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Draft of the Gettysburg Address


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Abraham Lincoln (1809–1865). "Nicolay Copy," Gettysburg Address, 1863. Page 1 and 2. Holograph manuscript. Manuscript Division, Library of Congress. Gift of Hay family, 1916 (2.5). Courtesy of the National Archives and Library of Congress.

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  • The power and eloquence of Lincoln's words still takes my breath away and brings a tear to my eye. Through his words, I feel that I have come to know who Lincoln really was, and love and revere him in that knowing. In the same way, I feel that I know who President Obama is through his words and actions, which is why I love and respect him as a man and the leader of our nation. I only wish that he would use his sword of state to smite his opponents and scatter them like the worthless jackals they are, and show the American people what government can do for them ... people need to have their faith restored in their government, which is their only salvation from the excesses of capitalism run amok that have devastated the middle class in this country ...
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