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Travel Blogs


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Travel Blogs

  1. 1. ==== ====World Travel: Where is Explore your Next Travel Book you next flight with no flight booking fees!==== ====Why Travel BlogsA "Blog" is an abbreviation for web-log. A Travel blog thus is a travel website that has entriespertaining to a particular travel topic/ travel subject or a person, similar to a journal or a diary. Thecontents of a travel blog are generally displayed in the reverse chronological order in order todisplay the latest entries made.Travel Blogs normally deal with a single travel subject and provide latest travel news, commentaryor opinions on the travel subject. The subjects could be as diverse as food, politics, Alaskanfishing or Japanese pearls. Contents of travel blog can also be as diverse and normally consist oftravel images, text, travel links to other blogs or travel websites and anything related to the topic.Most blogs consist of text; however, many blogs also focus on images (photoblogs), videos (vlogs)and audio content (podcasts).Popularity of travel BlogsOf late, travel blogs have become the most sought after by internet marketing professionals to gettheir wares across or to describe their products in detail. Many global service industries useblogging as a tool to enhance and distribute information of their services by requesting their clientsto put up their comments on their services. This helps them to market their services through word-of-mouth publicity at the same time distributing relevant and information from the clientsexperiences.Professionals on the move and jet setters who travel the world can find a lot of information builtinto travel blogs especially relevant information that may not be available in a standard printedtravel brochure. First hand information on a location can come in great use to a regular traveler,especially if it concerns local travel, hotel and food information and local weather information.These facts have facilitated the popularity of travel blogs across the world.Downsides of travel BlogsHowever, a downside of blogsploitation has been observed and all facts that are put up on blogscan result in being nearer to fiction. Blosploitation has resulted because of the use of blogs asadvertising media. For example, as a writer some travel company has paid me to write blog entriesabout probably Shanghai, Abu Dhabi and Fiji Islands, I would be able to write them with ease, butas a person that has never been to these places, I might be far removed form facts. These blogentries that I pen will be posted on blogs solely for marketing the travel company and people whoread them may be misled into believing everything that is said there.
  2. 2. How to use a travel BlogIt is important to check the credentials of the writer before you draw inferences from the blogentries. One travelers dream vacation rental may be anothers mosquito-infested hut. Search andcheck the profile pages of the person who made the blog entry for travel experiences and personaltraits.Do not depend on a single travel blog for information. Use the indispensable Google tool, to find alternate blogs for the subject. Many travel blog entries make tallclaims but probably they never live up to it.How to make a travel blogThere are various ways for making your own travel blog. Creation and maintenance of travel blogsis very easy and even free at times. A host of blogging software is available to be installed on yourweb server and start off. Managing the software is absolutely almost nil, there are a host ofdedicated web application achieve this. Many systems are available where one does not evenneed a web server, and a blog can be created from any nook and corner of the globe. Tools likeElicit, w blogger and Ecto facilitate users to have a web hosted travel blog and even compose andedit posts offline. Many a website is offering blog creation tools and blog hosting facilities liketripod, AOL, Google and Yahoo 3600. Custom blogging tools can be created using server sidescripting with password protection and management built in.Some good travel Blogs:Vacation RentalsVacation Rentals BlogArticle Source: ====World Travel: Where is Explore your Next Travel Book you next flight with no flight booking fees!==== ====