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An analysis of the Tiger Woods story in social media one month later. How has Tiger's reputation changed? And what about his sponsors.

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Tiger Woods Analysis From Lift9

  1. Tiger Woods: before and after Image: Nevada tumbleweed The Impact on his sponsors.
  2. A look back and today Scan of social media conversations Sentiments Timeframes • Gender • Peak of Differences Scandal • Brands • One month • Today later
  3. Image:TheLastMinute A quick recap
  4. Tiger’s Scandal: Tiger Woods mentions by day Search Results by Day 12/8: Tiger’s mother in law rushed into hospital 1800 12/3: Conversations 1600 increased after the day Tiger issued his 1400 public statement 1200 1000 800 600 400 200 0 12/1 12/2 12/3 12/4 12/5 12/6 12/7 12/8 12/9 11/21 11/22 11/23 11/24 11/25 11/26 11/27 11/28 11/29 11/30 12/10 12/11 12/12 12/13 12/14 12/15 12/16 12/17 12/18 Total:19082 (11/21/2009 - 12/18/2009) • Total result: 19,082 • Spike day: December 03rd, 2009 • Most mentions in: California and Washington
  5. Where did the conversations occur? 6983 7000 5378 6000 5000 4000 2367 3000 1720 1499 2000 952 1000 183 0 Microblog Mainstream Blog Video/Photo Message Social Wiki Sharing Board/Forum Network Total of all 19082 SOCIAL MEDIA TYPE Microblog: 37% Twitter is the leading share of voice, however, Mainstream: 28% ~80% of tweets are links to videos, blogs or Blog: 12% Video/photo sharing: 9% mainstream news. Forum: 8%  Twitter being used more to spread news Wiki and social network: 6%
  6. Sample comments and sentiment i look up to tiger woods now... cuz he's the man - (YungRayDaGod) neutral : “By cheating on his wife, especially in such a disgusting and Well, at least Tiger has begun telling the truth, after a week of complete way, Tiger has utterly spoiled the last sport that had stonewalling! generally been considered a sport of gentlemen (and gentle women, of course). After all, cheaters are cheaters. Twitter sentiment for Tiger Woods “He is sorry, that is it? I don't care who you are, you don't cheat neutral negative positive on your spouse, and just say sorry. That is too easy. Committing 4% adultery is the ultimate betrayal. I don't care who you are. No one takes their vows serious anymore.” 29% - neg Tiger Woods is the first person in history to run his car into a 67% hydrant and set himself on fire (BlakeBeus) Strongly negative sentiment – even the positives are suspect. A porn film is being made about Tiger Woods' recent transgressions entitled Tiger's Wood. Porn companies = the underrated kings of satire. - (mouzone) - neg
  7. Top Forums: CBS Sport Forum - Golf 20 combined Polls Sentiment  20 polls about Tiger Woods Affair, mainly about his performance for Neutral Negative Positive next season and predicting his family situation. 4% More Negative votes than Positive 29% Poll Title Votes POS NEG NEU 67% "I am still a friend, Tiger!" 40 25% 68% 8% +pos “Your opinion of Tiger Woods?” 51 38% 55% 8% : “…I am still your friend, Tiger, because of “Tiger's 2010 Golfing Performance/Competitiveness” 2 0% 100% 0% what you have done for golf, for the whole sporting industry, for the whole golf and “Tiger's "transgression" impact” 52 42% 58% 0% sports fraternity, for a good decade! “ACCENTURE Drpos Tiger Woods...!!!!!” 4 0% 100% 0% “Tiger probably will surpass Jack's 18 majors and Sam “Tiger cheated ____ times” 31 3% 97% 0% Snead's 82 PGA Tour wins, but until he grows up and displays the sportsmanship expected of a true golfer, “If TIGER's trysts FATHER any CHILDREN...will Elin” 6 17% 83% 0% Jack will still be the greatest golfer of all time.” - neg
  8. YouTube: Voicemail leaked Most viewed video: Total videos related: 156 Tiger Woods Voicemail Slow Jam Remix Total comments: 7,157 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OEko Total views: 3,362,185 maBTppY by halfdaytoday (1,235,221 views – 2017 comments) “Voicemail” videos comments Sentiment Hey back off why don't you guys positive negative neutral +pos leave Tiger alone . He is the best athlete in the world . Very calm on 8% 3% the court and doesn't disrespect his opponents. (spades57) - neg “Not only have I lost respect for tiger because of his lack of moral 89% guidelines, but I have also come to the realization that he really isn't that great of a golfer.
  9. Most viewed YouTube video Most viewed video is actually not from the U.S.  PR efforts should be international Total videos related: 28 Most viewed video: Total comments: 1,660 【蘋果動新聞】伍茲深夜撞車 老婆破窗救夫 疑點重重 Total views: 3,111,170 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7i5FlC1MpkE by ma19kuso (2,337,534 views – 787 comments) He's a great golfer but I don't care for him as a person. I'd rather have someone with some class and professionalism Taiwanese animation videos be considered the best at something, not someone known Comments Sentiment for his infidelities. He's become an embarrassment to the sport of golf, rather than a good ambassador that everyone Pos Neg Neu thought he was. 4% 17% Tiger islittle rude elitist punk. He a deserves what he got…I have no respect for the billionaire punk who needs to grow up. I - neg hope Nike and others dump him. I won't buy their products 79%
  10. Gender Sentiment: Elin hitting Tiger Sentiment on the topic of Elin hitting Tiger Male Sentiment From 1,143 opinions Female Sentiment Neutral Negative Positive Neutral Negative Positive 9% 9% 31% 37% 82% 32% Although negatives = positives for both genders, Women definitely have an opinion on this subject. However, most men are neutral.
  11. Gender Sentiment: Media What do people think of all the attention? Who is more tired of Tiger news? female 23% 19% 34% Tired of news Tired but still concerned male 47% 77% Media/Public has the right to know Among the 19% who are really tired of the news, male authors significantly outnumber female ones.
  12. Tiger Woods’ sponsors Tiger Woods' brands conversations Tiger Woods w/Nike Sentiment Tag heuer Positive Negative Neutral 6% Nike Gillette 29% 10% 21% 25% Gatorade 65% Accenture 22% 22% Total of 2,003 conversations talking about Tiger and his sponsors •Conversations about Tag Heuer, Gillette and Accenture only grew after the companies made their own official statements •The story is different for Gatorade and Nike. These brands are mentioned as soon as the news about Tiger appeared. Many of the conversations use the brand’s slogans “Just do it” and “Is it in you?” to make jokes about the story. •Elin using a non-Nike forged iron to hit Tiger caused even more jokes about Nike.
  13. Image:TheLastMinute Image: David (standout)) Recent activities
  14. Comparison of Brand mentions 53% Electric Art 0% 3% At&t 0% 14% Gatorade 22% 1% Gillette 21% 0% Tag heuer 6% 7% Accenture 22% 8% Nike 29% 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 1/1 - 14/1 11/21 - 12/18 Brand mentions changing over time. Electronic Arts recently put out a survey on what customers thought about Tiger Woods.
  15. Tiger Woods and Nike Nike Sentiment 11/21 - 12/18 Nike Sentiment 1/1 – 1/14 Pos Pos 17% Neu 10% 45% Neg 25% Neg Neu 38% 65% Nike mentions have decreased significantly, however, opinionated conversations are growing. From 11/21 -12/18: 29% of conversations talked about Tiger Woods and Nike From 1/1 – 1/14: Only 8% of conversations talking about Tiger Woods and Nike
  16. Twitter Sentiment…Then and now? Twitter Sentiment 11/21 - 12/18 Twitter Sentiment 1/1 – 1/14 Pos 4% Neu 29% Pos Neu 13% 16% Neg 67% Neg 71% One month later, still highly negative. However, the percentage of positive tweets increased due to Russell Simmons tweeting about Tiger Woods donating to Haiti relief efforts. However, this news also caused an increase in negative mentions as many people doubted (and snubbed) Tiger’s intentions.
  17. Conclusions Although it’s been one month since the story It will take quite a broke, public while for Tiger to sentiment is still repair his image. strongly negative. Former sponsors that Brands that continue have distanced to associate with themselves have Tiger still have an returned to prior unusually high brand sentiments. negative sentiment.
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