Connecting The Dots Within The District Businesses By Tom Shay

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Tom Shay's presentation for Main Street Districts dealing with the technique utilized for gaining more participation from businesses.

Tom Shay's presentation for Main Street Districts dealing with the technique utilized for gaining more participation from businesses.

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  • 1. Tom Shay, CSP Certified Speaking Professional
  • 2. Advertising challenges
    • By itself, does advertising work?
  • 3. Advertising
    • Advertising
      • Television
      • Radio
      • Newspaper
      • Direct Mail
    • Other methods of advertising?
  • 4. Advertising challenges
    • A necessary evil?
      • Why is a low return on the advertising investment acceptable?
    • Example from a mass merchant:
      • 8% of sales come from advertising 4% of advertising shoppers purchase a non sale item
  • 5. Media challenges
    • Sells time or space then asks, “What do you want to ‘run’?
    • Moves from one media to another and says the new one is better
    • Chases the ‘co-op’ dollars and then creates a ‘dealer tag’ ad
    • Is a salesperson, not a creative person
  • 6. Media challenges
    • Small business is a salesperson, not a creative person
    • Most frequently advertising consists of item and price
    • Image advertising is hard to gauge the success of and is difficult to be consistent with
  • 7. Challenged by
    • CAVE dwellers C itizens A gainst V irtually E verything
  • 8. Advertising challenges
    • If advertising doesn’t work should I stop it?
  • 9. Retail promotions
    • Each one doing their own thing
    • Promoting goods and services by their district business
    • Generating only immediate retail sales
    • Occasionally advertising as a part of the district
  • 10.
    • Are the businesses within your downtown district disconnected from each other?
    • Is there no “All for one, and one for all”?
  • 11. Advertising is
    • Talking to the public
    • Trying to get rid of what you’ve got
  • 12. Promoting is
    • Talking to your customers
    • Having what you can get rid of
  • 13. Promoting
    • Spend $20 through advertising to get someone to first shop with you
    • Spend less than $4 to get that first time shopper to return
  • 14. Why Power Promoting?
    • Power promoting costs less
    • Power promoting shows more immediate results
    • Power promoting is easier to tweak
    • Power promoting builds that first level of confidence between a business and Main Street staff
  • 15. Power Promoting
    • Building on the success of teaching merchants – one merchant at a time and one event at a time
    • Creating successful events for your individual district members
    • Getting member businesses to engage in your events
  • 16. Power Promoting
    • How our power promoting began
  • 17.  
  • 18.  
  • 19. Implementing Power Promoting
    • Select promotions that a merchant could utilize
    • Consider: needed creativity, budget, complexity, potential results of promotion, merchants reception to new ideas
  • 20. Implementing Power Promoting
    • Follow up individual success, with additional power promoting
    • Follow up individual success with multi-merchant events
    • Teach the businesses to “get ‘em downtown, keep ‘em downtown!”
  • 21. Snipe hunt
  • 22. Snipe hunt
    • Merchants and media decide to create weekend “Snipe hunt”
    • Birds purchased by each store and placed within the business
    • Bags were printed listing all participating merchants
  • 23. Magic Santa Days
    • 2008 is 47 th year
    • Sponsored by Ft. Smith Times Record
    • Participating merchants place ads in the Times Record
    • Major ad is provided by the Times Record – lists participants and the questions
    • Answers are in participating store ads
    • Customers clip their “Magic Santa badges” from the paper
  • 24. Magic Santa Days
    • Times Record employees are the “Magic Santas”
    • They visit the participating stores looking for people wearing the badges
    • Prizes are gift certificates from the participating merchants
  • 25.  
  • 26. Magic Santa Days
    • The promotion was discontinued after 2005 because of a lack of merchant participation.  Today's merchants don't seem to understand, don't want to understand, or don't think they need to understand  store traffic from free registrations .  We checked out several of our participants and most everyone failed to approach those coming in to register as potential customers.  If the customer didn't do an impulse buy, then they didn't buy anything at all.  We couldn't even talk the merchants into using impulse islands of merchandise near the registration box, which most thought was completely unnecessary.  Pretty frustrating when you expend that kind of time and resources into a promotion that couldn't attract even a dozen retailers.  We decided a long-term rest of the promotion was the solution.
  • 27. Other promotions
    • Aiken, SC
      • Aiken’s makin’
        • 10 years +
        • locally made crafts
      • West “mutt”ster dog show
        • Benefits SPCA who organizes it
  • 28. Local service organizations
    • Harrison, AR
      • New monthly display windows to support a local organization
  • 29. Seasonal lighting
  • 30. Retailer dates
    • Mom & Pop Business Owner’s Day is March 29
    • National Small Business Day is May 10
    • National Independent Retailers Week is July 20-26 (week containing July 21)
  • 31. Successful results require:
    • Budget
    • Plan
    • Follow thru
    • Documentation
  • 32. A.M.P.
    • Advertising
    • Marketing
    • Promoting
    • Explain how to create their AMP plan
    • Invite each of you to take a free subscription to the AMP calculator for the merchants in your district
  • 33.  
  • 34. Can you connect the dots of your downtown district?
  • 35. It’s a Wonderful Life
    • My small town and its’ story
    • The parking meters, the bypass, the mass merchants and True Grit
    • What would, and could have been
  • 36. It’s a Wonderful Life
    • “Every time a bell rings, an angel gets their wings” - Clarence
    • A Clarence can make the registers ring
    • Are you a Clarence?
  • 37. The shop it was busy. The clerk he was not. The more shoppers asked him, the dumber he got. They don’t pay me enough, to do all this work. They don’t pay me enough, said the clerk with the smirk. Slow, slower, slowest – that’s my strategy. You want it done fast, don’t try asking me. I hate working here – all irk and no perk. I long to get axed said the clerk with the smirk. I’ll be unemployed. I’ll go on the dole. No taxes to pay. No rigamarole. And the clerk with the smirk soon got himself fired. The boss sent him packing, with language inspired. Thought the clerk with the smirk, “That’s fine, fine, fine, fine. I’ll collect unemployment, I’ll go get in line. But the lines there were long, and the service so poor, that waiting and waiting became quite a chore. At last at the front, the smirker did whine, “The help here is lousy, you ought to resign. The man sized him up and said with a sneer. “I’m closing this line. You can go to the rear.” “Hey wait! No you don’t,” cried the clerk with the smirk. “I’ll see that you get fired for the work that you shirk.” To the clerk with the smirk said the clerk with the sneer. “Thanks to people like you, I’ll always be here”
  • 38. Final Note
    • This presentation will be specialized to your industry and your attendees’ specific needs.
    • For more information about having Tom present for you, contact us at (727)464-2182 or visit our website: