ASP Status and perspectives 2012
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ASP Status and perspectives 2012



ASP Status and perspectives 2012

ASP Status and perspectives 2012



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ASP Status and perspectives 2012 ASP Status and perspectives 2012 Presentation Transcript

  • Graduation Ceremony ASP 6th cycle June 15th, 2012
  • WHAT HAPPENED LAST YEAR? BUSINESS AS USUAL - Board - AdmissionsDottorGiovanni Di Gennaro - Courses - Projects - Flyer - Book N. 6
  • THE ASP BOARD Stefano Ceri Marco Cantamessa Information Technology Management Engineering PoliMi (DIRECTOR) PoliTo (VICE-DIRECTOR) Guya Bertelli Marco TrisciuoglioDottor Urban Planning Urban PlanningGiovanni Di Gennaro PoliMi (COURSES) PoliTo (COURSES) Franco Bernelli Zazzera Romano Borchiellini Flight Dynamics Thermal Systems Enginering PoliMi (CAREERS) PoliTo (CAREERS) Paola Bertola Elena Baralis Fashion Design Information Technology PoliMi (PROJECTS) PoliTo (PROJECTS)
  • FOREIGN STUDENTSDottorGiovanni Di Gennaro
  • Where do foreign ASP students come from? All cycles (205) 8 20DottorGiovanni Di Gennaro EU 59 OTHER EU 53 AFRICA MIDDLE EAST ASIA AMERICA C/S 9 USA 43 13
  • FOREIGN STUDENTSDottorGiovanni Di Gennaro
  • FOREIGN STUDENTS Country # students Country # students Country # studentsArgentina 7 Georgia 1 Netherlands 1Armenia 2 Ghana 1 Pakistan 3Bangladesh 1 Greece 1 Peru 2Belarus 3 India 7 Poland 1Bosnia andDottor Iran 4Giovanni Di Gennaro Romania 2Herzegovina 2 Ireland 1 Russia 13Brazil 31 Israel 1 Serbia 8Bulgaria 5 Japan 1 Spain 7 Lebanon 5Cameroon 1 Togo 1 Macedonia 2Chile 2 Turkey 15 Mexico 14China 33 Ukraine 2 Moldova 1Colombia 17 USA 7 Montenegro 3Egypt 2 Nepal 1 Venezuela 8Ethiopia 2 Vietnam 2France 11
  • COURSES /1 ■ Innovation & Society (Prof. Costanzo Ranci) - goal: interpreting the socio-technical context in which innovation takes place - ability: students develops a broad understanding of how values and normative cultures shape and guide innovation and technical design.Dottor ■ Design Methods (Prof. Gaetano Cascini)Giovanni Di Gennaro - goal: building a common lexicon on design methods and gives students awareness on the existing approaches to design. - ability: students learn and apply exemplary design tools and take part in a collaborative design contest. ■ Management of Innovation (Prof. Mario Calderini) - goal: developing students’ capability to perform strategic analysis on the business implications of innovation, - ability: students learn how their ideas can be turned into potential businesses, how they should be presented and protected
  • COURSES /2 ■ Complex Decision Making in the Public and the Private Sphere (Profs. Giovanni Azzone and Bruno Dente) - goal: understanding the theoretical framework and the analytical instruments to design and manage decision making processes in the context of complex projects involving government and private sector firms.Dottor ■ Global Change and Sustainability (Profs. Barbara Betti, StefanoGiovanni Di Gennaro Consonni and Marino Gatto) - about: introduces the problems of global change, outlines the policies and technical advancements that could shape sustainability paths, so that students can commit to bringing the ideas of social, economic and environmental sustainability into their professional life. ■ Dynamics of Creativity Against De-growth (Prof. Agata Spaziante) – about: discusses how creativity and innovation can help tackle the on- going economic situation and promote development, in the face of a deep economic crisis, by reasoning about how de-growth can “positively” affect areas such as urban organization, lifestyle, city life and activity financing, in order to help strategic change.
  • PROJECTS ARE THEY FUN??? Students overall evaluation of the experience from 1 (VERY BAD) to 4 (VERY GOOD)DottorGiovanni Di Gennaro 24% 2% 1 17% 2 3 4 57%
  • PROJECTS HASEW: Household Appliance System with Equipped Walls Principal Tutor Pietro Asinari - Energetics, Politecnico di Torino Team ADottorGiovanni Di Gennaro Aurora Cugno, Matteo Fasano, Fulvio Garbella Tavernin, Eugenia Gasparri, Alexandru Popescu, Lucia Righetto Team B Mattia Massone, Elisa Cucchetto, Francesco Laviola, Sebastiano Maltese, Lorenzo Piacentino, Giovanni Battista Porcellana
  • PROJECTS REMEDIA: REinvent MEDical Ambient Principal Academic Tutor Giuseppina Gini - Electronics and Information, Politecnico di Milano Team ADottorGiovanni Di Gennaro Giovanni Luongo, Ivan Cenci, Francesca Claudio, Pierluigi Dalla Rosa, Jacopo Spigaroli Team B Giacomo Saibene, Alessandro Barardi, Michael Boris Mandirola, Alessandra Lo Moro, Valerio Turri
  • PROJECTS TETI: Integrated technologies for sustainable management of underwater cultural heritage Principal Academic Tutor Emma Angelini - Materials Science and Chemical Engineering, Politecnico di TorinoDottorGiovanni Di Gennaro Team A Davide Agostoni, Roberta Finotti, Matteo Ravasi, Elena Redaelli, Syeda Fatima Rizvi Team B Cléry Bionaz, Alessandro Sala, Nosherwan Shoaib, Mattia Speziali
  • PROJECTS CitySpaces: A virtual/real platform for exploring, learning about and interacting with the layered histories of city spaces Principal Academic Tutor Piero Fraternali - Electronics and Information, Politecnico di MilanoDottor Team AGiovanni Di Gennaro Can Umut Ileri, Veronica Arianna, Francesca Corà, Lucia Marengo, Xiaofei Yan, Anita Sala Team B Alberto Quattrini Li, Clara Arango, Adriana Cavagna, Alessandra Grassi, Diana Pagliari, Martha Karina Santos Olano
  • PROJECTS Green Cloud: Advanced Energy Management in Cloud systems Principal Academic Tutor Antonio Capone - Electronics and Information Politecnico di MilanoDottor The TeamGiovanni Di Gennaro Stefano Viganò, Ahmed Allam, Riccardo Chiodaroli, Francesco Lunetta, Stefano Ziller
  • PROJECTS FCE: Fuel Cells for Energy Principal Academic Tutors Michele Calì, Massimo Santarelli - Energy, Politecnico di Torino The TeamDottor Lucia Colombo, Gianfrancesco Melina, Piergiorgio MontrucchioGiovanni Di Gennaro
  • PROJECTS Gecko vs Lotus: Super-Adhesive or Anti-adhesive Bio-inspired Nanomaterials Principal Academic Tutor Nicola Pugno - Structural and Geotechnical Engineering, Politecnico di Torino Team ADottor Francesca Letizia, Pietro Brambilla, Jacopo De Amicis, Chiara SaggeseGiovanni Di Gennaro Team B Isabella Bertoli, Anna Botto, Davide Guzzetti, Stefano Larentis, Giancarlo Soavi
  • PROJECTS Rethinking Industrial Cities: Ivrea as Unesco Site Principal Academic Tutors Alessandro De Magistris, Patrizia Bonifazio Architecture and Planning, Politecnico di MilanoDottor The TeamGiovanni Di Gennaro Alessia Mapelli, Annalisa Andaloro, Lara Di Chio, Francesca Giliberto, Andrea Migliarese, Matteo Novati
  • PROJECTS PCV: Personal Commuting Vehicles Principal Academic Tutor Stefano Carabelli - Control and Computer Engineering, Politecnico di TorinoDottorGiovanni Di Gennaro The Team Vittoriano Renò, Corinna Conway, Pasquale D’Avino, Piergiorgio Di Miscio, Claudio Fichera, Ulrico Peckelsen
  • PROJECTS REPACK: Sustainable packaging for fast moving consumers goods Principal Academic Tutor Roberto Frassine - Chemistry Materials and Chemical Engineering, Politecnico di MilanoDottor Team AGiovanni Di Gennaro Carlo Maria Campelli, Raffaele Almici, Ahmet Aysan, Marco Bonaiti, Giuliano Butti Team B Luca Macedoni, Serena Camere, Veronica Ceruleo, Alessandro Stagni
  • PROJECTS Build Smart: Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy for Intelligent and Sustainable Buildings Principal Academic Tutor Gian Vincenzo Fracastoro - Energetics, Politecnico di TorinoDottorGiovanni Di Gennaro Team A Alessandro Aimar, Carlotta Berta, Daniele Ferrigni, Yangfan Gao, Ilaria Ricci Curbastro, Beatrice Spolidoro Team B Matteo Ronchi, Simone Barra, Matteo Carminati, Chiara Gammaraccio, Andrea Lambertenghi, Luca Malvicino, Xintao Ye
  • PROJECTS Smart Environments: Indoor and Outdoor Monitoring application using Wireless Sensor Networks Principal Academic Tutors Giovanni Malnati, Control and Computer EngineeringDottor Politecnico di TorinoGiovanni Di Gennaro The Team Shangwen Qiu, Luca Gaetano Amaru, Federico Capiaghi, Michele Miccio, Viktoriya Sendyureva, Camillo Stefanucci
  • PROJECTS B-TRANS: Shanghai Urban-Rural Public Bicycle Transportation System Design Principal Academic Tutor Luisa Collina - Industrial Design, Arts, Communication and Fashion, Politecnico di MilanoDottorGiovanni Di Gennaro Team A Maria Franco, Andrea Cairati, Corina Macnovit, Aurelie Soizic Sabatier Team B Francesco Cavagnis, Laura Varvello, Marta Alice Fattorossi, Stefano Tedesco
  • PROJECTS SportFood.PD: Packaging Design of a new food platform dedicated to Sport through a multidisciplinary approach Principal Academic Tutor Valeria Bucchetti - Industrial Design, Arts, Communication and Fashion,Dottor Politecnico di MilanoGiovanni Di Gennaro Team A Jose Gabriel Islas Montero, Alessandro Bombelli, Alessandra Erra, Ambra Farris, Marta Gallo Team B Andrea Rongone, Ekaterina Kim, Ece Özdil, Paolo Rossi
  • ASP FLYER /1DottorGiovanni Di Gennaro
  • ASP FLYER /2DottorGiovanni Di Gennaro
  • BOOK 6DottorGiovanni Di Gennaro
  • BOOK 6DottorGiovanni Di Gennaro
  • BOOKS 1-6DottorGiovanni Di Gennaro
  • ASP COLLEGIO DOCENTI 2012 Collegio Docenti dell’Alta Scuola Politecnica Aula Magna – Politecnico di Milano - Piazza L. da Vinci 32, Milano 24 gennaio 2012 – ore 14.30 AgendaIl Collegio è dedicato a La didattica nei progetti ASP, esperienze e prospettive14:30 Welcome e Introduzione ai lavori – Stefano Ceri, Direttore ASPDottor14:45 Caratteristiche attese dei progetti ASP – Elena Baralis e Paola Bertola, Giunta ASPGiovanni Di Gennaro15:15 Due testimonianze di progetti eccellenti: Progetto EXP-HOST - Corinna Morandi Progetto TETI - Sabrina Grassini15:45 Brevi presentazioni dei corsi propedeutici ai progetti: Innovation & Society - Costanzo Ranci Ortigosa Design Methods - Gaetano Cascini Management of Innovation - Mario Calderini Decision Making - Giovanni Azzone, Bruno Dente16:45 Dibattito - modera Marco Cantamessa, Vice Direttore ASP17:15 Nomina degli ASP Fellows17:30 Chiusura lavori e rinfresco
  • ASP FELLOWSHIP 2012 /1 A tribute to the lecturers and professors who have most contributed to the success of ASP activities and to the development of its cultural message.DottorGiovanni Di Gennaro
  • ASP FELLOWSHIP 2012 /2DottorGiovanni Di Gennaro
  • ASP FELLOWSHIP 2012 /3DottorGiovanni Di Gennaro
  • ASP FELLOWSHIP 2012 /4DottorGiovanni Di Gennaro
  • ASP FELLOWSHIP 2012 /5DottorGiovanni Di Gennaro
  • ASP FELLOWSHIP 2012 /6DottorGiovanni Di Gennaro
  • ASP OPENING CEREMONY /1DottorGiovanni Di Gennaro
  • ASP OPENING CEREMONY /2DottorGiovanni Di Gennaro
  • INNOVATION LEADERS GLOBAL FORUM COMO, VILLA DEL GRUMELLO, SEPTEMBER 12-13, 2012 Participants as of today Name Role Institution Country Stefano Ceri Director Alta Scuola Politecnica Italy Marco Cantamessa Vicedirector Alta Scuola Politecnica ItalyDottor Banny Banerjee Director Stanford D.School USAGiovanni Di Gennaro Ricardo Martin Innovation program Pontificia Universidad Catholica, Santiago Chile Fawaaz Habbal Exec Dean/ Professor Harvard School of Engineering USA Veronique Hillen EU Fund for D-School in Paris ParisTech France Nathan Shedroff Prof, Director Design MBA UC Berkeley-CCA USA Program Randy Swearer Provost Philadelphia University USA Kees Dorst Dean of Research UT Sydney Australia Karen Wilson Senior Fellow Kauffman Foundation and OECD USA and France Christian Bason Director MindLabs Denmark Willem Jonker CTO, ICT LAbs European Institute of Technology Sweden Diego Pavia CTO, Energy European Institute of Technology Spain Jeffrey Schnapp Director Harvard School of Design USA Trevor Pinch Professor Cornell University USA Francesco Profumo Minister of Education Italian Government Italy Gitte Just CEO Danish Design Council Denmark Yoram Reich Professor / President Tel Aviv University / Israel Institute for Israel Empowering Ingenuity
  • YOUTUBE CHANNELDottorGiovanni Di Gennaro
  • YOUTUBE PLAYLISTSDottorGiovanni Di Gennaro
  • ASP IN THE PRESS: GUARDIANDottorGiovanni Di Gennaro
  • ASP IN THE PRESS: EL PAISDottorGiovanni Di Gennaro
  • ASP IN THE PRESS A&RT, Agata SpazianteDottorGiovanni Di Gennaro
  • ASP IN THE PRESS: TRIBU’DottorGiovanni Di Gennaro
  • ALUMNIDottorGiovanni Di Gennaro
  • ALUMNIDottorGiovanni Di Gennaro
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  • ALUMNI EVENTDottorGiovanni Di Gennaro
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