20122508009009501,25018000200400600800100012001400160018002000EastBilling Y by Y (Bil. VND)2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 projection
  7. 7. Scope of service providerFull media servicePlanningBuyingTradingContent provider/managementNews 60 secEURO cupexclusive salesagencyInnovator &exclusive mediaformatsFull screenpop upWeathernews, Sportnews, C11AnalysisPeopleAdded valueCreativenessInnovation andexclusiveness
  8. 8. Scientific full mediaservice provider
  9. 9. Full media service provider• Scientific Analysis• Backed by tools and trained people• Ability to harness existing research and create more thatis relevant for informed decision-making• Value Maximization through value adds, power dealsand volume discounts
  10. 10. Media full service providerObjectivesSetting Daily Updates on Daily Category News Program Ratings Industry Regulations Advertising rate card New TV programs and structure Emerging media vehiclesMonthly ReviewAgencys learning& RecommendationPre-Analysis•GRP•Reach•Frequency•CPPPost-Analysis•GRP•Reach•Frequency•CPPMedia BriefMarket ReviewCompetitive AnalysisTarget AnalysisDay-in-the-lifeAnalysisMedia StrategyDevelopmentGeographic PrioritizationMedia MixMedia WeightMedia PatternDaypart mix/CPPMedia Plan &Monthly ScheduleMediaExecutionNewspapersDigitalTVOutdoorRadioProgram SponsorshipMagazinesEvent sponsorshipMEDIA TRACKINGSOFTWAREAdvertisingBookingManagementBOOKING MANAGEMENTSOFTWAREPop upManagementADT TOOL
  11. 11. Media full service provider• Competitive analysis and brand/category overview and issueinsights/implications• Recommend media strategies• Provide client with point of view on new and emerging media• Negotiation and application of discounts and values• Implementation of approved media plan• Confirmation of booked placements• Monitoring of all advertising places• Resolve discrepancies and disputes related to missed TV spotsand print insertions• Post campaign reporting• Material handling for delivery and censorship assist• Monthly, quarterly, yearly report on competitive and media scene
  12. 12. Technical support - OptimizerTNSmaximizationADT buyingtools andmodelsBestMediabuyingpractice
  13. 13. Set limit in details(budget/reach/weekdays/timebands/channels)Plan optimizationTechnical support - Optimizer
  14. 14. Define the Limits and Optimize CriterionThen Optimize buttonTechnical support - Optimizer
  15. 15. Choose the best mixThe result of plan according to theattributes(Weekdays, Channels, Sectors, Timebands)selected in the templateCoverguide allows users to create thecover charts based on the evaluation oftheir plansTechnical support - Optimizer
  16. 16. Rating and CPP mix indices model020406080100120C12C10C13AC11C14AC15C8C13C4-2C16AC15AC16C13BC14C8AC14BC2C4-3C17B5C17AC18C7C1C6A5A4B6-1D2B9C5A1A7C4-1C3-1C9B6-2B8B1B10D3D5D1D4B4-2B4-1D6C3-2A2B7B4A3A6CPP index Rtg indexIndex: 100 indicates for bestBesides Top Rating, Top CPP/CPM inabsolute figures. Rating & CPM mixIndices analysis assists buyer toexplore all potential codes dependingon Buying brief objectives tomaximize media performance
  17. 17. Reach/GRP enhancement zone14, 194, 1513, 18051015200 5 10 15 20Reach1+AcGRPB6.1B5ReachenhancementzoneC16AGRPsenhancementzoneReach/GRPenhancementzone modelsupport buyers incode/ timleslotselection
  18. 18. ADT - Top power dealer with TV stations• Biggest billing on VTV three years in a row 2009-2011.This year2012 estimated VND 500 billions• Exclusive owners of many top timeslots/ codes on VTV that fit forvariety of brands• Top billing on HTV in 2009. Top 3 in 2011• Biggest billing on VTV9 in 2011.This year 2012 estimated VND 200billions
  19. 19. Performance guarantee• Best competitive Media discount level• Maximum Added value service• Maximum hot timeslots reservation• High success booking implementation• PIB commitment– In 2011, our buying PIB achievement 70%
  20. 20. How to manage US$ 45 mil• Professional and Productive working process• Booking/ Billing tools: Computerized workingprocess• Experienced and devoted to result team
  21. 21. Advertising Booking ManagementBooking Monitoring Billing• Step 1: Import TNS dailymonitoring report• Step 2: Output, indicate thedifferent (if any) between Bookingconfirmation vs Actual airing• Step 3: manually crosscheck• Converting approved bookingschedule from clients into thesystem• Be able to export to HTV bookingtemplate• Automatically export from thesoftware to billing documents
  22. 22. Media buying process – ExternalConcept plan/Ad licensedocuments – SubmittedSpot planPrepared MaterialMaterial – Delivered – Tape codeSpot plan approvalBooking implementMonitoring / Tracking / reportingReport & billing document(PIB base on both TNS & TVCcertificate)Client/Planning agencyMedia Buying teamMedia Buying teamClientMedia Buying teamMedia Buying team &ClientMedia Buying team10-15 days before firstairing day7 days before first airingday7 days before first airingday5 days before first airingday4 daysDaily/ Client feed back in24h18th monthlyDescription Carried out by & contact Timing
  23. 23. Media buying process – InternalMedia group headMedia group head/SeniorBuyerClientMedia group head/SeniorBuyerMedia buyerMedia buyerMonitoring staffsMedia buyerBuying Brief from ClientDetail spot schedule developmentReviewApproval from client (Email//Fax) + MaterialsBooking form submitting to Media owners + MaterialdeliveryConfirmation from Media owners (Booking form +Materials)Daily monitoringActual airing/printing
  24. 24. Strong relationship with media owners• Long term and unique partnership with Mediaowners– …Whom, When and How to talk with them– …Not only official negotiation but lobby as well• Two offices HCM and HN to smoothencommunication with Media owners
  25. 25. Creative, Innovative andExclusive media formats
  26. 26. VTV102040608010012014001234567HCM-METER HAN-METER DANCAN HP NTNorthern Midlands & Mountains Red River Delta North Central & Central CoastCentral Highlands South East Mekong DeltaNationwide18-35 ABCD
  27. 27. VTV3020406080100120140012345678HCM-METER HAN-METER DANCAN HP NTNorthern Midlands & Mountains Red River Delta North Central & Central CoastCentral Highlands South East Mekong DeltaNationwide18-35 ABCD
  28. 28. 24/7 Sport news – Program structureVTV1 & VTV3 merging19:0019:3919:4219:45Local NewsWeather NewsC11Sport News 24/719:30 World News19:50 C12 B5VTV today Short programs19:56VTV3 VTV1Opening frameTVC 30 secLogo 5 secLogo 5 secEnding Panel 5 sec18:59:25 19h announcement merging
  29. 29. • Belonged to News programs• Daily program – primetime• Only news program aired on BOTH channel VTV1 & VTV3 at the sametime, nationwide• Weather forecast for each area• Country general weather forecastWeather forecast – Introduction
  30. 30. 24/7 Sport news – Introduction• Belonged to News programs• Daily program – primetime• Only news program aired on BOTH channel VTV1 &VTV3 at the same time, nationwide
  31. 31. Hottest timeslot owning• Time announcement• Weather forecast• C11• Sport News 24/7• First positions of B5 & C12• Only timeslot that runs on both VTV1 and VTV3 at the same time, Reachmaximizing• Highest and most stable among News program• Cost efficiency
  32. 32. Full screen pop up introduction• Two 3-8 sec panelsseparated Program fromAd-break• To announce the ad-breakin/outProgramFull screen pop upAd-breakFull screen pop upResume ProgramFirst and Lastposition of a Ad-break
  33. 33. On HTVsince 2008On VTVsince 2007On VLsince 2010On HP sinceMar 2011On SCTV sinceMay 2011On VTV9 sinceMay 2011Full screen pop up introductionAvailable on Top 5 channels &a biggest cable system
  34. 34. Unlock the power of full screen pop up• 100% first/last position in break• Highest Rating % in the break  Highest awareness• Maximize OTS before TV viewer switch channels• Cost efficiency CPP index 60% (vs 5” TVC)Case studies• Teaser campaign• Mixed with full version TVC for sustaining TVC awareness aimingat cost efficiency maximization• Premium position in break enhancement• Mixed with Print/Online or Activation campaign to enhance ReachFull screen pop up introduction
  35. 35. Contentprovider/management
  36. 36. EURO cup exclusive sales agency• Exclusive sales agency in Vietnam• Available on top 2 channels in Vietnam VTV and HTV• Total billing around US$ 4 mil
  37. 37. Key ideasCoverageDatasupportCreative
  38. 38. thefirst…The first…• HTV7 & 9 merging• adbreak inserted during newsprogram• totally new creative & dynamicformat
  39. 39. Coverage enhancementThe brand new format for newsHTV7VarietyShow News 60sOpeningNews Adbreak News Adbreak News Adbreak NewsNews 60sClosingHTV7Kid Show18:30 7 min. 2 min. 7 min. 2 min. 7 min. 2 min. 3 min. 19:00HTV9SeriesHTV9Transmittedfrom VTV
  40. 40. Creative & dynamic format• Latest news and information on the latest top storieseveryday life stories, business, entertainment, weather…• All news/clips delivered concisely within 60 seconds
  41. 41. Consistent to be top rating program0.92.3 2.2 Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov DecF23028ABCTop ratingprogram inHCM city
  42. 42. News 18:30-19:00, CVTV 1+2
  43. 43. News in totally new formatsCoverageCommercialCreativeMerging top 2 FTA technicalcoverage channels in Mekong deltaCVTV1 and CVTV2.Available on SCTV and VCTVTVC spot-buy as well as sponsorshipavailable during programDynamic, hi-tech and most updated
  44. 44. News in totally new formatsCoverage• Merging CVTV1 and CVTV2 from 18:30- 19:00• Fully technical coverage 13 Mekong delta provinces at the best FTA signal• Both CVTV1 and 2 available on SCTV and VCTVCreative• Dynamic, hi-tech and updated• Concise, catchy• Multi angles informationCommercial• Ad-breaks and other sponsorship packages are available during program
  45. 45. Fully Mekong delta technical coverage• 100% technical coverage in 13 Mekong delta provinces via FTA signal• Available on top 2 cable suppliers SCTV, VCTV
  46. 46. TV received mode in Vietnam
  47. 47. FTA domination in Mekong
  48. 48. Creative and dynamic formatLocal news: top stories, social, agriculture, business…World news Weather news Sport news
  49. 49. Program structureTime Content Duration18.30 - 18.50 • Local news: Social, Culture, Agriculturebusiness…• World news15 mins5 mins18.50 - 18.52 Weather forecast (sponsorship available - 1spot 30 sec + 2 logos+1 panel 5 sec)2 mins18.52 – 18.54 Ad-break 3 mins18.54 – 18.59 Sport (sponsorship available - 1 spot 30 sec+ 2 logos+1 panel 5 sec)3 mins18.59 – 19.00 Ad-break 1 mins
  51. 51. VCTV, SCTV and HTVC arethree dominated TV cableproviders in HCM and HNSCTV, VCTV & HTVC COVERAGEMAXIMIZATION
  53. 53. Late night Vietnamese series22:45 on HTV7
  54. 54. VN series, top Rtg HCM market1. 0.81 2011 2012Genre trend in HCMVn Series Educational Lessons EntertainmentLifestyle Sports News/Politics/Economics/BusinessGeneral Interest Movie Documentary
  55. 55. TTV Rating %, HCM051015202530354006:00-06:3006:30-07:0007:00-07:3007:30-08:0008:00-08:3008:30-09:0009:00-09:3009:30-10:0010:00-10:3010:30-11:0011:00-11:3011:30-12:0012:00-12:3012:30-13:0013:00-13:3013:30-14:0014:00-14:3014:30-15:0015:00-15:3015:30-16:0016:00-16:3016:30-17:0017:00-17:3017:30-18:0018:00-18:3018:30-19:0019:00-19:3019:30-20:0020:00-20:3020:30-21:0021:00-21:3021:30-22:0022:00-22:3022:30-23:0023:00-23:3023:30-24:00Rtg %Year 2012 YTD Feb 2013
  56. 56. Rtg 22:45-24:00, HTV7 opportunity0. 10 20 3022:45 - 23:0023:00 - 23:1523:15 - 23:3023:30 - 23:4523:45 - 24:002011Total TV HTV7 (HCMC) 10 20 3022:45 - 23:0023:00 - 23:1523:15 - 23:3023:30 - 23:4523:45 - 24:002012Total TV HTV7 (HCMC)
  57. 57. New timeslot opportunity• Extend primetime and build up a new timeslot by reviving remarkable topVietnamese series associated with HTV for yeas. These tittles werereceived critical acclaims from TV viewers, as well as industry experts. Twoepisodes daily from Mon-Fri delivers best entertainment period for TVviewers• Introduce new spotlight programs with most creative, catchy storyboard/script performing by top well known MCs• PR/ 360 degree integrated marketing campaign enhances programawarenessTop tittles New performing PR MarketingNew timeslotbuild up
  58. 58. New timeslot opportunityLate night Vietnamese series• Reinforce leading position of HTV7 in Vietnamese series in HCM market• Regain Top TV viewer share of HTV7 in general• Extend primetime from 22:45 - 00:30 targeting P18-45, skewed F1845• Reach and OTS enhancement opportunity for multi brands
  59. 59. New timeslot opportunity• Channel: HTV7• Vietnamese series• Timeslot: 22:45 – 00:30– 2 episodes/day• Weekday: Mon – Fri• Adbreaks– 1 breaks after opening frame– 2 breaks/ episode
  60. 60. Program build up strategy• Phase 1: First 18 months– Refresh remarkable top TV series associated with HTV BlouseTrang, Huong Nghiep…• Received critical acclaim from TV viewers, as well as industryexperts– Spotlight program with new script/storyboard– PR/ 360 degree integrated marketing• Phase 2: From 19th month– Introduce totally new series at the highest quality from storyboard toproductionRefresh remarkable tittles Introduce new seriesMid 2014Mar 2013
  61. 61. Remarkable tittles associated with HTV foryears
  62. 62. New formatSpotlight:• 5 minutes daily prior to program• Behind the scene, features, best actor, actress…• Top famous MCs
  63. 63. Program IDs and layouts
  64. 64. ADT group…Scientific full media serviceprovider, Innovator andExclusive owner of Uniquemedia formats