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Money2020 Identity Workshop (Introduction Only)

A few people asked if they could have a copy of my introduction to the Money 2020 Identity Workshop, so here it is. I hope I set the scene well for my excellent speakers and panelists.

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Money2020 Identity Workshop (Introduction Only)

  1. 1. www.chyp.comPlease copy and distribute25/10/20171 Digital Identity – Why Now? the opportunity for banks David G.W. Birch Director, Consult Hyperion Money 2020 Las Vegas, October 2017
  2. 2. www.chyp.comPlease copy and distribute David G.W. Birch An internationally-recognised thought leader in digital identity and digital money; Named one of the global top 15 favourite sources of business information (Wired magazine); In the London FinTech top ten (City A.M.); most influential commentators Ranked one of the top five Leaders in IDentity (Rise); One of the top ten Twitter accounts followed by innovators, along with Bill Gates and Richard Branson (PR Daily); One of the top ten most influential voices in banking (Financial Brand); Ranked Europe’s most influential commentator on emerging payments (Total Payments magazine). 2
  3. 3. www.chyp.comPlease copy and distribute Available at all good bookshops… > 3
  4. 4. www.chyp.comPlease copy and distribute Identity as a Strategy “It’s not about payment. It’s about identity” Jack Dorsey, Founder of Square and Twitter (New York Times, 22nd December 2013) 4
  5. 5. www.chyp.comPlease copy and distribute A Three Domain Model 5
  6. 6. www.chyp.comPlease copy and distribute Identification Domain Binding a digital identity to a mundane identity is expensive 6
  7. 7. www.chyp.comPlease copy and distribute Authorisation Domain Allow me to… get on a plane 7
  8. 8. www.chyp.comPlease copy and distribute Authentication Domain Establishing the right to use an identity 8
  9. 9. www.chyp.comPlease copy and distribute Visit our website: Follow us on Twitter: @chyppings Email us: Read: Tomorrow's Transactions Blog Listen: Consult Hyperion Podcasts Consult Hyperion UK Tweed House, 12 The Mount Guildford, Surrey GU24HN, UK. +44 1483 301793 Consult Hyperion USA 535 Madison Avenue, 19th Floor New York, NY 10022, USA. +1 888 835 6124 Contact 25/10/20179
  10. 10. www.chyp.comPlease copy and distribute Who Are Consult Hyperion? Consult Hyperion specialises in working out the opportunities and threats which result from the harmony and collision of security, networks and transactions. We are constantly assessing these factors, as they change continuously, and delivering ideas, solutions and products to our clients 10
  11. 11. www.chyp.comPlease copy and distribute What Do We Do? We have a structured and practical approach to secure electronic transaction systems from the local to the global 11 Strategy Roadmapping Market Analysis Business Modelling Prototyping Requirements Analysis Risk Analysis System Architecture Technical Specification Procurement Support Software Development Vendor Management Project Management Certification Management Acceptance Testing Evaluation We can help clients in all phases of the product and service lifecycle, from the whiteboard scribble to the person in the street’s everyday use
  12. 12. www.chyp.comPlease copy and distribute Who do we do it For? 12 25/10/2017