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AP Corp Sensors and Instrument Line Card 2019


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Lines represented by AP Corp. in New England and New York, including Analyzers, Color Sensors, Displacement Sensors, Flow Sensors, Instrumentation (Data Acquisition), Load Cells & Instrument Hardware, Machine Controls, Pressure Gauges, Pressure Sensors, Sanitary Sensors, Sound Sensors, Strain Gages, Temperature Sensors, and Vibration Sensors.

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AP Corp Sensors and Instrument Line Card 2019

  1. 1. Manufacturers Represented 41 Westech Drive , Tyngsboro, MA 01879 Telephone: (508) 351-6200 Fax: (508) 351-6207 sales@a-pc www.a-pc Flow Measurements & Control Solutions, Mechanical, Electronic & Calibration Services * Instrumentation for the measurement and analysis of sound & vibration Strain gage based sensors, Load cells Vibration test equipment, Environmental Test Chambers Load Cells, Force Sensing Clevis Pins, Bolts, Studs & Tension Links Industrial RTD & Thermocouple Sensors, Transmitters, Thermowells, Custom O.E.M. Thermocouples & RTD Probes Leading Innovation in Vibration testing, Condition Monitoring and Data Acquisition, Dynamic Signal Analyzers, Vibration Test Controllers, Machine Monitoring Devices Intelligent Monitoring & Control, Leader in Loop Powered Indication, Loop & Line Powered Explosion Proof Displays with Worldwide Approvals Custom Strain Gage Installations, Strain Gage Field Work & DAQ, Custom Force, Torque & Load Sensors Laser, Capacitive and Eddy-Current Non-Contact displacement Sensors, Infrared Temperature Sensors, Color Detection Sensors & Fiber Optic Technology, Draw-Wire and LVDT Displacement Sensors Integrated Conditioning & Control Systems, Turnkey Acquisition Systems, Signal Conditioning Systems, Transient Recording Systems, Ruggedized Ethernet Data Acquisition Systems Strain Gages & Installation Accessories, Strain Indicators & Strain Gage Signal Conditioners, Strain Gage Data Acquisition Systems, Photoelastic Full-Field Stress Analysis Equipment Extrusion Pressure Transducers & Instrumentation, Plastics Melt Flow Indexers, Capillary Rheometers, Polymer Evaluation Products Sensors & Monitoring Systems for Force, Acceleration, Pressure & Torque, Injection Molding Pressure & Temperature Sensors, Monitoring & Controls * Machine Controls for Plastics Injection Molding, Blow Molding and Extrusion Thru-FLO™ Pressure Transducers, Custom Pressure Transducers & Sensors Digital Pressure & Vacuum Gauges, Pressure & Temperature Transmitters, Pressure Alarms & Switches Precision Dial Pressure Gages, Digital Pressure Indicators & Calibrators, Analog & Digital Pressure Transducers Signal Conditioners, Signal Isolators, Process Transmitters Andruss-Peskin Corporation Manufacturer’s Representative for leading suppliers of Sensors & Instrumentation. Providing Professional Sales Engineering Service in New England & Upstate New York since 1959 * Company is not represented by Andruss-Peskin Corp. in Upstate New York.