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    Trc pp presentation v5sound Trc pp presentation v5sound Presentation Transcript

    • BUT YOU COULD STILL “EXCHANGE” RIGHT? SURE!! Just bank your week and start to PRAY!!
    • AND ON EBAY, IF YOU WERE LUCKYYOU GOT A WHOPPING: $5000 $2500 $1000 $500 $100 $.01 (yes, that is a penny)
    • LISTING AGREEMENTSO YOU WHAT WE DO TO GET YOUR TIME SHARE SOLD!DECIDED TO 1. Your listing will be posted on all of our web sites atLET THE,“PROS” andHANDLE IT You will have three pictures and a complete description of the resort. The listing will appear with pricing and any “bonus” extras you choose to throw in. 2. We have some of the most popular internet web sites for time shares. We make sure our web site is seen by anyone looking for a time share on the web. We also multiple list with other brokers who meet our standards of ethics. 3. Most sales come with our exclusive one-year Satisfaction Guarantee. This guarantee gives the buyer the extra “comfort zone” they need to do business. (98% of resale buyers do not see the resort they are buying until sometime much later) This guarantee is of no cost to you and does not obligate you in any fashion. It helps get your time share sold. From time to time we also have special promotions we offer buyers as an incentive to do business with us. This again is of no obligation or cost to you.
    • AND JUSTWHEN YOUTHOUGHTYOU WERE • You decide to take the loss and justSTUCK “give it away” to yourFOREVER…. family, friends, neighbors, a charity, perhaps, who would line up at the door. And they all said the same thing:
    • AND THENFINALLY……. • You find a company that GUARANTEES they will take your timeshare OUT OF YOUR NAME and OFF YOUR HANDS, FOREVER!! • Now, of course this sounds great. Even if you had to give it to them, it would be better than what you are currently dealing with. So you decide to make the call and finally relieve yourself of this albatross.
    • AND THEY $500.00 MaintenanceSHOW YOU FeeTHE “OFFER” $3495 CHARGE!! • If your maintenance fee is 0-250.00, they only charge $2995.00 • 251.00-500.00 is just 3495.00 • 501.00-750.00 is only 3995.00 • 751.00-1000.00, a charge of 4495.00!! • 1001.00 -1750.00, a low $4995.00 • And if you have a SECOND unit, it’s just an additional 1995.00!!! Isn’t that a great deal? Maintenance fee $1000 or more? $4995 CHARGE!!!
    • AND YOU MAYHAVE EVEN There are many reasons why owners want out.CONSIDEREDIT • Not using their timeshare as much as they intended to • Hit by unexpected Special Assessments and Skyrocketing Maintenance Fees • Financially burdened by their Timeshare Maintenance Fees, Special Assessments and Taxes Skyrocketing • Frustrated by their failure to sell the Timeshare through aMaintenance Fees listing company • Concerned about their children inheriting their Timeshare and the increasing fees (yes, your kids can inherit your Timeshare when you pass away based on tenancy, whether they want it or not) Same Place • Bothered they can’t vacation where they want, when they EVERY YEAR want • Tired of going to the same place every year • Aggravated with Exchange Companies • Realizing that there are more ways to go on vacation for much less Cant Vacation • Widowed or divorced, and can no longer travel with theirWhere You Want loved ones • Inheritors of a Timeshare they don’t want or use
    • BUT IT JUSTSEEMED LIKETOO MUCH • $3,000, $4,000, $5000, $6000 to getMONEY rid of a unit you paid $10,000, $20,000, $30,000 or more for. It just doesn’t seem right. But paying a big maintenance fee for a unit that you aren’t using, don’t want and can’t get rid of, isn’t helping the situation either. And although it isn’t true, you were likely told that your timeshare was an “investment”. You were told your timeshare was an INVESTMENT????
    • WECAN’THELPYOU • ……………….with your Yugo • ……………….with your Enron stock But We CAN and WILL help you get out of your unwanted TIMESHARE TODAY !
    • SO LET’S DO Annual Maintenance Fees $ 650.00 ( per week that you own )SOME MATH $650 Membership Dues (RCI/II) $ 150.00 per year Exchange Fees $ 175.00 per year Yearly Maintenance x 10 Years (+ 8% Increase Per Year) $ 14,033.01 $150 Membership Dues + Exchange Fees x 10 Years $ 3,250.00 $175 10 Year Payment, Maintenance, and Membership Fees $ $17,283.01 Not including any “ Special Assessments “ the X 10 H.O.A. may deem necessary. YEARS YOU PAY JUST $17,283.01
    • JUST THE FromFACTS, PLEAS USAE! • TODAY Many fed-up time share owners are stuck trying to sell By Roger Yu, USA TODAY • • For Stacey Udell, a Craigslist ad enticing her to own a piece of property in the Bahamas for $3,000 was too good to pass up. The accountant from Cherry Hill, N.J., jumped on it, and became one of 6 million Americans who own a time 2010 Fee Totals $1650! share, shared vacation property that owners get to stay in for a week or so each year for life. Four years later, the thrill of ownership is gone. Her family has yet to use the one week at Atlantis Harborside Resort she bought, and the contract has becomeFROM PREVIOUS YR time when a lousy economy is squeezing her home finances. UP 20% a nagging financial burden at a • “Fed Up Timeshare Owners” Udell is back on Craigslist, this time as a seller wanting to be free from the mandatory annual fees that sustain her ownership. Her bill for 2010 totals $1,650, up 20% from last year plus a $250 charge to make up for "the deadbeats who have abandoned their time shares," according to Udell. "I cant deal with the hassle anymore." • Udell is joining a rising chorus of time-share owners who are fed up with mortgages and burdensome payments that they think render little or no return. With ironclad contract terms, high annual fees and aggressive salespeople, time shares have always been controversial. But this economic downturn hasPLUS a $250 been particularly nasty for the industry. Its killed the easy CONSUMER lifeblood of developers and forced would-be customers to think twice about signing credit that was the a life-long financial commitment for something theyd use only a few SURCHARGE TO days a year. • COMPLAINTS has come to a standstill. Mortgage defaults are rising. Thousands of salespeople Sales are down. Resort development OFFSET and maintenance staffers haveIN laid off. Customers are flooding the resale market, where some are trying to DOUBLEDas been unload contracts for as little $1. DEFAULTS OF • 2009 Meanwhile, scams that target desperate owners are skyrocketing, triggering enforcement actions from state OTHERS attorneys general throughout the country. The number of consumer complaints about time shares received by the state of Florida, which is home to a quarter of the industry, doubled in 2009 to more than 2,500, according to the states Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. • "We were always the engine that could for the (tourism) industry, but now were the red-headed stepchild," says Howard Nusbaum, CEO of American Resort Development Association, or ARDA, an industry trade group. "Were going through a tough period." • There were 1,630 time-share resorts in the USA as of 2008, with 40% of them concentrated in Florida, California and South Carolina, according to ARDA. About 7 million time-share contracts are currently held by owners in the USA. The average price in 2008 was $20,150. • Sales drop, defaults rise • “Maintenance fees have grown an Since they were created in the 1960s, time shares didnt have a down year until 2008, when sales dipped 8% to $9.7 billion, according to ARDA. They plunged 40% 12% a 2009 tosince 2005” will likely remain flat in average of more in year about $6 billion and 2010, Nusbaum estimates. • Time-share mortgage defaults rose each quarter in 2009 compared with 2008, ARDA says. In the third quarter of last year, 2.9% of time-share mortgages went into default vs. 2.2% in 2008. About 8% of time-share mortgages were in default as of 2008. Maintenance fees have grown an average of 12% a year since 2005.
    • USA TODAY ARTICLE CONT.• Large hospitality companies, already hurting from empty hotel rooms, are retreating. Wyndham Worldwide, the largest time-share operator in the USA, saw sales fall 51% in the first nine months of 2009 to $756 million. It has closed some sales offices and cut 4,000 jobs since late 2008.• Marriott Internationals time-share sales fell 38% in the first nine months of 2009 to $445 million. It also wrote down $752 million of its time- Wyndham Marriott share resorts value, and it said it would discontinue construction of new properties and would convert some to other types of properties.• Sales Sales Nancy Lehenky, a Marriott customer, wishes she could walk away from the $60,000 mortgage she took on last year for a two-week interval at a resort in Palm Desert, Calif.• Down Down Lehenky and husband David, who run Flathead Distillers, a vodka distillery in Montana, pay $1,100 a month for the mortgage and $2,000 a year in taxes and fees. While they were able to afford the payment when they bought it, her husband has since been laid off and their decision to 51% 38% open the distillery has forced them to tighten spending. Lehenky particularly regrets having paid full retail price rather than shopping for a resale. "Had I known what was coming in the future, Id have held off," she says.• Lehenky asked Marriott to take the contract back last year. The company refused.• ARDAs Nusbaum says industry woes can be traced largely to developers no longer being able to package mortgage debt as asset-backed securities sold to Wall Street.• Developers have historically lent directly to customers. Cash back from investors on the sale of bundled mortgages was used to build more resorts. The mortgage-backed security market all but vanished in the 2008 financial crisis, and the industry has had to halt most new construction and cut back on free cruises, air tickets and hotel rooms given as incentives for customers listening to a sales pitch.• Westgate Resorts, one of the largest operators in the industry, had a record year in 2009 with about 2,200 new rooms/suites, says Mark Waltrip, COO of Westgate. This year, itll open none. The company halted construction on "10 to 12" properties that have already had groundbreaking, he says.• Remorseful buyers• “we were suckered, and we fell in love with it” The industry contends that customer satisfaction remains high and that demand hasnt waned. ARDA says 50% of buyers already own another time share. And the percentage of people who buy a unit after sitting through a sales pitch remains unchanged at about 10% to 15%, Waltrip says.• Unlike other hospitality or real estate industries, time-share operators dictate much of consumer demand by providing incentives for people to come directly to resorts or to sales-pitch sessions, ARDAs Nusbaum says. "No one wakes up in the morning and says theyre going to buy a time share. They come in and get compelled by the product. Its an emotional buy," he says.• Summers Doonan, an American Airlines flight attendant in Orlando, knows all too well about the allure of a sales pitch conducted next to a resort pool glistening in the Florida sun. She and her former husband, Brian, were invited in 2007 to a free weekend at Ron Jon Cape Caribe Resort in Cape Canaveral and sat through a sales pitch. They walked out with a one-week contract that cost them $18,000. "We were suckered in, and we fell in love with it," she says.
    • THE “HARSHREALITY” “more peopleSUMMARY are trying to get out “owners looking • Trying to exchange it for other weeks or for time at other resorts, which was her original intent, proved to be a lot more competitive, difficult and expensive than she was led to believe, she says. On top of $1,150 in taxes and fees every year, sheto sell is 25% pays $90 a year to belong to an exchange club and faces another $200 fee each time she wants to trade. She and her husband have agreed to split paying for the fees until its sold. higher than last • year "Both of us are tight. I have three kids Im trying to raise as a flight attendant," she says. "It was a rash decision. Youre surrounded by beauty and the excitement of it all. (Salespeople) are definitely charismatic." • Having divorced last year and now on unpaid leave from her employer, Doonan wants to sell it. She never got to use her week, because it fell in October when her kids are in school. • Brian Rogers, who runs the Timeshare Users Group, or TUG, an online forum for owners, says the growing number of disgruntled, but “no resale company more informed, customers combined with the financial crisis that has forced developers to cut spending will result in changes in how the industry is run. • can guarantee an The number of ads by owners looking to sell on Rogers website is 25% higher than a year ago. About half of the people on his website want to sell their time share, he says. "More people are trying to get out. Some find it difficult even when listing their time share for a owner a sale single dollar." “upfront fees as • high as $5000.00 That is not comforting news to Udell. Shes listed her week in the Bahamas for $4,300 on Craigslist, TUG and other sites, but hasnt gotten any offers. Her husband, Craig, is changing his career to be a teacher and earns a fraction of what he made before, and her family cant afford annual vacations without going further into debt. "Going on a vacation like that would be living beyond our means," she says. • Scams in resale market • Sensing desperation, fly-by-night hucksters are cold-calling and mailing owners with promises of a quick sale for an upfront fee as high as $5,000. • The defendants required "hundreds of consumers" to pay $1,500 each and said Udell says shes been bombarded by such solicitations. "They make it very tempting," she says. "One company guaranteed (it) can sell for $20,000. I hung up on him." • they "would market and/or advertise their time share in an attempt to resell Doonan, the flight attendant, paid $600 upfront with a reseller, which has listed her unit for $18,000 on its website and printed fliers that it, when in actuality the time share was merely placed on a website, to which shes never seen. • TUGs Rogers says he knows of NO resale company that can guarantee an owner a sale. Customers, he says, should never pay resellers no Web traffic was directed." The defendants also "made blatant any upfront fee. "Theyre so masterful at their pitch," he says of resellers. "Its a scam on top of a scam on top of a scam." •misrepresentations … (that) they could definitely sell their time share within a Florida is a hotbed of time-share scams. The states attorney general, Bill McCollum, sued two related companies in November, that have allegedly collected more than $4 million monthly in fees from owners who were solicited via Internet advertising and telemarketing calls • certain time period." Calls to the companies werent returned . The defendants required "hundreds of consumers" to pay $1,500 each and said they "would market and/or advertise their time share in an attempt to resell it, when in actuality the time share was merely placed on a website, to which no Web traffic was directed." The defendants also "made blatant misrepresentations … (that) they could definitely sell their time share within a certain time period." Calls to the companies werent returned.
    • WHAT WE DO • Why is Timeshare Relief NOT a “we are Consultants taking over the timeshare acquisition market? Because, Timeshare Relief Consultants offers distressed timeshare owners a fast, safe listing company and easy way to exit their contractual obligations without the high-pressurereal pitch. “we are NOT sales Our network of affiliates will dispose of your timeshare once and for all. We are not a estate agents” listing company and not real estate agents. We take over your timeshare fast along with all the burdens of ownership so you don’t have to worry about it any longer. • Timeshare Relief Consultants is dedicated of helping you get rid of that timeshare for “get rid to that good! With the prospect of rising timeshare maintenance fees, costs, fuel, transportation timeshare for good” costs and a depressed economy, what will you do with your timeshare? Once you accept our help offer, you can be completely timeshare free and relieved of the financial burden. • Timeshare Relief Consultants offers: • » A safe, fast and easy way to exit your timeshare contract obligation immediately “a safe, fast and easy way to exit your » Completely honest exit strategy for timeshare ownership timeshare obligation immediately” » No high-pressure representatives » We have a large clearinghouse and a team of experts who will dispose of your “closing costs are timeshare , backed with our Exclusive 100% “On Time” guarantee! • Why get taken by a ON US” listing company when you can get rid of that timeshare broker or FAST! At Timeshare Relief Consultants , we are not brokers or real estate agents. If you have tried selling your timeshare yourself and found that you just can’t get rid of it, we have the solution for you. Timeshare Relief Consultants acquires your timeshare and takes responsibility for the fees, unexpected special assessments, property taxes along with the risk of owning and disposing of the timeshare. Oh, and by the way, those closing costs are also on us, so why not Contact Us right now? • Toll Free: 855-523-4567
    • YOU HAVE A • There are others in our industry whomCHOICE. offer a service similar to ours, with just a couple of minor differences. First, being the cost, and secondly being the Guarantee. Our company is dedicated to HELPING you, NOT adding insult to injury. So, we took the liberty of sharing with you the options made available to you by our competitors, so that you might make an informed decision about your timeshare ownership TODAY! Make an INFORMED decision
    • $1000 Maintenance Fee $4995.00!!THE “OTHERGUYS”PROGRAM $750 Maintenance Fee $3995.00!! $500 Maintenance Fee $3495.00!! $250 Maintenance Fee $2995.00!!
    • OUREXCLUSIVE100% “ON TIME” DEED TRANSFER GUARANTEE!“ ON TIME ”SERVICEGUARANTEE! We are so confident in our ability to quickly and seamlessly transfer your property, that we GUARANTEE results in WRITING. Although the actual trade process and transference of deed MAY take up to 180 days, TRE, Inc. GUARANTEES that the owner will no longer be responsible for any maintenance fees, special assessments or other associated charges, once ALL the necessary signed transference documents have been RECEIVED by TRE, Inc. This is our pledge to you, our valued client. From the Staff of, Timeshare Relief Consultants, Inc.