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Rapid Prototyping with Axure RP Part 3 – Using Axure for Usability Testing


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Rapid Prototyping with Axure RP Part 3 – Using Axure for Usability Testing as presented at Northern User Experience

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Rapid Prototyping with Axure RP Part 3 – Using Axure for Usability Testing

  1. 1. RapidPrototypingwith Axure RPPart 3 – Using Axure for Usability Testing
  2. 2. Hello, my name is Barry•  UX Architect at Code Computerlove•  Finished uni in 1998•  First job was as a Web developer•  Worked for couple of agencies in Leeds before moving to William Hill in 2001•  Moved from web development into UX in 2005•  Been at Code since May 2008•  Been using Axure since v4
  3. 3. Some stuff about Code•  Largest independent digital agency in Manchester•  Been around for just over 12 years•  Staff of around 50 people•  Wide range of clients from all sectors •  I’ll show you some logos in a sec… •  (Everyone loves logos)•  Louis is my boss (say hi, Louis)•  You’re currently sat in our group workshop area •  (Apologies for the heat!)
  4. 4. Low-fidelity Prototypes
  5. 5. Hi-fidelity prototype
  6. 6. Pitfalls in testing with Prototypes•  Unfamiliar to users•  Can appear technical & don’t resemble a “real” website•  You need to remove barriers to your users’ understanding•  Focus on testing the new site, not their comprehension of your prototype•  But you don’t want to build a fully functional website…
  7. 7. Testing your creative output
  8. 8. Why do it?•  Creative treatment can impact usability •  Appropriate visual cues •  Strong signposting •  Cognitive load •  Information scent for navigation •  Interactivity and visual feedback•  Branding & colours and can illicit unpredictable emotional responses •  “Do you like the colours?” equally as valid as “can you find the checkout button?” •  Perception of usability as important as “actual” usability•  All contributes to a positive experience on your site
  9. 9. What to test…•  Look and feel•  Navigation•  Simple interactions•  User Journeys / Scenarios•  I’ll show you how to recreate a fairly complex user journey using a fully designed mock-up
  10. 10. Using a design we borrowed…
  11. 11. Testing Scenario•  Book a single ticket for yourself, travelling from Manchester Piccadilly to Leeds, after 8.30pm this evening
  12. 12. [Axure Demonstration]
  13. 13. Recap on the steps to produce…•  Import the design •  PNG works best•  Add hotspots for core navigation•  Masque out areas you want to test interactivity •  Use blank panels, colour-matched with no border•  Drop in real form elements•  Add interactions and dynamic layers
  14. 14. Thank you Any questions?
  15. 15. Next NUXManchesterMonday 4 th JulySame time, same place