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The Source Diet is a Fat Loss program that prides itself for helping over 50,000 users lose weight permanently. That is a claim made by the creators of the program, but we can only know the truth through an unbiased review based on what users that have tried the system think. So if you’re considering losing weight, don’t use this...

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Holland & Barrett The Diet Source Reviews

  1. 1. The Source Diet ReviewIs The Source Diet a SCAM? The Source Diet is a Fat Loss program that prides itself for helping over 50,000 users lose weight permanently. That is a claim made by the creators of the program, but we can only know the truth through an unbiased review based on what users that have tried the systemthink. So if you’re considering losing weight, don’t use this system before you read this review.The Source Diet program comprises a collection of special tools thatnot only help you lose weight but also help you adopt a healthierlifestyle in a way your body can manage. The unique set of toolsenables you to track the pounds you’ve lost, keep track of yourcalorie intake, schedule your exercises properly, and more. Themembership program also gives you access to a lineup of leadingweight loss specialists who will directly answer all your fat lossqueries.The program consists of step-by-step instructions of how to applythe weight loss methods right from the comfort of your home,starting off with a secret method to rapid weight loss aimed atgetting you motivated and activating your natural fat burningengine.It’s true that there are hundreds of diet programs out there and itgets so confusing when trying to choose one that really works. Butwhat makes the Source Diet unique is that it takes several important things about your life intoaccount, including your current health status, advice from doctors, your food preference, and theexercises that best suit your body. Instead of imposing generic methods on you, it crafts a systemtailored to your needs. This makes it easy to adopt a healthier lifestyle without making potentiallydangerous drastic changes. This is one of the biggest differences between the Source Diet andother diets.In fact, the creator of the Source Diet emphatically warns about fad diets and dangerous medicalprocedures that not only waste your money and time but can have serious health implications aswell. This program seeks to weed out all the confusion in fat loss.
  2. 2. The Tools You Will Access In The Source Diet Program Once you purchase membership to this impressive fat loss program, you’ll have access to a Results Tracker, an online tool that allows you to track your progress from the time you joined The Source Diet Program. The Hormone Survey tool allows you to know your current hormonal balance, given that hormones play a big role in fat accumulation and loss. There’s also the Exercise Journal that keeps track of the exercises you’re doing together with the calories you’re burning. And finally, the Food Journal helps you keep your calorie intake in check by tracking the exact amount of calories you’re ingesting and those that you burn. In addition, you’ll have a host of other bonus tools including aQuick Results Checklist that you can personalize to your need s and lose weight fast. Also, you’llhave access to the printable versions of the exclusive diet and exercise journals of the Source Dietprogram that you can print out and use at your convenience offline.What Makes The Source Diet Special?Every dieter out there is aware of the multitude of myths and falsities being peddled around inthe weight loss industry. Miracle ‘diet pills’ and ‘magic formulas’ abound in the industry and it’shard to tell whether they really work or not. Most times, they don’t really work.And so one of the things that make The Source Diet special is that it comprises a great deal ofeducational material about weight loss, and most of it is dedicated to debunking the variousmyths being peddled around by commercial diet programs.The biggest myth in the weight loss industry is probably the fad diet craze. Fad diets often targetdesperate people battling with weight issues and, unfortunately, are most vulnerable to fad dietscams. However, while they may help users lose weight in the first weeks, the results arenormally short-lived. Worse, the moment you quit the diet program, all the fat returns with zeal.There are many other myths about fat loss exercises that this system debunks, such as theusefulness of repetitive cardio, getting rid of fat and cellulite with ab crunchers and thigh masters,and many more myths. The main manual comprises over 100 pages of dieting information,explaining everything you need to know about dieting and how the myths came about.It’s important to understand these myths and why they pose more danger to your health. Theauthor does a good job of explaining the futility of these much touted untruths. On top of that,the Source Diet program has a host of additional benefits, including:
  3. 3. The information is easy to comprehend and is clear, concise, and straight to the pointCustomer support is top-notchThere’s expert support provided with the monthly membershipThe approach used is proven to workThe diet system suits anyone, irrespective of genetics, size, and ageThe system is accessible online, so it is convenient to use as you can access it from anywhere,provided there is an Internet connectionAbout The AuthorThe Source Diet is the product of Matt Clark and two of his partners, Dr. Joseph Reste and MikeClark. Matt is a fitness expert with over fifteen years experience in the weight loss industry.According to his brief biology, he has spent the great majority of those years assisting peopleachieve success with their weight loss ventures. Matt strongly believes in his methods that havebeen proven over the years. Indeed, helping over 50,000 people achieve their dreams is such acommendable feat.You’ll have to part with only $47 to access this program. The purchase comes with a 60-daymoney back guarantee that protects your investment. You can claim your money within that timeif you feel that the program doesn’t meet your needs.The Source Diet program is a solid dieting system that gives you rounded knowledge on weightloss, and it’s really reassuring to have solid knowledge about the changes your body is goingthrough.
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