The hare and the tortoise 2ºa


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The Hare and the tortoise. 2ºA. Semana del teatro en inglés. CEP Virgen de la Villa (Martos, Jaén).

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The hare and the tortoise 2ºa

  1. 1. THE HARE AND THE TORTOISECHARACTERSNARRATOR 1 – 2 SQUIRRELS 1- 2 – 3 – 4HARE FROGS 1 – 2 – 3 – 4 TORTOISEBIRDS 1 – 2 – 3 -4 -5 DEERS 1 – 2 – 3 -4 FOXES 1 – 2 – 3 – 4 -5SCENE 1 (Alone hare and tortoise)we can see a poster with START and FINISH, aninals with vídeos, cámeras, cups, binoculars... − NARRATOR 1: One day there was a tortoise and a hare. − HARE: Im faster than you. − TORTOISE: I know I am slow. − HARE: Youll never win a race. − TORTOISE: You think? − HARE: Im sure you are too slow. − TORTOISE: I am too slow or so you say to find the truth, lets race today. − HARE: O.K. Lets race today.SCENE 2 − NARRATOR 2: Soon, the animals of the forest knew of the event the and animals started to gather around. − SQUIRRELS: A race! A race! A race in the forest. − SQUIRREL 1: Cool, very cool! − SQUIRREL 2: I like the race. − SQUIRREL 3: We enjoy with the race. − SQUIRREL 4: What day? What day?
  2. 2. − FOXES: Who? Who?− FOX 1 : Where is , where is?− FOX 2 : When ,when, when?− FOX 3: I want to see the race.− DONKEY:Yes, it’s very cool!− BIRDS: The hare and the tortoise.− BIRD 1: The hare and the tortoise?− BIRD 2: It is impossible!− BIRD 3:It cannot be.− BIRD 4: The tortoise cannot run.− BIRD 5:Oh, no!− FROGS: The hare and the tortoise? Impossible.− FROG 1: I don’t believe it.− FROG 2: The hare is going to win.− FROG 3: Yes the hare is the winner.− FROG 4: I want to see The race.− DEERS: The hare is faster than tortoise.− DEER 1: The tortoise is too slow.− DEER 2: Yes too slow.− DEER 3: She cannot run.− DEER 4: Poor tortoise.Poor tortoise.− FOXES: The tortoise is too slow.− SQUIRRELS: The hare will be the winer.− DEERS: Poor tortoise he is going to lose.− BIRDS: The tortoise walks so slow!!− FROGS: Yes and the hare is very very fast.− ANIMALS: The race is going to start.− ANIMALS: Lets see, lets see.
  3. 3. SCENE 3Two animals take the poster with start and the hare and tortoise start to run. − NARRATOR 1: The animals are ready to see the race. − NARRATOR 2: The hare and the tortoise are ready to start the race. − HARE: My name is Harry Hare. My ears are very long and my legs are strong. I can run like the wind. − TORTOISE: My name is Timmy Tortoise. Ive got a shiny shell. My legs are very short and fat and I cant run so well. − NARRATOR 1: Then Freddy Fox puts up his hand and... − FOX: “Get ready... set.... GO!” (with a red flag) − NARRATOR 2: The hare is running quickly (la liebre desaparece) − NARRATOR 1: Poor Timmy is still here. − THE ANIMALS: Come on! Come on! Timmy − SQUIRRELS: You are the best. − BIRDS: Please Timmy. − FROGS: You’ll win the race. − WOLFS: Come on! Come on!( Timmy the tortoise dissapear.)SCENE 4 (Harry hare go into running) − NARRATOR 1: Harry hare is still running fast. − NARRATOR 2: Its getting very hot. − HARE: Its very hot. Im tired. I dont see the tortoise. Ill sleep under this tree for one hour, maybe two. − NARRATOR 1: Timmy Tortoise passes by. Harry is sleeping. − NARRATOR 2: He has funny dream Harry smiles) the tortoise walks and walks and dissapears. − NARRATOR 1: Suddenly Harry wakes up. − NARRATOR 2: He looks around. He is alone. − HARE: I can win the race today!
  4. 4. SCENE 5Two animals with a Poster and the tortoise next to FINISH. − ANIMALS: Great, great . hurray, hurray Hare is sad and tortoise is very very happy. NARRATOR: THE LESSON IS: SLOW AND STEADY WINS THE RACE