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ph: 564- 4029
fax: 565- 6672/3

(See attached file: National Cotrmmuication-             Interagency dr4ft~zip)

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CAR Email 1.14.02 (b)

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Climate Action Report
Email 1.14.02 (b)

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CAR Email 1.14.02 (b)

  1. 1. 4Kt5 Awl:Rs Iq* ' RECORD TYPE: FEDERAL (NOTES MAIL) CREATOR:Breideflich.Clare~epamfail Breidenich.Claret~epamal~.epa-gov F UNIQOWNI CREATION DATE/TIMtJ4,:4-AN-2002 09:09±50 .00 SUBJECT:: Final Interagency Review of the US National communicoation to the UNWC~C TOt"' Richard.Bradleyohq. doe .gov'" ( "'Richard.3radleiyghq. doe goW"u UNKNOWN I READ:UNKNOWN TO:"'f ( fWilliaMtBreedflhq.d0e.gOV'", UNKNOWN I READ:±UNKNOWN TO,"'Ugia.Hanltetlq-doe.gOV''1 ( flLisa.Hanleohq.doe-gov'" E UNKNOWN I READ :UNKNOWN TO:" ''" ( "''" t UNKNOWN I READ :UNKNOWN TO:' ''" C ,John.Millhofle~ee.d0eCgYY'" UNKNOWNI READ UNKNOWN TO: "'Donald.Trillingc§'" C "'Ionald.Trilliflg@ost.dat.govl' [UNKNOWN I1 READ UNKNOWN ( Dieu.tMartifl~epamalil .epa.gcv tUNKNOWN I ) READ :UNKNOWN TO:Buckley.Katherife~epamfail .epa.go-v UNKNOWN I READ :UNKNOWN TO:Schweflgels.Pau1lepamtail Soatwengels .Pauloepamail UNKNOWNI READt±UNXNOWN UNKNOWN ) READ UNKNOWN TO:"'1Jim.Rubin~usdoj .gov'", 1'Jjm.RubifOusdoj .gov'" E UNKNOWN I READ:±UNKNOWN TO:" ''1" ( ''' I UNKNOWN I READ :UNKNOWN
  2. 2. TO:' ''" ( "''" E UNKNOWN READl: UNKNOWN TO:" 'Ledbettg~osdgc.oad.mlfll'" ( " Ledbettg(~Csdgc.osd~mlul' " UNKNOWN REA.D UNFNOWN TO:" Buce.Harding~oed~mil'" ("'Bruce.Hardiflg@osd.mflul'" UNKNOWN READ :UNKNOWN TO:Paul T. Anastas (CN=Patfl T. Anastas/OU=OSTP/OEO0P~EOP IOSTPI RE8AD :UNKNOWN TO:"Barrett, ICc" C "Barrett, Ko" E UJNKNOWNI READ :tNICNOWN TO:"'Lakich, Duanel C "ILakich, Duane" UNKNOWNI READ : UNKNOWN To:"Gorsevski, Virginia"!' "Gorsevaki, Virginia" ( UNKOWN I READ :UNKNOWN TO:"'Stokes, Carrie" ("Stokes, Carrie",, UNKNOWNI READ :UNK(NOWN TO:" 'John.t4orowitz~do.treas.gCvl'I 'IIJohn.Horowitz~do.treas.govl'I UNKNOWN RYEAD :UNKNOWN TO:"loretchefl.Biery~do.treas .gcv'"I C ''"I (UNKNOWN I READ :UNKMOWN TO:" 'JHrubovcak~oce.usda.govl'I C'" £ UNKNOWN I READ:UNKNOWN TOt" ''"l C'l UNKNOWNI READ :UNKNOWN TO:Robert "X/ llo/O-OMB/0-EOP~90P ( OM TO:RbertJ. Tuccillo ( CN=Robert J. l4uccil/OO/EO@O (ON READ :UNKNOWN TOt" 'IGoklany~ios .doi.qov'" ( "'Iaoklany~ios .dci.gcv'" C UNKNOWN READ :UNKNOWN TO:commcOllJMol.comf commnco1Jlaaol.comfl UNKNOWN I READ :UNKNOWN TO:cstokes~flsaid.gCvC I UNKNOWN II READ : tYNflOWN TOiCoe.Edmnund~epamfail epa~gov ( C0 e.Edmund( UNKNOWNI
  3. 3. READ: UNKNOWN UNKNOWN READ :UNKNOWN ( UNKNOWNI READ:±UNRNOWN TO :Samenow.Jason~epamail epa. gay C Samenaw. jasonaepamail .epa. gov UNKNOWN I READ : UNXNOWN TO:je~ftaowd(Miq.dcie.go-v ( UNKNOWNI READ UNKNOWN TO :Tlatciler.Jeflfifer@epamail Thatcher-Jennifer~epamai1.epa-gov E UNKNOWN Ii PEAD UNKNOWN TO:jhrubovcak@oce.usda&.gov C ( UNKNOWN READ±UNKNOWN C [ UNKNOWN READ :UNKNOWN TO:Ho' ( Hogan.Kathleeneepamail.epa~9ov UNKNOWN I READ :UNKNOWN C [ UNKNOWN READ :UNKNOWN £ UNKNOWN READ :UNKNOWN. TOzlisa.hanle( Clisa.hanle~hq.dce.yov ( UNKNOWN I READ!UNXNOWN TO:margot.andersarn~hq.doe.gav (margot.anderson~hq.doe.9Cv ( UNKNOWNI READ :UNKNOWN TO:Mary~etth.Zimmermafl® Maryseth.Zimmermfafl~ee.doe.Yov UNKNOWN I I READ :UNKNOWN C UNKNOWN I READ:UNKNOWN TO:Gilleflwater.Michael@epamail UNKNOWN I) READ UNKNOWN C UNKNOWNI READ :UNKNOWN
  4. 4. ( rmnlaccraC@uSgctP.90v ( UNKNOWN READ UNKNOWN I UNKNOWN (patel-weynafldtoostate.9Cv READ: UNKNOWN Pee(Kr foqdo~o ( UNKNOWN READ UNKNOWN I UNKNOWN CPhillip.Tserig~ee.dOeY90v READ: UNKNOWN TO:Phil Cooney ON=Phil Cocney/0t1=CEO/O=EOPeEOP E CEQI READ-~UNKNOWN UNKNOWNI TQ:raymfofld.prilCeohq~doe.9ov C raymond.printe~l1Q.doe.90v READ :UNKNOWN TOrcadolmahrna~o ( richard.ohlemachetrflcaa~ov ( UNKNOWN, I ) READ UNKNOWN ( rworrest§ t UNKNOWNI READ : UNKNOWN TOSieSao~pmi~p~o C saile* tjNKNOWN I READ:±UNKNOWN TOLinrSi~pmi~p~o C Laitfler.,5kip~epamail.epa~gov UNKNOWN I I READ UNKNOWN E UNKNOWNI READ UNKNOWN ( todd.ramsden§ UNKNOWNI Totd~ase~s~o~o READ;UNKNOWN [ CEAI TO:Williamf A. Pizer CCN=Wiiliam A. Pizer/OU=CEA/C-EOP~EOP READ UMKOWN gornjm~t.staktlgov UNKNOWNI READ UNKNOWN [ UNKNOWN I READ:UNKNOWN C reifsnyderda(~BtateCgov f UNKNOWNI READ ,UNKNOWN TOwtoh~tt~o ( IUNKNOWNI READ:UNKNOWN TO:Grambsch.Annfe~epamfail. epa.qov C GrmahAn~pmi~p~o UNKffOWN I READ UNKNOWN
  5. 5. C £ OPD I READ: UNKNOWN Harvey.Reid@epamfail.epa.9OV I UNKNOWN READ :UNKNOWN ( (,UNKNOWN I READ: UNKROWN TEXT: Hello All, Attached for your reading pleasure is the close-to-final US National Communication to the Framework Convention on Climate Change entitled the US Climate Action Report. For those of you lucky enough not to have been drawn into this process to date, the U.S. Climate Action Report is the unites States, third formal communication to the Framework Convention on Climate Change. Under the Climate convention, Parties are required to submit periodic reports, or national communications, detailing their efforts to implement their commitments under the Convention. This report provides an update on key activities conducted by the U.S. since our last national communication. After several months of interagency development, we are now at the stage of final interagency review. Please send any remaining edits, comments or outstanding issues to me by COB Friday, January lath. if I do not receive comments by this time, I will assume that your agency has cleared the document. This date is required to enable the OMB review for the Executive office of the President to occur on Schedule. Following receipt of comments Reid Harvey and I will work with chapter leads and commentors. to resolve any outstanding issues. The document will then be circulated to the Executive office for their review. Once you unzip the attached file, you will find folders for each chapter '1 of the national communication containing the text for that chapter and any related graphics or appendices. Additionally, where substantive changes have been made since the previous draft, the author has included a note explaining these changes and the source/rationale for the change. A chapter list is included below. If possible, please identify your comments on each chapter by page number and paragraph, rather than inserting them directly into the texts. Thank you for your time and attention to this, and please feel free to contact me if you have any questions. Glare Breidenich
  6. 6. ph: 564- 4029 fax: 565- 6672/3 (See attached file: National Cotrmmuication- Interagency dr4ft~zip) Chapters 1. Intro and overview 2. National circumstances 3. GEG inventory 4. Policies and Measures S. GHG Projections 6. Vulnerability 7. Financial resources and Technology Cooperation .8. Research and observation 9. Education, training, and awaren~ess -National Communication - Interagency draft. zip=-===== --- ATTACHMENT 1. ATT CREATION TIME/DAThh 0 00:0O:Q0.00 TEXT: 3004 Unable to convert NSREOP01O2:[ATTACH.D22]SREOP01 SFYJOOI1 to ASCII, The following is A HEX DUMP: 0 36 S04 BO3 0 4 1 4 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 8 0 0 7D5D272CE9F23999B4F00000003Bc03003F0000004E61742 4 627 36 57 6 86 1 7 07 4 6 5 7 2 7 3 2 F4 3 6 861 70 7465722038202D2052657365617263682026204F 276 6174 7 4 E9EFSE2 03 12 D3 13 1 2 D 3 O322E646F63EC7D0960lC65D9F0EC9A26E9l11A68CB D0CA5 00 2933449 443 9444 EF7 2 B4 69 7 Afl3 36Al6929374C7627C900CDCEB2B39B3478501451141101016F' CF 0541491 1 3 AA88A8AOAB88$822B707872005IIE4ECFF CflF B3 B3390AFAE9F777DB37C9CEF19ECFF BDCCFF3 DEFBF 3 D0 lFF9CC8DFB3E6A453EC75A63AC37768CB3AA8CGB955OC627C497C9 9 6 3 SIIFEC EAFEFEC

Climate Action Report FOIA Email 1.14.02 (b)


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