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a sample of works i have been a part of.

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Viveksahi_folio_nov 2012

  1. 1. Vivek Hi. my name is Vivek Sahi, Bachelors in design(2008-2012) from Indian Institute Of Technology Guwahati. My experiences with Design have made me interested in these areas: Interaction Design Experiences New media Storytelling Collaborative design Travelling, writing, movies and food are my other weaknesses. This is a sample of works I have been a part of. :)
  2. 2. Postertheme: child labour An attempt at using a poster as a storytelling medium by overlapping the visual with a featured news. I worked with black and white because I thought people can never be blue or green about a social evil. Its either black iteration 2 or white. removing repetition and working with a single bold graphic. iteration 1 working with silhouettes and limiting the colours to just iteration 3 black and white. introduced story in the poster and started working on the overlap. final poster
  3. 3. Identity Selected name: Medicall Discarded names: Nurse, HealthlineHypothetical client: Medicall Work involved: + symbols To come with a suitable name and Identity for the company. Purpose of the company: MEDICALL type To provide assistance for any health and medical queries MEDICALL on Phone. logo Methodology: Study of similar services; identifying target users. Translating the study inputs developing ideas for the logo Providing stability to issues pertaining to and requirements into an Identity. health and medicine; bringing experience in over the medium of phone. M E DICAL L conversations MEDICALL MEDICALL Stability MEDI ALL On naming: to keep it very clear final logo that its a “phone based service”. ideas for the logo
  4. 4. selected logoIdentityClient: Hyden Power Input from the client: Purpose of the company: To manufacture and market HYDEN OWER hydrogen-run fuel cells providing eco-friendly, cost-effective and The type is inclined forward to show dynamism and aggression. The plus shows hyden’s reliable power. addition to the power sector and giving a better solution than Thermal power. The green colour used gives an insight into the renewable and clean nature of the company. Characteristics in company : Trust, Innovation, Aggressiveness. ambitiousness, Eco-friendly. how high should it go? initial ideas developed from Preferred colours : keywords derived from Hyden Shades of green, purple and power’s work and characteristics. grey. getting to know a w and things as simple trying to get an e out of 2 as this length proved challenging which shade of green to use? a section from the the angles of the stroke width mind map inclination the length of this small part details in the final idea
  5. 5. .....................Brandingclient: Tinkerable ...... Tinkerable conducts creativity workshops for kids. The card can be split along the line and be For their Pune chapter the shared between two people. both parts following were created to hold all the information. reach out to the Parents and share Tinkerable’s Philosophy. o play work t for wetinekerable’s logo Illustration style: to maintain similarity in all the material different illustrations of publicity material the same style were made.
  6. 6. ExperienceRedesigning a photography exhibition. Inspiration: learning photography taught me the value of discovering a place. it was only then that I actually started liking the place where I was spending four years of my life. In 60 days I travelled to almost every corner of Guwahati city, interacted with hundreds of local people and clicked some 4500 photographs. When I came back after all this, I was in love with the city. To create a similar effect we fill a room with all this content about Guwahati city; we close all the lights and provide people with a torch to wander around the room.
  7. 7. sonExperience 3 rd pe rRedesigning a photography exhibition. s on nd per 2 Aim: to build up a series of encounters between the viewer and the content to bring out a sense of personal discovery. How it works? When the people enter the room the people choose what they wish to see; how they wish to see; where they want to start and Different colours indicate the different paths taken by different end and even where they stop. people. It also shows the different versions of the city all these people claim to know. Their choices are ptheir only guide. 1st e rs o n on p ers n th
  8. 8. Fur nitureInspired from local chai Khokhas Inspiration: A Khokha(as we fondly called it in our college) is found at almost every corner in Indian cities. These cheap places invite people from everywhere; different geographies, economies, habits, languages and behaviours. These shabby places act as intersections of stories from all these quarters. Going just by its face makes us invisible to all these amazing stories. The table of Stories appears as any normal table but when one observes it closely, the table reveals itself to the observer.
  9. 9. Fur nitureInspired from local chai Khokhas it s o n l y when w ely we fi e s e clos th e Aim: t of e st a y ? nd in ? s, otherwis po the re To make people aware there t l e t re a su th e lit e ha e t w ill b w about these spaces. so is m e thing lmost m o re t oa ev e r ything w e How it works? Till the time there is tea in the entire pattern on the table is carefully composed of stories written at a small font the glass, the place behaves size, visible only through a magnifying lens. according to the individual but when the tea gets over, the lens starts its play and magnifies the table; o loo o r m k t e fo revealing all the stories r to the observer in a surprise. we attach magnifying when the tea gets over, the magnifying lens functions as it lens at the bottom of should and reveals the stories to the observer. the glasses.
  10. 10. & some other things.Photography: videos: for our blog “An apple a day”.The idea was to provide an apple for the mind daily.Link: thank you. :)
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