2012 Usability Conference


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User Experience Specialist Andrew Wirtanen with Raleigh, NC based Atlantic Business Technologies, presents at UPA Conference June 2012.

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2012 Usability Conference

  1. 1. UPA 2012 OverviewAndrew WirtanenUser Experience Specialist, Atlantic BTHenderson, NevadaJune 6-8
  2. 2. Strip = A M Resort = B
  3. 3. Goodbye, "UPA"Do you have "usability" in your job title?
  4. 4. Dan Saffer
  5. 5. The Reverend• UX Evangelism• @xvangelist• aka Ronnie Battista but shh...
  6. 6. Keynote [Ron Riggio]• "The best leaders are also the best followers"• Transformative leadership o Challenge o Connect & communicate o Be a role model o Inspire• Not all effective leaders are great leaders
  7. 7. 5 Second Test [Jeff Sauro]• 5 second tests do not predict site usability• But, they may be useful for other things (e.g. first impressions)
  8. 8. Desire Paths of Design [Rosenberg]• Strategies when working with desire paths: o Make unofficial path official o Pave by desire (dont pave!) o Prevention (e.g. fence) o Improve the designed path (e.g. lights)
  9. 9. Quick Check Testing [Walser,Rubin]• Move beyond the usability lab o Print out screenshots o Use Google Forms, Flickr, Feedback Army, etc.• Explain purpose to participants and ask good questions• More: Howto.gov/firstfridays
  10. 10. On Being Agile [Panel]• "There is no right process"• Iteration 0/Discovery/Sprint 0/Spike is necessary• "Design studio exercise" = everyone sketch!• Teach developers about personas and the basics of design (e.g. CRAP)
  11. 11. Web Analytics [Mike Beasley]• What can you • Ask your client: measure? o Why does your site o Funnels exist? o Short Action o Where does the website fit into the o Engagement overall experience? o What things do users• Conversion rate want to do? only shows o Do users want to do them? attempt... not long- term dedication
  12. 12. Promoting UX [Cory Lebson]• You have to get • Problems get fixed buy in; you cant if stakeholders are just say "I do UX" involved in the process• How to spread UX o Involve your client in usability testing, o Start small expert reviews, etc. o Lunch & learns o Dont try to say everything
  13. 13. We Do Focus Groups Too [Panel]• Use focus groups early on to help generate ideas with representative users• One focus group (4-8 ppl) per persona• You cant reach consensus• Use them correctly!
  14. 14. A Common Problem• Usability testing != focus groups• Xtranormal video from Steve Krug...
  15. 15. Toward a UX Certification [Molich]• UX professionals could not agree on the answers for some of the proposed questions• Could be very useful when hiring new employees• Whether the field needs a certification is another debate...
  16. 16. Lets Take a Test!Which two of the following heuristics are related primarily to accessibility:1. Follow platform conventions2. Make all functionality available from a keyboard3. Keep users informed about what is going on through appropriate feedback4. Provide text alternatives for any non-text content5. Provide useful and usable help and documentation6. Speak the users language
  17. 17. My Talks: UX on the Cheap• User Research on • UX Design on the the Cheap Cheap o Client worksheet o Co-Design o Client kickoff Workshop o Analytics o Wireframing & o Unmoderated tools Prototyping Tools o Dealing with Agile o Build Personas o Dealing with Responsive
  18. 18. Two conferences in 2013: DC & Shanghai
  19. 19. The Local Chapter • ABT = Nano Sponsor • ABT Members o Andrew W. o Colin B. o Daryl H. o Eileen A. o Mark R. o Nancy J.
  20. 20. Thanks!Some good sites:• uxmag.com• uxmatters.com• uie.com/brainsparks• alistapart.comA couple good books:• Dont Make Me Think by Steve Krug• The Design of Everyday Things by Don Norman