IBS Relief


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IBS Relief

  1. 1. If you suffer from constant attacks ofconstipation, diarrhea, or both youre not alone. If these symptoms occur frequently around potentially stressfulsituations; you probably have a condition named IrritableBowel Syndrome or IBS. Irritable bowel syndrome attacksmany around the world, and oddly more women than men are affected. For all those who can relate to these frequent and often life interrupting symptoms, they only want to hear that there is a cure for IBS. There are many who have had this disease dictate the actions of theirentire life. However, when they go to their doctor hopingthat this visit will yield an IBS cure, they usually receive a long drawn out dissertation on the history of the disease, a few over the counter stomach ache medicines that might help, and a prescription for an anti-anxiety
  2. 2. Most importantly, sufferers of IBS should avoid certain foods that can greatly increase the disturbing symptomsassociated with this condition. These foods can irritate an already sensitive intestine and cause strong discomfort. Not everyone is affected as strongly as others by certain foods, so in an IBS diet it is necessary to take the time todetermine which foods cause gas, constipation and other side effects. Initially, these foods should be eaten lessfrequently than before; if needed, a food may need to be entirely eliminated from the diet.
  3. 3. Doctors really dont know what causes IBS, but somesuspect that IBS may be stress related. When you have IBS the nerves and muscles in the bowel seem to be extrasensitive. The muscles may contract to much when you eatcausing pain. These contractions may cause diarrhea while eating or shortly after.
  4. 4. The best way to determine if you have spastic colon is to see your doctor. He or she will ask you questions such as when your symptoms started, their intensity and whenthey tend to ease and worsen. Based on your answers, the doctor will be able to make a clear diagnosis of spastic colon.
  5. 5. A sufferer can help IBS by limiting intake of certain foods and beverages, such as caffeine, alcohol, and milk products. Some sufferers are more sensitive to certain foods than others. Recognizing what foods triggersymptoms is an important part of awareness and the first step to recovery.
  6. 6. Diet is an important component of managing IBS, along with a stress-reduced lifestyle and appropriate medicine. Bavolex naturally balances and soothes the bowel andintestines. Doctor-recommended Bavolex features healthyingredients such as lemon balm, ginger and fennel seed tonaturally reduce the uncomfortable and painful symptoms associated with IBS. Adding Bavolex to a healthy lifestyle can bring strong relief to IBS sufferers--naturally.
  7. 7. http://www.endofillness.net/