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  • Welcome to the 2.0 workshop on flipped teaching.I would like to start off by showing
  • The video is a a parody of Goyte’s (Belgian/Australian musician) created by Ted-Ed called Somebody that I used to know. It articulates some of the biggest frustrations that students and educators face being in a school.
  • French American International School– 21st century initiatives: i-pad, flipped classroom
  • Students watch lectures at home at their own pace, communicating with peers and teachers through online discussionsConcept engagement in the classroom
  • How apple changed the world in 7 years (picture is worth a 1000 words).We have the power to capture the news as it happens. We have the whole world in our hands. Knowledge is available and accessible everywhere, with or without the teacher.
  • Fasten your seatbelt, turn off your electronic devices and enjoy the flight
  • Free video lesson library
  • Paul Andersen, a science teacher in Bozeman, MT. He has created hundreds of science videos that have been viewed millions of times by students and teachers around the world.  He has been teaching high school science for the last nineteen years. Stephen Anderson, MYP and IB biology teacher in JapanIB coordinator
  • Student account
  • Educreations & Knowmia – allow typing, multiple slidesThere is a community. Publish slides.
  • Paul Anderson: How to make an educational screencast
  • Need to provide platform for discussion amongst peers and teachers to exchange ideas and ask questions.
  • Unlike other social media: Cultivating specific social media. Your brand. Your members. Your control.
  • As a teacher, the best thing that I could ask from a student is for him/her to think about biology outside of biology time. Hope is that through this model, biology does not become some study that the student used to know.
  • Fipped classroom

    1. 1. +Flipped classroomInnovate 2013START HERE!
    2. 2. +Some study that I used to know –How much do you remember from high school?
    3. 3. +Some study that I used to know (Student)Now and then I think of what I learned in high schoolLike AP Bio and British LiteratureIs that igneous or metamorphicI don’t need to write an iambicI’ll admit I know shit about Millard Fillmore Why did I have to learn this stuff?It is never coming handy;Never used it for nothingWhy did we read the Scarlet Letter?Puritans are boring even when one is a slut
    4. 4. +Some study that I used to know Theres actually one thing I still knowEli Whitney he invented the cotton ginDefinitely do not need that thoughNow its just a study that I use to knowNow its just a study that I use to know (Teacher)Now and then I think of all the things I taught you…Every hand out with a Farside Cartoon appropoYou don’t want to live that wayForgetting every word I sayYou said youd never let it goI guess mneumonic devices just wasn’t enough for you though You really freaking pissed me offI worked so hard to teach you something, now you don’t know nothingWhat does the conch symbolize or anything beyond the first three digits of pi?And what about SohCahToa or asexual reproduction of the ProtozoaI guess you didn’t need that thoughNow it’s just a study that you use to knowA study (I use to know)Now it’s just a study that you use to know (I use to know, I use to know)
    5. 5. +Math Problem:In high school, students are in class for approximately 1,000hours per year. How many years of school have you attended?Approximately how many hours have you been a student in aclassroom?
    6. 6. +Innovate sessions attended The IB Biological clock is ticking: getting dirty with a flippedmodel – Amaral Cunha (Graded School) and Rory Newcomb(American School of Bombay) The promise of blended learning: – Joel Cohen, AntoineDelaitre, Seth Hubbert (French American International School inSan Francisco) Outline What is flip? Why flip? How flip? Videos, Social network
    7. 7. +What is flipped teaching?
    8. 8. +Why flip?Learn almostanything for free
    9. 9. +Why flip? Frees up time to do meaningfulactivities in the class All kids are different and learndifferently Can challenge students atappropriate level instead of goingfor the middle ground Students decide when they want towatch the video, study at their ownpace, can stop, rewind, fast forward Responsibility for their own learning
    10. 10. +Videos
    11. 11. + Flip this lesson Create customized lesson plan to assign to students Sharing – Flipping a flip Creating – Get involved
    12. 12. +Youtube teachers Includes over 700,000 high qualityeducational videos from over 800channels. A team of teachers around the countryscour the site to uncover the latest andgreatest educational videos to add toYouTube EDU, ensuring that there arevideos on everything fromAstrophysics to Zoology
    13. 13. +
    14. 14. +What I use
    15. 15. +Create your own videos:Draw, Record & Share
    16. 16. +Screen casting: Omnidazzle,Keynote, Screenflow
    17. 17. +3. Social network
    18. 18. +Google doc
    19. 19. +Ning
    20. 20. +Facebook One billion users Share various media: posts, articles,videos, photos, links, etc. Facebook page versus personalregular accounts
    21. 21. +Final thoughts Flipped model allows students to become independent learners Flipped model makes classroom experience more engaging Digitalization of teacher and presence in student’s online worldcreates connection with students
    22. 22. +