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CAR Emails 6.28.02


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Climate Action Report
Email 6.28.02

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CAR Emails 6.28.02

  1. 1. JUN.28.2002 3:13PM G3P Cosjj NO.348 P.1/4 U.S. SENATE COMMITTE ON Commerce, Science, and Transportation ERNEST F. HOLLINGS, Chaiman www~senateagov/-canM~erce FAX' TO.- Hcno a7/ .emj lonc7 OFFICE: e, fftobi-7e~~ a 2 r~C FAXNO: go;Pv avS - 6'- 41 DATh: 672? TIME: ____ PAGE 10T O5 FROM; tt!f d~c~ (202) 224 - 2 SUBJECT: f /6
  2. 2. JLIN.28.2002 3:14PM IAO.348 P.2/4 ERNDSTFh HOI4NOO. SOUTH CAA0L#JA, CHAIRMAN QANIgL C.IION , ttVV J NMCOAIN, APiLWNA JOMN ROKP~f OO INITAq TM wvi~q,AuAQCA US J,-N FI,CERY.M$AhUPT CONRAD SURNUPMOtNTANA JOHN 0, AE.WUINA TRENT LOTU,MISSISSIPP ONOqGk NOIM DCO KAY 0$JLY HUtt$)CpN, TEXAS VWPN. VMQOtN M0N MAX GORCFIA CLELANR, JOHN NORTH 9OWAflO5, CAROLINA CLYMPIA), Amm SNOWEMAIN HMWO9ACK. M(NWS PITrR A. F[TZtAEAI.O JILN0IS lntd*ae o t JEANCARNAHAN*IISSOumh JOK¶NE143I NEVADA COMMITTE ON COMMERCr;, SCIENCE, EkEOO, BILL. RORICA GOCRGIAPP N4VIOINiA AND TRANSPORTATION KEVIN KAYES. 0. OMMOCRATI1DSTAPP OIR-TOR JEANNE RUMPUS, WMUBICAOA PN5AkCOUNSEL rTAFFDIRIECTORAGAFNO WASHINGTON, DC 2051 04125 June 28, 2002 The Honorable James L. Coxinaughton Chainnan Council on Environmental Quality '722 Jackson Place, NW Washington, D.C. 20503 Dear Mrt. Connaughtan: On Thursday, July 11, 2002 at 9:30 aim. in SR-253, the Senate Committee on Commerce, Science and Transportation will hold a,hearing on the U.S. Climate Action Report, which was communicated by the Administration to the United Nations pursuant to the Articles 4 and 12 of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change. Senator Kerry, Chairman of the Oceans, Atmosphere and Fisheries Subcommittee will preside. We invite you to testify. At this hearing, the Committee will hear testimony on the Administration's activities, policies and measures related to global climate change, including activities under the 15.S. Global Change Research Program, the role of the White House agencies in developing or coordinating a national climate change policy, findings on the potential impacts of' climate change or climate variability, and the administration's proposed response to such findings. Your testimony may also include many other related issues you wish to bring to the attention of the Committee. While your falil statement will be made purt of the record, we ask that, in your oral testimony, you limit your remarks to five minutes, highlighting or summarizing the most linpoitant points. Enclosed you will find a copy of the Rules of Procedure for witnesses testifying before the Commerce Committee. Please read and follow these Rules carefhlly.
  3. 3. JUN.28.2002 3:14PM NO.348 P.3/4 If you have any questions, please contact Margaret Spring, of the Majority staff at 202- 224-4912 or Floyd Dep~hamps, of the Minority staff at 202-224-8172. We appreciate your efforts to provide this information to the Committee and the Senate. e~.Ho ins Ch an r EFHIpbf Bnclosure; Rules of Procedure
  4. 4. JUN. 1I2~ :4pfM NO. 348 P.4/4 U.S. SENATE COMMITTEE ON COMMERCE. SCIENCE. AND TRANSPORTATION RULES OF PROCEDURE FOR WITNESSES The Committee requires witnesses to abide by the following rules. Please keep in mind these ruies are designed to (I) ensure your testimony is inserted in the formal printed hearing record, (2) enable the Committee to be of service to the public by posting your testimony to the Conmmittee's web site (www.senate.govf'-cammercc). and (3) cut costs associated with printing. Exceptions to any of the these rules may be made by Chainnan Hollings or the presiding Committee Member. OralUTstlmun Bach witness will have 5 minutes to present his ot her oral remarks. * Eectronic Submission of Testimony Your prepared statement and all supplemental material, for inclusion in the formal hearing record must be txansmitte4 to the Committee in electronic format 3 business days prior to the hearing to two e-mail accounts: (1); and (2) peter~fippinger( * lardConnv Submission of Testim.n In addition to providing your statement in electronic format, please provide 60 copies of your written testimony to the Hearing Clerk in SR-254 of the Russell Senate Office Building kynoonon fthedybeforethe herinw. Your assistance and testimony are greatly appreciated