Where Brands Meet The Community


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ZackBrandit is the first online platform that puts the relationship as the focus between brands and consumers.
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Where Brands Meet The Community

  1. 1. “Where Brands meet the community”
  2. 2. Summary Vision Mission Who are we? Where are we? What is ZackBrandit? What’s in it for you as a Brand? A unique feature for a unique platform? Our Blueprint Want to know more about ZackBrandit’s activities?
  3. 3. Mission To be the leading global and virtual sales & distribution platform to unleash the true value of consumer social networks. ZackBrandit is the first online platform that puts the relationship as the focus between brands and consumers. Our platform plays a key role in the extensive search for clear, yet value-driven interaction sought by companies and consumers that are eager to streamline their eStrategy. Our approach focuses on empowering brand-advocates utilizing social media by providing them valuable information, direct contact with brands’ marketing departments and helping them by sharing incredible opportunities.
  4. 4. Goals To be the leading global and virtual sales & distribution platform to unleash the true value of consumer social networks. Our goals are:  Simplify and create clear, concise communication channels between companies, experts and consumers  Build social awareness regarding the need for self-sustaining communities all over the world  Bring facts, truth and certainty to product and brand information  Help consumers gain access to products currently unavailable in their market  Create relationships with Brands that best utilize marketing strategies while creating value for customers  Support and invest in ecological projects  Build environmental awareness
  5. 5. Who are we? ZackBrandit, first and foremost; is an international team of motivated, young entrepreneurs recruited by the illustrious, legendary Zack Brandit himself. What is the significance of this intriguing lemur? Well, he is seeking out how to piece together this grand puzzle in the big picture. Which big picture? The Internet Experience global big picture to create a more productive, empowering experience for everyone! Where are we? ZackBrandit is an online, global marketplace where brands, opinion leaders, consumers and experts meet. Everyone gathers to share ideas, find new marketing approaches and clearly define “brand”. Here in the virtual world, we encourage consumer input and interaction while building relationships. ZackBrandit is a vast project and implies the necessity of the integration of many different features within one platform. So where are we? In a place that makes it easy for you to find what you need and provide feedback in a positive, supportive environment!
  6. 6. What is ZackBrandit? The first part of our project is called the Participative Sales Model. Our proposition is to take exclusive sales to the next level by integrating interaction between a Brand and the members of the community, aka the Brandits [brand advocates] and Netizens [consumers]. Our model combines elements such as: a new conversation structure, online marketing, proactive participation, perception marketing, affiliate marketing, social shopping, crowd-sourcing and much more! Imagine that our platform works as a private club where members get unique advantages and/or discounts based on the brands/advocates that they’re connected with. These advantages result from the direct relationship that brands have with their brand-empowered opinion leaders network. Who are the brand-empowered opinion leaders? The Brandits and Netizens! And who are they?
  7. 7. Well, let’s talk about who YOU are!! A Brand is an organisation member of the community. It can be a company, an NGO, a music band, an author, an artist, manufacturers and the list goes on! Brands can interact and transact with opinion leaders and fans who also are bloggers and members of social networks. A Brandit is an opinion leader who also has a blog or is widely active on any given social network and is willing to share his passion by interacting with brands. The Brandit receives access to information and advantages he gets to share with his personal network. We also call the Brandit a Branding Bandit. Netizens are citizens of the internet - you, me and everybody doing online what we do offline! Seeking useful information, ways to connect, looking for great products and services, personal and/or global benefit or just value in general! By joining our community, Netizens attain access to information and unique opportunities which are co-developed by Brands and their fellow Brandits.
  8. 8. What’s in it for you as a Brand? Brands, like our Brand advocates [Brandits] and Consumers [Netizens], are such an integral part of our sharing community. People are becoming more careful about how they buy and what they buy. Netizens seek a lot of information before making decisions. Weighing their options, finding the best deals and knowing exactly what is available before making a choice has become more important than ever! Well, this is part of what makes ZackBrandit so exciting! Zack connects your Brand to anyone and everyone sharing information and who is fond of your products. This means more than just Brand awareness – it is Brand Empowerment! Additionally, Zack wishes to provide you with the community by providing access to an e- commerce platform tailored and personalised based on your community relationship. Zack isn’t just doing this locally, he is making your Brand available on a global scale! Your Brand can be tapping into not just your city, your state or province, your country or even your continent; but ALL over the world! Again, Brand Empowerment!!
  9. 9. A unique feature for a unique platform? ZackBrandit’s psywebological profiling Consumers aka Netizens, use the Zilhouette of Zack to tell others how they perceive information! There is no good or bad, only perception and this can allow information providers, social networks and such to tailor their information to what their readers want to know!
  10. 10. Our Blueprint The project is divided into 3 general modules represented by the following gear shapes schematic and our platform succeeds only by using all three of these modules in conjunction with one another. See the following:
  11. 11. The first aspect of the project is the Participative Sales Model which works as a window for the platform. Its purpose is to develop a model that can sustain itself through e-commerce without the need for external investments. It also brings a strong foundation for further development. The second stage is called the Cluster Conversation. This is the heart of the whole platform. Its purpose is to create quality conversations around selected topics between Brands, Brandits & Netizens, but also; experts and media. Topics range from general marketing to project support in developing countries. The module uses predefined processes in order to come to a final conclusion and help implement ideas and solutions. The module is still under development and milestones will be presented in our blog. Read our blog here! What is a virtual world worth if it cannot positively influence your life?! This third module is about connecting the dots between online interactions and projects in the real world. People do online what they do in real life, after all!
  12. 12. Want to know more about ZackBrandit’s activities? Ask us to come tell you more about it! Laurent Rozenfeld Emmanuel de Ghellinck Managing Partner Managing Partner +32 (0)477 33 03 58 +32 (0)479 354 616 laurent@zackbrandit.com emmanuel@zackbrandit.com Jean-Paul Ahoussi Community Manager +32 (0)487 283 969 Jean-paul@zackbrandit.com ZackBrandit s.p.r.l. Allée Paul Ooghe 22 box E02, 1070 Brussels, Belgium www.zackbrandit.com