Uwp honors an extraordinary man


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Uwp honors an extraordinary man

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Uwp honors an extraordinary man

  1. 1.     UWP HONORS AN EXTRAORDINARY MAN CASTRIES, Saint Lucia – Friday 06th December , 2013 – As tributes pour in from all over the world on the death of Nelson Mandela, the United Workers Party would like to add our voice to honour this extra-ordinary man. Despite the advanced age of 95 and a prolonged illness, the world is still stunned by the passing of a man who is considered to be among the ranks of the greatest of the 20th century.
  2. 2. What has made Nelson Mandela so admired by world leaders and people of all races the world over? It was his uncommon humanity and the courage it took to forgive those who sent him to prison for27 years, based on his political beliefs which were rooted in democracy and the equality of all citizens of South Africa, regardless of the colour of their skin. What was remarkable about Mandela and made him a household name throughout the world was the expectation that his imprisonment would make him a bitter and angry man, who would seek revenge against those who put walls around him for 27 years. But imprisonment transformed him. His embarkation on a path of peace among South Africans became the centre-piece of his political philosophy and his life, which avoided the descension into violence and anarchy that would have resulted in the change from white to black rule. He embraced peace, freedom and racial equality as the basis of the relationship not only among South Africans, but of man’s relationship with each other in the rest of the world. This messenger of Freedom and Racial Equality demonstrated that a man with a moral conscience can inspire all mankind. He was able to convince his people that freedom and equality could be achieved by peaceful means. He exuded a dignified presence by his grace and gentle nature and his playful smile. He never appeared to be angry, always smiling. He taught the world the value of the principles of peace and freedom, and did not display the distant and arrogant posture that most leaders assume on getting into office. The lesson that humanity has learned from the life of Nelson Mandela is that an antagonistic and hostile posture are not necessary, because civilized discourse brings a people to a higher level in the development of a more harmonious and progressive society. There are many anecdotal stories about Mandela that revealed the heart and spirit of the man, who never lost the common touch and would always
  3. 3. engage the staff by the habit he had of always visiting the staff in the kitchen when he was entertained by world leaders. He never forgot old friends, and the story is told that on his visit of St. Lucia he asked about his old friend Sir John and to arrange to meet him personally. There is much that we as a nation can learn from the life of Nelson Mandela, that more is achievable through respectful dialogue and engagement, than hostile postures. And by his transformation he was able to overcome the terrible system of apartheid in South Africa. It is the pursuit of selfish and personal agendas that account for the pain and unspeakable suffering that prevails in the world today. Mandela shows that with dialogue and peace that we can overcome the darkness and misery that still consume parts of this world. Nelson Mandela will long be remembered as a man who spread the cry of freedom and peace throughout our world. May he rest in peace. -END