Omni-Channel Experience for B2C Retail


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We examine why customer experience and online retail needs to move one step forward their marketing strategy and adjust all their technological assets in to an Omni-Channel Experience.

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Omni-Channel Experience for B2C Retail

  1. 1. B2C Retail, “The Omni-Channel Experience” eCommerce Marketing Manager / Reed Elsevier / Associate Project Manager/ Iatreio Online / Stefanos Falkonakis eCom 2014
  2. 2. eCom 2014 Omni WHAT?????? Sell your products with a seamless and relevant manner focusing in customer experience and the brand.
  3. 3. eCom 2014 What is Omni-Channel? No matter what technology or communication type a customer is using and is engaged with, Omni-Channel puts the customer first to ensure a seamless and consistent brand experience
  4. 4. eCom 2014 Why Omni-Channel? A Move to Omni-Channel can create a huge asset and value for the company, in other words, It creates a more knowledgeable consumer. All channels are connected in every meaningful way: the tracking of the interaction, the data that is captured and exchanged, the outcome that the customer wants.
  5. 5. eCom 2014 Channel Engagement for and Omni-Channel Experience For Maximum returns, design a low- effort organization Track the customer effort. Customer satisfaction is secondary Provide a guided Resolution experience Solve the customer’s next, not just the current problem. Technology needs to reduce customers perceived effort Create a climate to enable and empower staff.Customer Expectation How to engage Know me Personalized interaction Show me you know me Targeted promotions and Marketing techniques Enable me Social media, mobile, retail, physical or digital shopping. Value me Profile management and Loyalty Research shows that 31% of shoppers, visit the store prior Making a purchase online. This action is known as showrooming. However, 34% will research online and then complete then purchase in store.
  6. 6. eCom 2014 Omni-Marketing Research has shown that engaged Omni-Channel shoppers spend up to 15%-30% more than “other”- channel shoppers and exhibit strong brand loyalty, often influencing others to patronize a brand. Supply chain visibility is necessary to enable Omni-channel sales.  Loyalty Program  Targeted Remarketing Campaigns  Cookies are your key player  Unique Content  Map the Customer experience  User Profile Management & History  Unified Experience across all assets  Execute across all channels
  7. 7. eCom 2014 Omni-Marketing & Techniques Bricks with clicks • In store Kiosks & Terminals allow shoppers to interact and access information about products. Order products that are not available in store. Click and collect • Order online and collect in store. Create pick up sites for customers to collect their orders. Use third party locations. Content led marketing • Combine marketing messages with Interaction, engagement and entertainment such as recipe suggestions, limited time offers etc. Prompted Purchasing • Use of location services via mobile technology to track and target your audience and shoppers.
  8. 8. eCom 2014 Omni-Channel(s) The Omni-Channel consumer expects everything to be readily available at his fingertips, furthermore he expects the overall brand experience to be similarly accessible from all the available channels. According to MIT’s report, 80% of store shoppers check prices online, with one- third accessing the information on their mobile device while inside the actual store.
  9. 9. eCom 2014 The Challenges 1. Keep up with Technology. Enable Omni-Technology in your organization. 2. Smart Brick – Think out of the box 3. Increase Digital importance, including Digital Marketing, social media, mobile and Location-Based-Services 4. Personalization and CRM 5. Self-Check and Digital Wallet 6. Dynamic Pricing 7. Educated Customer Service & Logistics
  10. 10. eCom 2014 Big Data & Platforms
  11. 11. eCom 2014 Who is doing it well Peapod, as one of the US’s leading Online retailer placed Virtual Grocery stores in Chicago’s subway, Buses and train stations. Users scan a QR code to download the app and start shopping by scanning product bar codes Ocado, an Online grocer in UK, is using multiple intelligent mechanisms to boost basket size by up selling and cross selling.
  12. 12. eCom 2014 Who is doing it well Auchan, lunched the first pioneered drive-through format prototype store. Shoppers order online and pick up purchases at any drive location during pre-selected time slot. More then 5000 SKUs are available on Auchan drive dedicated e-commerce site. 35000 SKU’s available on the walls of subway stations containing QR Codes. Passengers can scan to purchase using their smart phones. Products and groceries are delivered to customers home and offices.
  13. 13. eCom 2014 Who is doing it well Whole foods market was the pioneer in enabling support via Twitter. Now it has more than 2m followers. 90% of their tweets, are responses to consumer questions and comments. The first Mobile Scan and Go system, allows users to shop with their iPhone or Android phone, pay at the register without unloading their trolleys or bags.
  14. 14. eCom 2014 Who is doing it well Ocado is managing dynamically the delivery price based on delivery time. Ocado is able to increase margin and improve delivery efficiency by adjusting process based on order day and time Kiddicare is using a fully graphic epaper display system across its entire store state. The electronic label brings dynamic price and product information to shelf edge.
  15. 15. eCom 2014 Thank you!