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  • Welcome and greet each participant, ask each to begin activity and place ticket in bucket Thanks for comingGlad youre hereSo nice you cameGood to see youWow, How exciting to se soo many wonder teacher-librarians. Let’s begin….
  • Welcome to the 9th annual librarian to librarian Networking Summit here at East Carolina University. My name is Teresa Wetherell and I will be your facilitator today.
  • A little information about me….I currently serve as librarian at Highcroft Drive Elementary School in Wake County. I have over 20 years experience as librarian and 8 years as a classroom teacher. I worked in three states, 6 districts, automated 2 libraries and have served in parochial, private and public schools. I had the wonderful exciting experience of opening a school library at a brand new school in 2001 which was awesome. 8 of those years I was librarian I served at an inner city school with over 85% F and R lunch….Very diverse, but was the most rewarding position I ever held. My current school has less than 2% F and R Lunch, which is a huge contrast. I am also still learning! Everyday! And I love my work.
  • The PURPOSE of today’s discussion is to help us make the most out of the time we have with students….on a fixed schedule….I try to advocate for flexible scheduling, however I have not been successful…..I was halfway there almost
  • And with a fixed schedule and taking care of an entire school with everything changing I sometimes feel like a chameleon. Times are changing, our position changes, out title changes, our evaluation has changed…so with all the experience we have as a combined group I am asking you to
  • Share!!!!!!!!!!!! In order for us to get as much out of this short session, please don’t hold back. However, I warn you we have lots to cover today and I am hopeful we will allBring something back to our schools we can use….
  • I have divided our session into three catagories and these will be the points for pondering about during our time together……time, tools and teaching…teaching will be the bulk of our session.
  • So lets’ get started….Time! We only have so much…today and in your classes. Even though we are on a fixed schedule we have to consider our time with students and our schedule
  • This is how we introduce ourselves at workshops/conferences….It all comes down to one issue…Are you.Full OR fixed”There is modified, half, flex but, some flex, but, planning but, lunch but, cover duties, but printers, tech etc.**** I have a story….. I thought I was making a breakthrough about fixed and flex schedule… principal said I would be flex 3-5 then 4-5 then he said he would make me flex 4-5….but put me on a schedule….I had this look…make the look….Yeah…ive had this look for a long time….
  • I’ve got proof I perfected this look almost 53 years ago. So anyway…..without playing the blame game as we still continue to advocate what is best for our students but until then…I will use what I have to do the best I can to engage students.
  • But I want you to remember….don’t get bogged down in wishing for something you don’t have today..Don’t play the blame game…im talking to myself….Remember back, way back…when you got your first position as a teacher/librarian we can still be the inspiration on a fixed schedule…,.,quote and baby….we’re going to tear up the dance floor.,so things may have changed…..good feeling….some things you can control some things you can’t…make the most of what you have with the time and tools you have at your disposal. Make a list of what you can do to change for the better TODAY…DISCUSS WITH FRIEND.
  • Quickly share your schedule with your neighbor…..think of 3 positive characteristics….see every student at my school…that’s my superpower, classroom teachers can’t say that. To get you started… I have 3 classes with a break for lunch and 3 more classesMy planning is first thing everyday. Lets hear some positive characteristics….Now that you have a good feeling about your schedule….embrace it…it is what it is….lets move on to…….
  • TOOLS: Sometimes we don’t have a say in our schedule or the tools that we have to use…but again, remember….we’re going to learn to dance in the rain.
  • Its not about wishing…its what you have NOW…that you can use today.
  • So this is what I have in my library to use….It keeps me focused as to what I have but I also have to think of the time I have to use it and what Im using it for.I am also in charge of allowing other teachers sign up to use the media center’s computer lab….
  • The truth is what we’ve discovered so far….No two libraries are exactly alike…..It is usually site based, based on the principal’s philosophy…..different ideas……Again, we have to make it work for our students…We have to tailor it to feet our student;s needs….and the population we have which brings us to the most important category….why we do what we do….and we are the experts….
  • So what is the purpose of technology….why do you use it. What is your best/favorite tech …..integration lesson? How do you use it…..Which segways to our final, but most important point…..TEACHING…..
  • We teach students, teachers, parents, principal, vice principal, guidance counselors, AIG, ….everyone at school.
  • So what drives your instruction? Where do you get your ideas? Share out loud.
  • I use this as one resource to drive my instruction….your thoughts/ keeps me focused. I also have to show my artifacts/activities I ve done, lesson plans….orgainizations, digital portfolio/notbook….Very thorough….5 standards….raised the bar this year with the new instrument. Forces you to collaborate, differentiate, cooperate, delegate,
  • When I was reflecting what drives my instruction, I “mind” my Ps and Qs…..I first think of Pupils….Number 1 priority…My peers, teachers. What are their needs, enhance their instruction, reinforce concepts? Promote literacy, reading independly….The principal …..and Parents….If they were sitting in my library at any given time….would I be happy with the Quality of my lessons…with the quantity of work I have to do or the many classes I teach? 39 classes with 37 good fit book lessons….whew!!!! Include book selection, book talks, reading advocacy…the list goes on and on
  • It takes a team to put together a school and you should be the heart of the school or team…..Together everyone achieves more! All great, but what about COLLABORATION?I cooperate or coordinate at best I feel sometimes. True collaboration is very difficult for those on a fixed schedule. Expecially when you can’t attend their PLTs and you feel like youre on an island….
  • Whenyour principal comes in to observe or bring visitors are you excited for him to see you in action?Do you support the common core? Would he be impressed? Sometimes we have to educate the educated….story about Non Fiction real pictures.ITES?Teach skills in isolation? I have to say, with a fixed schedule I don’t know how to have inquiry based instruction in 20 minutes or less.21st century learners….small groups, etc
  • Did your suggestions include any of these? What about coloring sheets? Again, I really have to planStory…Library Lion I was Livid….
  • What about library centers/rotations/stations/ do you use….how do you feel about them? Pinterest plethora of ideas. I have to say I was not a fan at first but after seeing some ideas, I believe they have merit…depending on concept/purpose. Probably wouldn’t use all the time. That’s how I feel now….I do like the small groups, collaboration between peers…Max’s dragon with rhyming words….I have five tables that I rotate with various levels of rhyming words….they love it. Bill Peet’s ant and the elephant….author study…author’s message, tie in non fiction animal books for research….have tables to sort animals by height, weight, colors, abc order….using pictures and nonfiction books.
  • As I mentioned with my nonfiction…titanic…fouth grade. Opinion writing…should the titanic be raised? Why found differences in sources/primary documents. Introduce I read Polar the titanic bear.
  • I had never heard of this, but I use it. I didn’t know what it was called. You can use as a literacy/ or other content area station. Math/guesstimate, promotion, etc. They took it upon themselves to find out about our turtle.. Red eared slider. Who knew? Obstical course around library with literacy ideas using math/graphs.
  • NC MC EAInstrument…
  • Show attendees my sources
  • How many of you use the NCCBA Activity Booklet? This is my third year. Story: I read the nccb picture book nominees aloud to first and fourth grades during their media special for 4 weeks…give or take…they are book buddies and teachers use some of the activities to work together as a follow up to the picture books… teachers in the upper grades are encouraged to read the chapter books aloud or encourage student check out….. One idea two grade levels, 12 classes with specials….focus
  • Purpose: supports reading, advocating libraries, come up with own ideas (if you have the time) two years…first year read aloud and vote, then we had the situation with book buddies and it was a fiasco…. We still vote….I did this presentation for first and fourth grade teachers to get them on board and to brainstorm…Once they see you have created this for them, they can adapt it to their needs….
  • Great for CCSS…1.RL (standards for literature) 1.RI (standards for reading informational text Ites: 1.SI. 1 resources as relevant for a given purpose/1in1.1 classify as nF or F compare inportant facts Technology as a tool to reinforce (simple research process) Science: Eco systems 1L1 and 1l12 1.l2.2 Social Studies….1.g.1 1.g.2 4H2
  • Shared with text pairing….think about text sets with nccba, please add your thoughts good, bad, how you would use? This is good for older students as well… librarian is a camel. A long walk to water. The one and only ivan. I use all the time with kinders with simple literature with informational text….sometimes I don’t always go with ccss, but with ites….This can mean simple to complex….from f/nf on one animal to comparing and analyzing multiple texts on the same subject or event or with differing points of view.
  • Grade level content (science, social studies, math (tech) plus non fiction plus fiction gives a broader spectrum from which students can develop their schema.
  • What is a scientist?
  • Kindergarteners: I want them to love books, the library and know that reading is fun. I read to them every time they come to the library. First graders: Author studies; Second: Begin with Patricia Polacco and tell them my secret! All: Good Fit Books, Earth Day, Kindness in January. I use the above focus to keep from teaching skills in isolation. Technology as a tool; not a learning outcome!
  • This was an interactive slide a third grader created. I took them to to get the pictures, and to hyperlink. He wanted it to look old. I think he did an amazing job. Steve Prefontaine quote…to give anything less that your best is to sacrifice the gift.
  • Inspire, engage, learn, have fun….Mix it upkeep the kids wanting to come back for more.Love our library, not lots of laughs….
  • Use with 3rd grade beginning of year. Right after good fit book lesson. Teachers request every year.
  • Figurative Language introduction. Work with third graders.
  • Share your personal favorite stories or excerpts sometimes…….It doesn’t matter if you read aloud award winning books…if you don’t like it, the students will pick up on that. Model the fluency and expression you want your students to hear. They do not have this opportunity in the classroomYou must be excited to read and feel the mood….Chris Van Allsburg books are the best for teaching inferencing.
  • Our purpose is simple….our mission, and yes we did chose to accept it…and it is changing every day its about fun, support, teaching, advocating, sharing, guiding, inspiring, building a love of learning. And be the go to person for everyone in the school.
  • BLE best librarian ever! How do people perceive you AT YOUR SCHOOL? Marion the librarian or super librarian with super powers at your fingertips…not all superheros wear capes you know….
  • Award Winning Challenges…Did your favorite win? : Picture Books: Newbery: Genre Wheel/Web: Reading Promise:
  • These are a few of the winners that included in the ppt….
  • I hyperlinked some activities for you…..
  • More text sets I used in class for supporting the teacher’s request. Mock vote. wrote
  • Call out some friends.,
  • Change it up a bit for older kids. Work with teams, use as a center
  • Another idea, must prove answer with book title.
  • Ecu library summit 2014

    1. 1. With a friend or “new found friend” please make a list of literary friends. Example: Pooh & Piglet
    2. 2. L2L Networking Summit Teresa Wetherell
    3. 3.
    4. 4. Bring Brag Share Discuss Comment Question Solutions
    5. 5. Time Tools Teaching
    6. 6. “Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass, it’s about learning to dance in the rain.” Vivian Greene
    7. 7. “Think of three positive characteristics with your current schedule.”
    8. 8. Please, make a mental inventory of the technology and tools you have at your disposal to use TODAY!
    9. 9. For each class: In the library : (40 – 45 minutes include)     5 minute book check in 15 minute book selection 20 minutes to read aloud and/or lesson Computer / Technology Integration (Hardware)       30 computers (36) Document camera Data Projector Laptop iPad Camera with recorder
    10. 10. Blogs Book trailers & Book talks Oh, my!
    11. 11. “Share a tool or two”
    12. 12. Pupils Peers Principal Parents Quality Quantity Planning Performance
    13. 13.                   Centers Blogs Book Trailers Puzzles Book Hooks Displays Full Group Small Groups Research Singing Games Worksheets Crafts/Coloring Read to self area Computers Listening Centers Book Clubs More…
    14. 14. Compare Sources Identify Text Features Compare Text Features Find out more information
    15. 15. .
    16. 16. Share one good “go to” source you find useful in planning
    17. 17. North Carolina Media Coordinator Evaluation Media Specialist Collaboration Form (quarterly) Library Sparks Magazine Quick Reference Guide for the North Carolina Standard Course of Study, DPI 2012 (IRT) The Common Core Lesson Book K-5, by Gretchen Owocki (Heinemann; Portsmouth, NH), 2012 (CCSS) & (ITES)
    18. 18. Common Threads Bears Friendship Colors Habitats Nature Migration Hibernation Landmarks (Fourth Graders will relate habitats, landmarks, animals to North Carolina)
    19. 19. GLC + NF+ F= Success ( New Understanding ) (Multiple NF texts can be added depending on objective or standard)
    20. 20. Show “Frozen” book trailer Ask: What character trait was presented? What makes a person kind? Follow up: Share: Have you filled a bucket today? Coretta Scott King Medal with book Coretta Share times about kindness What can you do to show kindness to others
    21. 21. Read aloud, discuss ducks and their habitat Picture walk with NF book, Mallards Discuss differences with species using a Venn Diagram Companion or introduce with: Make way for ducklings (rmcloskey) Magic Finger (rdahl) Trumpet of the Swan (ebwhite) Science notebook/Field journaling Scientific Sketching/Observations
    22. 22. After reading Me…Jane, ask students if they know other scientists. You can read about her life in the biography, Jane Goodall, Animal Scientist. I also like to pair with Koko’s kitten (long). *The One and Only Ivan (older) Discuss introduce sign language Types of monkeys. (Habitat and location) Passion for conservation, endangered animals
    23. 23. Pair with Aesop ‘s Lion and Mouse fable The Ant and the Elephant by Bill Peet Slowly Sloth (ecarle) Animal Study Habitat(s) (Mouse, Sloth, Frog, Bear Tiger, Elephant research) Size/measurement
    24. 24. Friendship Landmarks Art form in books Google Earth (NYC) “Compair” with Penguin and Pinecone by Salina Yoon Hank finds an egg by Rebecca Dudley An Egg is Quiet by Diana Hutts Aston Show different cities with their cityscape (NYC, Boston, Seattle, Chicago, Miami) Spring non-fiction Blue has a blog at:
    25. 25. Patience Character Traits Humorous Food Groups (Nutrition) Chocolate (How to make Chocolate Cake) Process writing (How to) Family Pair with Where the Wild Things Are by Maurice Sendak
    26. 26. Bears Kindness Habitats for different bears Hibernation Storytelling Pair with Every Autumn Comes the Bear by Jim Arnosky Bear Snores On by Karma Wilson Knut by Craig Hatkoff (NF)
    27. 27. Pair with Goldilocks and the Three Dinosaurs by Mo Willems Compare with traditional story of “The Three Bears” Use for study of urban and rural areas Reader’s Theatre “Stick Puppets” (or bookmarks) 09/goldilocks-crafty-thing-to-do.html
    28. 28. Baby Animals (Zooborns) Bears (Different species) Colors Nature Pair with Blueberries for Sal by Robert McCloskey or Take a nature walk Explore colors in nature Construct a color wheel
    29. 29. Owl species Rabbit species Habitats Predator/Prey Friendship Books Character Traits Conflict Resolution Compare with Frog and Toad books
    30. 30. Connects to Kevin O’Malley’s, Velcome Humorous Dark, Dark, Room by Alvin Schwartz Creepy Carrots by Aaron Reynolds Pair with Donna Washington’s video from Book Hive: “Red Red Lips”
    31. 31. 2013 Caldecott Honor Book Compare with Peter Rabbit and Mr. McGregor’s Garden Great writing inspiration Activity to connect with CCSS at /10/creepy-carrots-tackle-commoncore.html Read aloud on Youtube at z4Ogs#t=22
    32. 32. 2 Iditarod (Akiak, Balto, and Togo) 3 People who have overcome challenges (Helen Keller) 4 Titanic (Polar, the Titanic Bear) 5 Lewis and Clark (Sacajawea)
    33. 33. Louis Braille A Wilma Rudolph Eleanor Roosevelt Amazing People by Jake Vincent Helen Keller with Anne Sullivan Dr. Ben Carson
    34. 34. Students recall what teachers have used as a fix up strategy in reading. Read aloud Baloney with foreign words Students use strategies to figure out words Students share answers Read again with answers in English
    35. 35. Introduce tongue-twisters. (Suzie sells shells on the seashore.) Students can listen to book by Bob McLeod (be ready for laughs) Each student can make their own Super Hero tongue twister. Share! Other books to consider: Some Smug Slug by Pamela Duncan Edwards
    36. 36. To encourage students to want to come back to the library and promote a love of reading To show teachers my support by enhancing their instruction and promote a love of reading To create lessons which inspire and are meaningful with a purpose and promote a love of reading To provide students and staff with a school librarian who provides information, services, and guidance which is needed for learning to take place, and promote a love of reading
    37. 37. Caldecott Award  “Locomotive,” by Brian Floca Newbery Award  Flora & Ulysses: The Illuminated Adventures,” by Kate DiCamillo Coretta Scott King Award  “P.S. Be Eleven,” by Rita Williams-Garcia  “Knock Knock: My Dad’s Dream for Me,” illustrated by Bryan Collier; written by Daniel Beaty Printz Award  “Midwinterblood,” written by Marcus Sedgwick Pura Belpre Award  Nino Wrestles the World by Yuyi Morales  (Honor book)  “Pancho Rabbit and the Coyote: A Migrant’s Tale,” illustrated and written by Duncan Tonatiuh Robert F. Sibert Award  “Parrots over Puerto Rico,” by Susan L. Roth and Cindy Trumbore (Honor)  “Splash of Red: The Life and Art of Horace Pippin,” written by Jen Bryant  “Locomotive,” written by Brian Floca
    38. 38. Youth Award Winners/Honor Books January 2014 Locomotive by Brian Floca (A curriculum guide) Train by Elisha Cooper Pancho Rabbit and the coyote by Duncan Tonatiuh (similar retelling of Little Red Riding Hood) Esperanza Rising by Pamela Nunoz Ryan The Watermelon Seed by Greg Pizzoli Watermelon for everyone by Martha Rose Woodward A splash of red; The life and art of Horace Pippin by Jen Bryant (Art, biography, painting, perseverance, letter writing, creating a timeline) Parrots over Puerto Rico by Susan L. Roth and Cindy Trumbore Companion read with The Mangrove Tree (Roth and Trumbore) Coretta Scott King (Illustrator) Book Award Knock Knock; My dad’s dream for me by Daniel Beaty
    39. 39. Text Sets, Comparing texts, Pointof view (Stations/Centers) Common Core (lexile levels and nonfiction) Persuasion to be President     So you want to be President? If I ran for President Duck for President My teacher for President I use these to have students write an opinion paper. Who would be the best president? Why? (Three reasons with examples)
    40. 40. Students will move beyond text features and explore text structures; The pair of titles below follow a chronological structure. I also use Yellowstone Moran as an example when teaching field journaling/sketching with Lewis and Clark Unit.  The Camping Trip that changed America by Barb Rosenstock  Yellowstone Moran: Painting the American West by Lita Judge Source (
    41. 41. Turtle in the sea by Jim Arnosky On Kiki’s Reef by Carol Malnot Carolina’s Story by Donna Rathmell Turtle summer: A Journal for my daughter by Mary Alice Monroe
    42. 42. The Lorax by Dr. Seuss (The consequences and actions of using/abusing environment) Tell me, Tree by Gail Gibbons (The roll trees play in our lives and identification)
    43. 43. Journey by Aaron Becker Where the wild things are by Maurice Sendak Harold and the purple crayon by Crockett Johnson Use with NF Castles by David Macaulay for picture walk; spark imagination/architecture
    44. 44. Story of Snowflake Bentley by Jacqueline Briggs Martin (Great for construction of timeline) The story of snow: The Science of Winter’s Wonder by Mark Cassino with Jon Nelson, Ph.D. Snow Globe Family by Jane O’Connor The Snowy Day by Jack Ezra Keats Snow by Cynthia Rylant Snip, Snip…Snow! by Nancy Podar (How to make snowflakes in back of book/How-to process) Snowballs by Lois Ehlert Snowzilla by Janet Lawler Snow Dude by Daniel Kirk Winter is for snow by Robert Neubecker (References to winter holidays)
    45. 45.             George and Martha Frog and Toad Pooh and Piglet Charlotte and Wilbur Gerald and Piggy Trixie and Knuffle Frodo and Sam Pan and Tink Dorothy and Toto Tom and Huck Rat and Mole Dragon and Apple Harry, Ron & Hermione Henry and Mudge Rotten Ralph and Sara Henry and Beezus Mr. Putter and Tabby Minnie and Moo Mercy and Baby Lincoln Greg and Rowley Christopher Robin and Pooh  Jack and Annie  Clifford and Emily         
    46. 46. Narnia Neverland Wonderland 100 Acre Wood Klickitat Street Mulberry Street Treasure Island Mr. McGregor’s Garden Hogwarts Badger’s House Shire Emerald City
    47. 47. PICTURE BOOKS           Amelia Trisha Rotten Richie Babar Baby Duck Frog Toad Louanne Pig Gerald Piggy CHAPTER BOOKS           Fern Wilbur Templeton Bone Squirrel Sam Louis Laura Poppy Emily
    48. 48. Each Kindness By Jacqueline Woodson Wonder By R. J. Palacio Source: Ann Pace Photography
    49. 49. (Staff)