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Strengthen your network sales - SønderjyskE Business Netværk 190912


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Strengthen your network sales via social Medias as LinkedIn. But before you post any content or create the profile or company page you need to understand your business and products. Different companies and industries need different social media strategies. You should define involvement strategy before creating the engaging content. When Using LinkedIn you should optimize your personal profile, company page and product offerings as a beginning. Then use the features as Groups, Lead search, InMail and LinkedIn Answers.

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Strengthen your network sales - SønderjyskE Business Netværk 190912

  1. 1. Strengthen your network sales … via Social medias as LinkedIn”Social Media marketing costs 61% LESS perlead than traditional marketing”Source: State of inbound marketing, hubspot, march 2012
  2. 2. Agenda 1. Introduction 2. Why Social media? • Understand your business and products • Define involvement strategy • Create engaging content 3. Why LinkedIN ? • Personal profile optimization • Lead search / InMail • Company & product pages • LinkedIN Answers • All this in 15 minutes a day?
  3. 3. Who am I, why am I here ?
  4. 4. Me and Social Medias / Cross media LinkedIN facebook Goalcube/Blog Twitter YouTube
  5. 5. Online media vs. Social media ? Average hours per week spent on each online activityFig.: Avg. hours/week spent on this online activity, worldwideSource: TNS, October 2010
  6. 6. Why Social Media ?Consumers of valuable content + time = customersStrangers –> consumers of information and education –> customers. Total market Network/Friends of Fans Followers/Fans
  7. 7. How to reach your network potential Engage followers to reach network 1% Creators 9 % Editors 90% ListenersFig.:, 1% rule of internet cultureSource:: McConnell, Ben; Huba, Jackie (May 3, 2006).
  8. 8. The 10 Steps of Social Media 1. Understand your business and products 2. Define involvement strategy and set metrics and clear goals 3. Understand your customers and their platforms = Listen! 4. Develop a social media policy 5. Choose channels and content strategy 6. Publish your initial content, Engage your fans and followers 7. Use current network, share your content 8. Cross media, use more platforms simultaneously 9. Monitor and measure 10. It is a marathon not a sprintView presentation on:
  9. 9. Understand your business and productsWhere are your products placed - Can you create related social services ? Non-Professionals creates Has the companys products the product become (or becoming) digital and easy to copy so marginal • Syddanske Medier cost is approaching zero? • Kursuscentret Haderslev • Metaphor Is the company’s products • (Beierholm) suitable to user creation? • (Advokaterne Dahl & Guldager) Physical Digital Exconomy Economy Only Proffesionals Creates the productFig.: The perfect stormSource: Peter Svarre,
  10. 10. Define involvement strategyHigh involvement of customers • Claims Co-creation of products • Suggestions for improvement • Customer service Involvement in products • Use of the products • Conversation about products Creation of relating services • Product creation Involving campaigns Digital one-way communication Low involvement of customersFig.: The perfect stormSource: Peter Svarre,
  11. 11. Create engaging content Desired Engagement Required Engagement Reward Risk Avoidance Pleasure, Evisioning Reliability Enthusiast, Brand Fans Case Studies Evangelism Back upFig.: Reward and Risk areas in the brainSource: Engaging your B2B Audience Webinar, Hootsuite, August 2012
  12. 12. Content examples Reward Risk Avoidance(Desired Engagement) (Required Engagement) Co-creation of products Customer service - With Tina Dickow - With Danish tax administration on Facebook ”SKAT” on Twitter
  13. 13. Content discussion Reward Risk Avoidance (Desired Engagement) (Required Engagement) • Advokaterne Dahl &• Audi Fredericia • Cafax Sydjylland Guldager • Beierholm• BowlnFun • Frank Sørensen - Din • Danish Computer Group Anlægsgartner • Haderslev Andels• Reick Møbler A/S Boligforening • Initzial • JKS• Syddanske Medier • Krifa • Kursuscentret Haderslev • Kuben Management• Vin & Vært • Meldgaard • Metaphor • PFA Pension A/S • Sønderjysk Forsikring • TDC Erhvervscenter • X&CO A/S
  14. 14. 3 Types of contentUnique Content Linked Content Sourced Content
  15. 15. B2C – Envisioning, Enthusiasts, Brand fans and Evangilists Desired Engagement• Videos • Industry News• Galleries • Cross-post from groups • News coverage of• Blog posts • Guest posts from your company• Interviews v/ execs partners • Best of lists• Events • Brand fan discussions• Demonstrations Unique Content Linked Content Sourced Content• Interviews v/ execs • Testimonials• Blog posts • Expert third-party • Product tests• Webinars research • Polls• White papers • News coverage of • Guest posts from• Case studies your company partners• FAQ • Industry News • Best of lists Required Engagement B2B – Risk Avoidance, reliability, Case studies, Back up
  16. 16. LinkedIn the preferred B2B Network B2B – Risk Avoidance, reliability, Case studies, Back up…Fig.: State of the inbound marketingSource: Hubspot, march 2012
  17. 17. Why LinkedIN ?• Company • Product Reach Awareness Customers can Every follower or learn about the employee has the products and see opportunity to how many of their promote your connections have company recommended them. If you’re not there, you will miss the Company updates opportunity to be and Products page found by a has huge potential customer opportunity for or employee, also lead generation. on Google!• Search Engine • Lead Optimization Generation
  18. 18. LinkedIN – Personal profile • Professional Headline: Identify important keywords • Customize your Website URL’s: Create a call-to-action • LinkedIn Applications: Slide share, Blog link, Outlook • Recommendations: ask and give recommendations • Tag your connections: To manage many connections • Post updates: Employee can promote company updates to their network
  19. 19. LinkedIN - Lead searchBe introduced to leads by your current network or by InMail
  20. 20. LinkedIN - Company & product pages • Product Awareness: Target product page = Geo targeting • Post status updates: Create a follower base and engage. (Target posts) • Post Jobs: Paid and unpaid via status updates or job adds • Events: promote your exhibitions, conferences and other events • LinkedIn Groups: Join also groups in- and outside your Industry
  21. 21. LinkedIN - NEW Company pages Facebook alike Cover photo Job opportunities at the right Products and services at the right
  22. 22. LinkedIN - NEW Product pages Recommendations on the right
  23. 23. LinkedIn AnswersTop Expert of the week- Best answered questions
  24. 24. LinkedIn – Time usage?Use Social media monitoring and posting tools “Posting, monitoring, responding to comments, and analyzing statistics should take you no more than 15 minutes a day – For all social medias”
  25. 25. Follow Goalcube!/goalcube