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RCEC Email 4.1.03 (a)


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Reconstructing Climatic and Environmental Changes" …

Reconstructing Climatic and Environmental Changes"
Email 4.1.03 (a)

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  • 1. Page 1 of 6 RECORD TYPE: FEDERAL (NOTES MAIL) CREATOR:MichaelCatanzaro@'eow. (Michael Catanizaro) ( Michael Catanzaro~iepw CREATION DATE/TINE: l-APR-2003 15:36:12.00 SUBJTECT: : EPW: CLIMATE CHANCE TO:Aloysios-Hogan~epw. (Aloysius Hogan)( AloysiusHogan~depw,. (A READ* UNKNOWN (Andrew, Wheeler)( AndrewVK.heeier~epiw.senate.goV (A READ :UNKNOWN TO:cbuck ( chauck_kieeschulte~rmurkowski READ: UNKNOWN TO:doni (don stewartgcornyrn. [ UNKNOWN READ: UNKNOW'N TO-genevieve_er-nv~epw,, ( (UNKNOWNI READ : UNKNOWN TO:marcie~iidg~,av@voinovich. senate,.gov ( UNKNO READ :UNKNOWN TO: sco~tt ( [UNKNOWEN READ :UNKNOWN ( [ UNKNOWNI READ : UNKNOWN ( ( UTNKNOWeN READ: UNKNOWN [ UNKNOWN READ :UNKNOWN ( [ UNKNOWN READ :UNKNOWN TO:brian, mormino~voinovich. ( brani__mormino~voinovici.[ UNKNOWN11 REAL: UNKNOWN TO:cei ia ( celia [UNKNOWN READ: UNKNOWNM ( i UNKNOWPN READ: UNKNOWN To:chris. fliur~ainail .hous~o hi ~gvFUNKNOWN READ : UNKNOWN ( [ ONOCP READ : UNTKNOWNE TO:dallefl(3frsctorg ( f UNKNOWN I READ :UNKNOWN TO: danny_I innortyginhiofe.s enate .gov ( danniy-finnerty~inhofe .senate. gov [ UNKNOWN I4 t'ile://DASEARCH_7_9_03-CEQ02Of 45S81f003ceq.txt 8/14/2003
  • 2. Page )of 6 READ :UNKNOWN TO:Debbie S. Fiddelke CN=Debbie S. FiddeikeoULCEQ/O-EOP~E0P [ CEQ READ :UNKNOWN TOmdewey.amfy~epdahail.2pa.gCov( [ UNKNOWN I READ : UNKNOWN TO:Dana N. Perino ( CIN=Dana M4. Perinol/OU-CEQ/0OEO9@ROP ( CEQI READ: UNKNOWN TO:dtiggs@capitOYresearch.org1 driqgs~caprtairesearch.orgf L UNKNOVMN READ :UNKNOWN TO:fmaisano~pcgpr.COff ( fmaisanio~pcgprioomf [ UNKNOWNI READ: UNKNOWN TO:gkelly(?keliypubllc.comf (gkeiiy~akellypubiic.coP [ UNKNOWTNI READ: UNKNOWN [UNKNOWnNI READ :UNKNOWIN ( UNKNOWN READ:UNKINOWIN TO:jcahill~foleylavi.cOm ]oahiii~foieylaw.oom [ UNKNOWN READ :UNKNOWN TO:]qlzzi~edqlepub.comf C gizzi~oaglepub.coim I UNKMNOWN READ : UNKNOWN T0:jmorgan9@ford~ciom C -jrnorgan9@ford. corn [ UNKNOWNI READ: UNKNOWN T0:]Ohfl ueschke~rpc. (john peschke) (john De READ :UNKNOWN ( ken~flanz(~crapo.senate.goV [ UNKNOWN .1 READ :UNKNOWN TO:kmccoy{nBmT.Org ( [UNKNOWNI READ :UNKNOWN ( [ UNKNOWN READ :UNKNOWN 'TQ:rnark pfeifle~ios.doi.goV ( mark_pfeifle~ios.doi.cjOV [ UNKNOWNI REALD: UNKNOWN TO:inebe.rl!(-cei. org ( ioobelldcei .org [ UNKNOWJNI READ: UNKNOWIN DOmke ardincnul ( mic 0 '3alardirmanicoosuitin-g.corn [ OA I READ: UNKNOWN (, I UNKNOWN I READ: UNKNOWN ( L UNKNOWNI file://D:SEARCH-7-9-03-CEQ020- f4588f003sseq.txt 8/14/2003
  • 3. Page 3 of 6 READ: UNKNOW0N ( nschlulzgtec!hcefltralstatilonco)m UNKNOWNI TO:nschulz~techcefltralstationmco~m REAL UNKNOWN ( [ UNKNOWN READ: UNKNOWNN UNTKNOiTNI TOrgngntylhf(snt~o READ :UNKNOWN ray.fitzgeraid@Thdill house.gor [ UNKNOVWN I READ:UNKNOWAN rober~t-raynhamflsrc.seflategUov TO:robert-trayflhafisfc .senate.qov (robert?- traynham) READ : UNKNOWIN (robert.pollock@Wvs].com IUNKNOWN READ: UNKNOWN 'r~bow sbrown~dutkogroup.coPI[ OA (kgru~o READ:UNKNOWN TO:shiane .comeaux~msnlbc .com ( shane .comeaux~umsnbc .com FUNKNOWNI READ : UNKNOW~N FUNKNOWN IT 10:stephen..sayle~dutkoglroup~com ( stephcri.sayi-@@acltkog~roip~com READ : UNKNOWN TOtgranmnsrigci tagormnan(rmindsprinlg.comn F UNKNOWN READ:UNKNOWN [ UNKNOWNI TO: trandall~winnfiflgrCeen.comf READ : UNKNOWN To:twinter@eagiepub.coim F [ UNKNOWN READ :UNKNOWN TO:Michael (Michael Whatley) ( Michaefl_~hat~ley~epWj.sfate.g~ov READ: UNKNJOW,.N ( [ UNKNOWNI TO:carrie-sloan~thomfas -senlate.goV READ :UNKNOWN I UNKNOWNI TO:dick_-wadhms~aliard.senadte.goV ( READ : UNKNOW~IN ( [ tUNKNOWTN READ: UNKNOWJN ( jared_young~aepw. sernate. gov [ UNKNOWN I TO: iaredtyoung~epw. senate. gov READ : UJNKN OWN ( meredith UKNOWN TO:rneredith mosei@y@warnor READ :UNKNOWN ( susan wheeler~crapo. senate. ov [ UNKNOWN TO: susan wheeler@crapo. senate. gov READ: UNKNOWN ( [ UNKNOWNI 8/14/2003 tfile://D:SEARCII_-7-9_O3CEQ020-f_4588f003-ccq.txt
  • 4. Paze 4 of 6 READ: UNKNOWNJ ( briolbrook~rncbhl-or9 [ UNKNOWNN T0:bhhlbrook@• READ: UNKNOWN 'rO:blibro~mnpower.ofln ( Thiibro~,rn~power.corn [ UNKNOWN READ :UNKNOWN 1 (bob.fetgusoO@Thail.hOUse.Oov [ UNKNOWN I TO:bob.fergusofl@Thail. 40u~~e00v READ :UNKNOVIN (c-burger~rfld ciaalcleflt-eY org -. [ UN-KNOWVN READ: UNKNOWN (chad~bracdley~i~ihofO,.senate~gov (c LO:chad-bradley~iflbofe sen~ate.go~v (chad bradley) READ:UNKNOWVN ¶ ( chorner~cei org [ UNKNOWNI REAPD:UNKNOWN [ UNKNOWTNI T0:cmitchell~f~leylaw.corn ( crmjtchell~folC± READ:UNKNOWN ( [ UNKNOWN TO~cra2jg.montesano~rioaa.goW IREAD :UNKNOWN I UNKNOWN I REAL :UNKNOWN ( davidgi~berLQcoflstellatlon~comh UINKNOWNI TO:davidgilbert@coflstellation~comf READ : UNKNOWN denniss~prestongattes .com [ UNKNOWN TO~denniss~dprestoflgates corn READ : UNKNOWTN (doug.heye~mail.hoT~se~o.v [ UNKNOWNI READ: UNKNOWN TO~dridenour@natmi.Dfalcelter~org ( dr1 [UNKNOWN I READ :UNKNOWN I UNKNOWN I READ: UNKNOWIN TO:george0'conflor@craig ( george~o'connorgcraig. [ UNKNOWN I READ :UNKNOWN TO~glenILpowell~inhofe.senate~gov ( glenn-, [ UNKNOWfN1 READ :UNKNOWN T.O:hsill3s@t~arpower.riet ( hsills~astarpower.oet [ UNKNOWN I READ: UNKNOWN ( jack.victory~ioaal.houseogov UNKNOWN I READ :UNKNOWIN TO:Johfl D. Estes (CN=Johri D. Est-es/OUKNVHOI/OAOP@E0P [ WHOI READ : UNKNOW~,N ( fUNKNOWN1 8/14/2003 file://D:SEARCH-7-9_03-CEQ020-f_4588fCO3-seq.txt
  • 5. Page 5 of 6 READ : UNKNOWN TO.joe~rpUm.coifl ( joce(arpurn.comh ONDCPI READ : UNKNOWN [ tJNKNOWN READ: UNKNOW'N yTO~ji* ( kjm~trassel@wsj.comh [ UNKNOWNI READ:UNKNOWN kurtobhri stensenOmail .house.gJov ( UNKNOWN (is~o I T0:kurt crstnenml- READ :UNKNOW,,N I UNKNOWTNI TO~mrgaet-hemewayrpcsenae~gv REAPD: UNKNOWVN ( ruatt.mfeagher@Imail.houSe.goNT [ UNKNOWN TO:rnatt.mfeaghetQhail~house~gov READ :UNKNOWN TO:me~nglehart~doc.gJov [UNKNOWIN I READ :UNKNOWN -fle~a=-e.comh nbems-jencm UNKNOWNI TO:tnjbeert@wfl~~lC~ READ: UNKNOWN T0=knaddkgopci ( -~ckepna~adutkogroup.Com [ UNKNOWNI READ :UNKNOWN (ikre hoiag.r [ UNKNOWN I Tomij k~reid~heritage~org 2 REAP: UNKNOWTN 4 hq.doeAgoW paul.morrell~hc.doe.glov UNKNOUN TO-paui.morreCli( READ:UNKNOWN TO:public.policy@verizoflnet ( pubiIc.pniicy@verizon~riet I UNKNOWNI READ :UNKNOWN ( randy. randoi~exxoinrnobil .corn I UNKNOWNI TrO: randy. READ :UNKNOWN TO:rlonlg~flma.Org ( F UNKNOWN READ :UNKNOWVN ( robert.hopkiflS~foaa.g~ov I UNKNOWNI TO:robert.hopkilns@noaa.U(ov READ: UNKNOWN .TO:ryanlhompsonl~lflhofe.senate.goV F ryan~thoiRpson~inliiefe.senate~gov [UNKNOWN READ : UNKNOMN TO:scott.Cayder~floaaSgov FscotL.rayder~floaa.goV I UNKNOvTNI READ : UNKNOWN TO:ssegal~bracCpatt.corn F seqjaiC~breaCPtt.(.om [ UNKNOWTNI READ:UNNW ste~phen-sepp@cornyn.seflate-gov I UNKNOW,,N I TO:stepherl~seppID@ornyn~senate~gov REALD: UNKNOWN TO0:tracey.shifflett~fma~llhouse~gov Ftracey.shiftlett~lmail.bouse~gc¶ ( UNKNOWN I 8/14/2003 fIIe://DSEARCH-7-9_03 _CEQ020_f_4 5 88F003-ceq. txt
  • 6. Page 6 oi 6 READ :UNKNOWvN [ UJNKNOWN I TO:tripp.baird~heritage.cirg ( READ:UNKNOWN TO-:wbrouighPacse. org ( [ UNKNOWaN I READ: UNKNOW~N TEXT: THE SCIENCE OF CLIMATE CHANGE be changes in the bOne of many natural factors affecting climate may brightness on the Sun's surface is of the Sun over decades to centuries. The magnetism marked by the coverage of sunspots - cool areas of intense magnetic fields. The This magnetic cycle is number of sunspots varies over an li-year period. 1linked output. Solar to a brightening and fading in the Sun' s total energy brightness over decades, could changes measuring a few tenths of a percent, sustained drive global temperatures to change- for the Sun's changing &Assuming that the Sun's magnetic change 'Is a proxy brightness, computer simulations of the climate suggest that a change of 0.4% in average tempserature the Sun's brightness would produce observed global changes of about 0.5 C over the last 100 years. 0 8 by Sa~llie [From bIncreasing Carbon Dioxide and Global Climate Change, Baliunas and Willie Soon; ht-tp://vwN.m~arshall.orU/article~prp?id-13J 8/14/2003 filc/D:SEARCH_7_9_O3tCEQ020_f_4588tf003_cecq~xi