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  • 1. Step 1: Lets get started
  • 2. Choose the collet by placing tool inside it
  • 3. Wipe collet seating area clean with finger
  • 4. Install collet into clamp ring
  • 5. Install clamp ring onto spindle leaving it loose so tool can slip in easily for set up
  • 6. Step 2: : Centre height set up
  • 7. Insert the tool into collet approximately 30mm deep and lock clamp ring using C spanner
  • 8. Release spindle lock and rotate spindle till zero marks line up, hold spindle against clicker device and lock spindle
  • 9. With the tool edge resting on height rest use C spanner and tighten clamp ring
  • 10. Wheel choice is important in this case the cup wheel will be used for both end mill and slot drill sharpening
  • 11. Step 3: Grinding wheel change
  • 12. Remove and place wheel guard to one side by undoing securing screw with a 5mm allen key
  • 13. Change grinding wheel by placing spanner onto spindle and rotate wheel anti-clockwise by hand
  • 14. Whilst working around tools beware of sharp edges. Place a rag over tool to prevent cuts, oops !!
  • 15. Tighten the clamp ring by hand using the C spanner
  • 16. Step 4: Work holding device
  • 17. Both tool and wheel must be the same centre height as rest locator. Adjust accordingly
  • 18. Undo lock handles 1 and 2 and tilt head to +6 degrees and retighten lock handles
  • 19. Undo swivel base locking screw on right hand and reset base to zero degrees + 20 minutes relock again
  • 20. Ensure cross slide setting is at zero if not use small front handle to correct zero position
  • 21. Step 5: Sharpen the tool
  • 22. Grind all four primary edges at + 6 degrees to achieve a band width of 1mm
  • 23. Undo clamp levers 1 and 2 again and tilt head to + 12 degrees and relock clamp levers
  • 24. Grind all four secondary edges at + 12 degrees to achieve a band width of 0,5 mm to 0,8 mm
  • 25. Inspect the tool if OK, then undo clamp ring by using Ceespanner and tap gently as tool will pop out.
  • 26. Tool inspection time
  • 27. 1. Inspect the primary angle to meet required measurements of 0.5 mm to 0.8 mm using either a 150 mm steel rule or a Vernier
  • 28. 2. Tooling may be removed to measure more accurately due to poor ergonomics.
  • 29. 3. If measuring in the current set-up adjust the over head light to give better vision if require
  • 30. 4. Always be very careful of sharp edges on the tool as you move your hands and limbs around whilst checking and inspecting dimensions on tools.