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Literature In English

  1. 1. Text I My hoMetown ***************************** Last Tet holiday, my family went to my hometown. We live in Ho Chi Minh City – Southern Vietnam, and my hometown is in Ninh Binh, it’s in Northern Vietnam, so I went there by plane. The plane was very large. It was a Boing 777-200. It was large, comfortable, and beautiful, the food was delicious and the flight attendant was polite. My flight departed at 6:00 pm, so it was dark and I didn’t see anything. Ninh Binh – my hometown – doesn’t have any airport, so I had to go to Noi Bai airport - Ha Noi, and then I went to Ninh Binh. The plane took me about two hours from Ho Chi Minh City to Ha Noi. At 8:00 pm, the plane landed. It was winter in Ha Noi, so it was very cold. It was only 13 degree Celsius at this time. And it was the coldest weather in Southern Vietnam. I wore a lot of clothes, but I was still being cold. I haven’t been in the cold weather like this before. At Noi Bai airport, I met and made a short conversation with an Italian. Then I went to Mr. Cuong’s house – my grandmother’s younger brother’s house at over 10:00 pm. Mr. Cuong’s house was very warm. It was a multistoried house. Mr. Cuong is a geomancer, so it accorded the Feng Shui Principle. It was beautiful and large. Every morning in Ha Noi, I always got up over 6:00 am and had breakfast over 9:00 am because it was very cold, I slept very well. I traveled in Ha Noi in a week. During this week, I visited Mrs. Phuong, Mrs. Tuong, Mrs. Huan, Mr. Cong, Mrs. Lam,… - my maternal grandparents’ brothers and sisters; and my parents’ friends live there. Everyday I live there, the weathers are alike. The weather at noon was like the weather at 6:00 am and the weather at 3:00 pm was like the weather at 6:00 pm. The sky was gray, many cloud and I couldn’t see the sun. What a no sunny day! Sometimes, I also forgot that time is morning or afternoon. I had to wear one T-shirt, one pajamas, one sweater, one coat, two pants, two wool gloves, one wool scarf, one wool hat, one sneakers and four socks, but when I slept, I still be a little cold. On Friday, my family went to Giap Bat bus station to take a bus to left Ha Noi and went to Ninh Binh.
  2. 2. The bus was awful. It was terrible, many people and the bus driver drove the bus quickly. My trip departed at 10:00 am and left for Ninh Binh at 1:00 pm. Then, I went to my father’s eldest brother’s house by taxi. The bus was awful, so I felt dizzy; I didn’t want to take a taxi. But if I had wanted to go to my father’s eldest brother’s house, I will have taken a taxi. Finally, I had to go there by a taxi. When I leave for his house, I was dizzier. I met my cousins and my uncle, aunt. Then, I ate candy. After that, I felt healthier. The more days, it was colder. In his house, there was a warm conditioner. So, when we sleep, we turned on this warm conditioner, and it was warm, I didn’t feel cold. In the morning in his house, I got up earlier than another morning before because it was warm. I lived there one day. In the second day I live in Ninh Binh, I took a taxi to my hometown in Yen Khanh town. This taxi was very good. It was cleanly, the taxi driver drive the taxi didn’t too quickly and the weather was wonderful. In the afternoon, we left for Yen Khanh town and came to my paternal grandparents’ house. I was happy to saw them and they were happy to saw me, too. The view of the village was friendly, wonderful and peaceful. The houses in the country aren’t like the houses in the city. In the city, the houses very close together. But, in the country, the houses don’t close together. Two houses nearest together stand one paddy – field apart. Around a house, there were rice – paddies many trees – fruit-tree, shade tree, agricultural plants - and stack of straws. The rice – paddies flood with water, the soil was fat and some small fish. Since the period beginning the winter, farmers have been harvesting rice. My paternal grandparents are very friendly and jovial. My paternal grandmother was a farmer but she retired some years ago. And my paternal grandfather was a soldier, and he retired, too. They have been keeping chickens, so when I went there, there was chicken in all the meals in a day. The weather at that time was colder than one when I live in Ha Noi. It was only 5 degree Celsius, so I had to wear more clothes. Additional, I had to cover with a lot of blanket, but I still being cold. But, the children live there wasn’t cold. In the morning, when I was very cold, but they just wore two T-shirt, one pants and they didn’t wear shoes, but they didn’t feel cold. They can go anywhere to play and they wasn’t cold, they so healthy.
  3. 3. On Monday, I came back to my father’s eldest brother’s house and on Tuesday my family went to Noi Bai airport and came back to my home by the plane Airbus 320. I went home at 1:00 am but next day me still going to school. I very love this trip because I could meet my family.