The boy who cried the wolf 6ºa


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The boy who cried the wolf. 6ºA. Semana del teatro en inglés. CEP Virgen de la Villa (Martos, Jaén)

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The boy who cried the wolf 6ºa

  1. 1. THE BOY WHO CRIED THE WOLF PETER SISTER: SUSAN UNCLE JIM BROTHER: SAM AUNT ANGIE VILLAGES 1, 2, 3, 4WOLF SHEPHERD (1) (2) NARRATOR SCENE 1 - NARRATOR: Once upon in a small village therelived a shepherd boy named Peter. He lived with his uncleJim and aunt Angie, his brother and his sister. Every nightthey sat together by the fireplace to tell stories aboutwolves. − JIM: And THAT was the end of the story... − SUSAN: Oh, its very interesting! − PETER: And what happened to the wolf? − SUSAN: Yes, what happened to him? − JIM: He was never seen again... − SAM: Never, never seen again?! − PETER: Oh! − SUSAN: I dont like wolves.
  2. 2. − SAM: I like them. They are very strong but they are dangerous for farm animals; (sheep, hens, pigs …)− SUSAN: Im afraid of them.− PETER: Uncle, are you afraid of wolves?− SAM: Tell us the truth uncle!− JIM: No, but they cant be around people.− SUSAN: I know. Im afraid of them.− SAM: Its dangerous.!− PETER: What would happened if they came near our town?− SUSAN: Oh no!!− SAM: Oh no!!− JIM: Well, they could harm us, especially our sheep.− SUSAN: Its terrible.− SAM: Its better the wolves are away.− PETER: What about you, aunt Angie... are you afraid of wolves.− ANGIE: Yes I am Peter! Everybody in town is afraid of wolves.− PETER: oh, I see!− ANGIE: I remember many stories. When I was younger, I never went out alone. I always went with
  3. 3. my parents or friends to the countryside. Never, never alone. − SUSAN: Tell another story please. − ANGIE: It´s late, very late. Tomorrow morning you must look after the sheep. − PETER: See you tomorrow. − SAM and SUSAN: Good night. − JIM and ANGIE: Good night dear.SCENE 2 “ Pete cries wolf” - NARRATOR: Peter went to bed. The next day while he was sitting on the hillside he began to think. - PETER: I´m bored! I don´t like to be here just taking care of the sheep! I should be in the lake swimming! - NARRATOR: Shepherds come and speak to him. - SHEPHERD 1: hello Peter! - PETER: hello! - SHEPHERD 2: How are you today? - PETER: I´m bored, very very bored. This job is the same all the time. - SHEPHERD 1: Yes, every day is the same, but it is a good job. Someone has to take care the sheeps.
  4. 4. - PETER: Yes, I suppose youre right.- SHEPHERD: We have a lot of time to think, to enjoy nature.- PETER: Yes, but every day is the same in the countryside...- SHEPHERD: Yes it is,,,,,O.K. Peter, we have to go.- PETER: Bye, Have a nice day, see you later.- NARRATOR: Peter was very very very bored.... and then he thought of a way to have some fun....- PETER: Thats it! I going to have fun....- NARRATOR: And he started shouting....- PETER: The wolf! The wolf! The wolf is coming! (three times)- NARRATOR: Some people came to see what was happening. They brought picks and shovels, and everything else they could find to scare the wolf.- VILLAGER 1: Whats wrong?- PETER: I saw the wolf over there! Hes looking at us right now!- VILLAGER 2: Where?- PETER: Hes behind those trees!- VILLAGER 3: I cant see anything!
  5. 5. - VILLAGER 4: Are you sure Peter that you saw the wolf?- PETER: Yes, I am! Hes moving! Look!- VILLAGER 1, 2, 3, 4: Lets get him!- NARRATOR: As the villagers approached the trees where the wolf was supposed to be, Peter started laughing.- PETER: Ha, ha, ha, ha... It wasnt true! Ha, ha, ha, ha... It was all lie! A joke! Ha, ha, ha, ha... (SCENE 3) AND (SCENE 4) REPEAT THE SITUATION− NARRATOR: Tree times Peter lied to the villagers, so they was very angry with him and spoke to him.− VILLAGER 4: I knew it!− VILLAGER 1: Why did you lie to us, Peter?!− VILLAGER 2: You know this isnt funny!− PETER: Yes it is! Ha, ha, ha!− VILLAGER 3: Lets go, we have work to do... and I will talk to your uncle about this.− PETER: Ha, ha, ha, you are scared of the wolf! You are scared of the wolf! Ha, ha, ha, ha.
  6. 6. PETER: At least I had a good time today! SCENE 5 − Narrator: But what Peter didnt know, is that the wolf was indeed hidden behind the trees, just watching him.That night the angry villagers came back to wherePeter was laughing. To organise a meeting to talkabout peter & his lies.SCENE 5 -” THE SHEPHERD MEETING”ANGIE: I see that everyone of us have been victims ofPeters tricks.Villager 2: I think so too...Villager 4: We must speak to Petes aunt and tell her ofhis lies.
  7. 7. Villager 13: hmm... Im not sure, maybe we should talkto Pete directly.Villager 4 : I agree with youVillager 9: If we speak to peter. We can stop this problemright away.Villager 6: No I think we really should speak to his aunt.Villager 16: Yes, to his aunt, I agree with you.Angie: Lets think whats better for peter, Hes only ayoung boy who is bored..Villager 2: But yesterday he laughed at everyone! Thatsnot good!Villager 4: He is just a boy who want to play and have fun.Alba: In my opinion, I think he needs to learn a lesson...Villager 12: I know! Ive got an idea!Villager 19: What!? What!? Tell us!Villager 12: We can dress up like a wolf!ALL: NO NO NO!Villager 26: Its better to talk with petes aunt!Villager 16: Yes we agree!Angie: So lets go to his aunts house and tell her!Villager 2: Yes, that way his aunt can talk to him and Petecan change, he can be a good
  8. 8. boy.Villager 13: But its not necessary for everyone to go toher house, only 2 of us.Villager 12: I can go this afternoon, Im free!Villager 19: I cant go, I need to buy food for my family..Villager 6: I can go with you!Villager 16: Great! Both of you can go to petes auntshouse to speak with her. Good luck.ALL: Lets go! (bye, good luck, see you, sort out pete) SCENE 6 “ Petes aunts house” − NARRATOR: When he went back home that afternoon, his uncle and aunt said. − JIM: They told me what you did today. − ANGIE: I feel ashamed of you, Peter! − PETER: But aunt, I was bored! You know I don´t like to take care of sheep. − JIM: That is not a good reason to lie! − PETER: I am sorry. I will not do it again − JIM: You must never, never lie again.
  9. 9. − ANGIE: You must be a good boy: If you don´t like to take care of sheep. We can look for another job that you like and you can be happy.− PETER: O.K. Sorry, sorry so much I will not do it again.− PETER: Good night.− JIM AND ANGIE: Good night, dear.− PETER: I am sorry. I will not do it again− JIM AND ANGIE: We hope so!− ANGIE: Go to be now, and we will see you in the morning.− PETER: Good night.− JIM AND ANGIE: Good night, dear. SCENE 6 “ The real wolf”- NARRATOR: Next day after having his usual breakfast, Peter went to the hillside once again. While he was taking care of the sheep. This time, He saw the real wolf approaching, and started shouting at everyone, to warn them.- PETER: The wolf! The wolf! The wolf is coming!
  10. 10. - NARRATOR: The same people that a day before who tried to help him heard him, and they said:- VILLAGER 1: Sure! Sure! You are trying to fool us again.- VILLAGER 2: Give him a piece of bread! Ha, ha, ha, ha.- PETER: No! I am telling you the truth! Help! Help! The wolf is chasing the sheep!- VILLAGER 3: Poor wolf.. He must be tired! Give him some water! Ha, ha, ha, ha…- PETER: Please, come! The wolf is here!- VILLAGER 4: Leave us alone, Peter! We have work to do!- PETER: Oh no! The wolf ate all my sheep!- VILLAGER 1: Sure! Sure! Ha, ha, ha, ha- PETER: It´s the truth! … the wolf is gone… and the sheep too!- NARRATOR: Then one of the villages went to where Peter was.- VILLAGER 2: Stop it, Peter! … but, why are you crying?
  11. 11. - PETER: I told you, it was the wolf! There really was a wolf here!- VILLAGER 3: Oh! So you were telling the truth this time!- NARRATOR: The rest of the villages came and said.- VILLAGER 4: We thought it was a joke, just like yesterday. Do you remember what we said to you?- PETER: Yes, I remember and I am sorry?- VILLAGER 1: We hope you learned your lesson, Peter.- VILLAGER 2: You should not lie. People will not trust liers, even when they tell the truth. You must always tell the truth, lies will cause problems.- PETER: I will never lie again, I promise.