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Utrust: 500 Demo Day Batch 24


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The first cryptocurrency payment provider to offer buyer protection and instant transactions.

Published in: Economy & Finance

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Utrust: 500 Demo Day Batch 24

  1. 1. Digital Payments made Simple
  2. 2. Cashless Society Virtual Wallets Digital Ownership The Future of Money
  3. 3. Cryptocurrencies?
  4. 4. A radically better digital currency payment solution
  5. 5. Landscape of Digital Currency Payments Obsolete Tech Unregulated No protection Complicated UX
  6. 6. Our Solution Cheaper Faster Safer
  7. 7. From Inception to Business Marketing Business Partnerships 2018 Regulatory complianceMVP Tech DevelopmentInitial Funding 2017
  8. 8. � 760k+ total merchants pool � 20M+ direct access customers � 180+ countries A Global Trusted Partner
  9. 9. Technology Live & Global Live with first partners Expand Merchant Network
  10. 10. Growth & Scale Financial Institutions Payment Service Providers Merchants
  11. 11. Digital Payments made Simple @UTRUST