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Sri Lanka Salesforce Platform Developer User Group : First Meetup : Technical session : Sites

Sri Lanka Salesforce Platform Developer User Group : First Meetup : Technical session : Sites



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  • sites   sri lanka salesforce user group meetup sites sri lanka salesforce user group meetup Presentation Transcript

  • Sites PreviewThushara M.
  • AgendaTechnical OverviewFunctional Overview
  • AgendaTechnical OverviewFunctional Overview
  • The R eal-Time C loud Unlim ited Real- Program m abl Program m able Real-Tim e Real-Tim e Tim e e User Cloud Logic Workflow Web Sit es Cust om izat ion Int erface & Approvals Real-Tim e Web Sit es Real-Tim e Int egrat ed Real-Tim e Granular 750+ Mobile Cont ent Library Analyt ics Securit y & Int egrat ed Deploym ent Sharing Applicat ions Real-Tim e Transparent ISO 27001 Proven Proven, Real-Tim e Query Syst em St at us Cert ified Securit y Reliabilit y Real-Tim e Opt im izer Scalabilit y Real-Tim e Proven Real-Tim e Salesforce t o 3 Global Dat a Upgrades Real-Tim e Sandbox Salesforce Cent ers Int egrat ion Environm ent s & Disast er Recovery Mult it enant Kernel
  • “ ” will change forever t he way t hat businesses build websit es.
  • What K ind of Sites did they build? E-com m erce Public Knowledge Base Public Web Apps Marketing Sites Case Subm ission Com m unity Sites Sales Sites Custom er Portals Custom Sites
  • How It Works WWW B uild D es ig n Name Us eYour Data In The Perfect UI With With a CNAME Any URL Alias You r Site In Ou r Clou d
  • AgendaTechnical OverviewFunctional Overview
  • Site Templates & Components Using Components Using Templates Page 1 Page 2 Component A Component A  Assign a default template at the site level  Reference that default template with expression: {!$Site.Template}
  • Site Template Structure<apex:page showHeader="false" id="SiteTemplate"> <apex:insert name="header”> <c:SiteHeader /> </apex:insert> <apex:page …> <apex:insert name=””mainContent"/> …. </apex:page> <apex:insert name=”footer”> <c:SiteFooter /> </apex:insert></apex:page>
  • Template Based Page<apex:page title="Big Cloud Realty" showHeader="false” controller="NewsController"> <apex:composition template="{!$Site.template}"> <apex:define name="mainContent"> <apex:outputPanel layout=“block” styleclass="block”> <apex:outputPanel layout=“block” styleclass="blockTitle"> <apex:outputPanel class="blue">Latest</apex:outputPanel> News </apex:outputPanel > <apex:outputPanel layout=“block” styleclass="blockBody" > The following are our most recent news stories.<p/> <apex:repeat value="{!newsItems}" var="newsItem"> <b>{!newsItem.Name}</b> - {!newsItem.DateText c}<br/> {!newsItem.Body c} </apex:repeat> </apex:outputPanel > </apex:outputPanel > </apex:define> </apex:composition></apex:page>
  • Security Model  Each site has it’s own special security profile Within this profile you can enable: IP address filters to restrict access to site Access to specific Visualforce pages and Apex classes Read, Create, Edit, Delete permissions for each object Visibility and read/write permissions for each field  A boilerplate “unauthorized” error page is provided - you can modify or override this
  • Customer Portal Support Name: Pass::  A Site can be mapped to a Customer Portal Self-registration is available  Site visitors can login and execute Visualforce pages under their individual user’s context  Example registration/login pages are provided
  • Demo
  • Caching  To increase end user performance, Sites uses a content delivery network of 40,000 servers distributed across the globe  Content is served from servers closest to the origin of the request  What’s cached: – Static resources with cache control set to public – Visualforce pages with pages attribute:
  • Robots.txt and Favicon Support  Robots.txt is used to control how robots crawl your site  Favicon is a website icon that most modern browsers support  Sites supports these types of files: – Create Robots.txt as a Visualforce page – Create Favicon.ico as a Static Resource
  • URL Mapping Sites fully supports custom domain names, eg: * Steps to set this up: Register your domain name with any registrar Enter a CNAME record into the DNS that aliases to Tell Sites what your custom domain name is SSL is supported via only Tip: Don’t use fully-qualified domain names in your pages * Supported in production only, not developer edition or sandbox
  • Live Examples of Sites
  • Get Started Today  Sign up for a developer edition organization at  Start Building  Leverage the community at developerforce
  • Reference  :_Force.com_Sites
  • Thank YouThushara M.