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Chris Young and Duct Tape

Chris Young and Duct Tape



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Chrisy~1 Presentation Transcript

  • 1. 3M Presents A Kuttler and Starr Production
  • 2. Chris Young and DUCT TAPE!
  • 3. You may be asking yourself, “Why should Duct Tape sponsor Chris Young?”
  • 4. Because… this young country artist lives a 100 mile an hour Duct Tape lifestyle…
  • 5. As one of RCA’s major country artists, Chris Young knows that surviving a non-stop life on the road requires three things: Talent,…
  • 6. Fans and…
  • 7. DUCT TAPE!!
  • 8. This simple roll of tape is the trade secret of country music…
  • 9. This Country Artist is one busy guy...
  • 10. Whether it is modeling for charity…
  • 11. Or participating in Charity Softball games…
  • 12. Singing the National Anthem…
  • 13. Being in parades…
  • 14. Constantly doing interviews…
  • 15. Or being on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno...
  • 16. And singing at Country Music Festivals…
  • 17. Chris does not have time for mishaps while on the road...
  • 18. So the easy and quick solution calls for Duct Tape!!!
  • 19. Before a new boot is fully broken in it may have a tendency to scratch up the artist’s leg. Chris has found the perfect solution…
  • 20. DUCT TAPE!
  • 21. During his fan club party, Chris had to play a whole set on a stool that had a broken leg. Out on the road, country artists constantly run across unreliable sets and furniture…
  • 22. But even a broken stool leg can be fixed with a little duct tape!
  • 23. Chris loves his fans, which is why he always makes time to sign autographs and take pictures. But there isn’t always a place to put the Sharpie down during a photo op.
  • 24. Duct Tape your Sharpie to your holster… Holster
  • 25. Thanks to Duct Tape, there is no longer a sharpie photo invasion issue. Fans get a perfect picture with Chris every time!
  • 26. With very little room on the bus… how does Chris pack a tour’s worth of his signature bandanas, boots, jeans, hats, socks, shirts, and everything else a country artist needs out on the road?
  • 27.  
  • 28. There’s one easy fix all solution… DUCT TAPE!!
  • 29. Without it you’re not ready to hit the stage…
  • 30. Because life on the road REQUIRES Duct Tape.
  • 31. Have DUCT TAPE will travel…
  • 32. Just try Duct Tape and see, You’re Gonna Love Me……
  • 33. The End Kuttler and Starr Productions We are not professionals!