UX Process v0.1 - A work in progress


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A presentation I gave back in mid-2012 on the UX process currently being employed at the time. A process that needed a significant overhaul. Everything is a work in progress.

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UX Process v0.1 - A work in progress

  1. 1. UX Process v0.1 Simon Whatley
  2. 2. • • • Current process and some problems Future considerations The tools I use
  3. 3. Current process It’s not a silver bullet by any means
  4. 4. De!ne project • Identify product managers and stakeholders • • • De!ne the value proposition Collate top messages Establish goals
  5. 5. Research and analysis • • • Competitor analysis Gather domain knowledge Garner user insights
  6. 6. Ideation • • • • De!ne target audiences and personas Brainstorm scenarios and touch-points Identify important content Establish a basic IA
  7. 7. Content creation • • “Sizzle” and “Steak” pages are de!ned • • Content is edited by the copywriter Content is written by stakeholders in conjunction with the copywriter UX takes a back seat, but shouldn’t
  8. 8. Build wireframes • • • • De!ne patterns used on Ubuntu.com • Explore multiple options for each page of content • Get feedback verbally or via Onotate Design a ‘typical’ sizzle page Design a ‘typical’ steak page Build a base wireframe with Ubuntu.com furniture
  9. 9. Hand-over to design • • • Final (sic) content Final (sic) wireframes Visual asset recommendations
  10. 10. Problems! ...are also a guide to solutions
  11. 11. • Little or no generative research beyond talking to internal stakeholders • Little or no evaluative research with external users or customers • Time and resources
  12. 12. Future considerations Web technologies move fast, so should we
  13. 13. • Work with other web-based teams to de!ne and inform design process • • • • Launchpad Landscape MAAS Ubuntu One
  14. 14. • • A UI pattern library for Ubuntu.com • Mobile and tablet user testing using test rigs • Analytics (goals, funnels, events, heatmaps) • • Multivariate and A/B testing Responsive web design and responsive wireframes Accessibility auditing
  15. 15. The tools I use They may be useful to you
  16. 16. • OmniGra"e for wireframes, Pixelmator and GIMP for simple graphics • OmniOutliner and/or Google Spreadsheets for information architecture • • • Google Docs for collaborative working Silverback for formal usability testing Cisco Flip, Canon 60D and ScreenFlow for video capture and editing
  17. 17. • Sansom CO3U USB condenser microphone, Zoom H4n mobile recorder and Audacity for sound recording and editing • • • • Skype for remote interviews/testing • Pen and paper OptimalSort for card sorting SurveyMonkey for questionnaires Good old HTML, CSS and JavaScript (jQuery) for clickable prototypes
  18. 18. Thank you
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