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One of the most inspiring stories  on the purest ladies from india    eternal love and emancipation
One of the most inspiring stories  on the purest ladies from india    eternal love and emancipation
One of the most inspiring stories  on the purest ladies from india    eternal love and emancipation
One of the most inspiring stories  on the purest ladies from india    eternal love and emancipation
One of the most inspiring stories  on the purest ladies from india    eternal love and emancipation
One of the most inspiring stories  on the purest ladies from india    eternal love and emancipation
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One of the most inspiring stories on the purest ladies from india eternal love and emancipation


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  • 1. 5/24/2012 STORY OF SATI RAJIMATI - JOURNEY FROM ETERNALJAIN LOVE TO EMANCIPATION Inspiring Life of the great Sati Rajimati | Dr. T.K. Jain,
  • 3. I remember many stories out of the thousands of stories narratedby my mother. One of these many stories is the story of Rajimati.She is considered one of the 16 Sati in Jain traditions (Sati in Jaintradition means the lady who leads the purest life and attainssalvation, there are stories of 16 ladies, who are considered Sati, ithas nothing to do with pyre). I wish that these stories should passon to the next generations and therefore I am writing thesestories.In Jain Tradition, there were 24 Tirthankara in the presentcivilization. The first was Adinath. The last one was Mahaveer.Neminath was the 22nd Tirthankar. Tirthankar means a personwho establishes Tirtha (restablishment of religion and spiritualityafter attaining salvation). Tirthankars not only attain salvation,they enable thousands of others to attain salvation by spreadingknowledge and right practices. Neminath was cousin of Krishnaand Pandavs. His original name of Arishthnemi. He was younger toKrishna. He was son of Samudravijay. Samudravijay and Vasudevwere real brothers. They were brothers of Kunti and Madri(mothers of Pandavs). Krishna was son of Vasudev.Arishthnemi was detached from the world from childhood.Although, he had tremendous capabilities from childhood. Hecould blow the Couch (Shankh), which others couldn’t even pickup. He could easily pick up and use the weapons of Krishna, whichcouldn’t be moved even by others. He powers and stamina werebeyond comparison. Krishna also appreciated his powers and wasapprehensive of his capabilities. Krishna was interested that heshould get married. However, Aristhnemi was not interested inmarriage. Krishna organized a party on the occasion of Holi and
  • 4. asked his wives to motivate Arishthnemi for marriage throughsome plays. Thus with clever plays, Krishna was able to takeconsent of Arishthnemi for marriage.Jain philosophy is based on the basic premise of Re-Birth. If youdon’t believe in this concept, you cannot understand the Jainphilosophy. There are stories of eight births prior to the birth asAristhnemi. In earlier lives Aristhnemi and Rajimati werelifepartners or close friends.In this life Rajimati was a beautiful young lady, daughter of kingUgrasen. Aristhnemi was considered to be an appropriate groomfor Rajimati. The marriage was arranged. Prince Arithniemi wasbathed in Perfumed water; dressed in gorgeous garments, deckedup in all kinds of Jewellery and put upon an impressivelydecorated elephant. The splendid procession started for wedding.During the procession, on way to Rajimati’s place the prince sawa number of birds and animals shut up in cages. There was piteouslook in their eyes. He felt disturbed. He asked why all theseanimals and birds were shut in the cages. In his greatastonishment, he was told that they were taken to the palace forwedding feast. He was now purterbed. Why such a lot ofbloodshed for a wedding? This moment was a turning point of hislife. He started thinking on the direction of life’s goals. He took amajor decision, got off the elephant and started to move towardsMount Raivataka. Yes, he decided to renounce the world andbecome a monk. His relatives and friends tried to convinece him,but all in vain. His parents were extremely disappointed but theycouldn’t change his decision. There was a turmoil in the family ofRajimati. It was an unbearable situation. Noone could think about
  • 5. what to do. Rajimati also, on learning that Aristnemi haddiscarded her and renounced the world, decided to become asaint (nun). But Rathnemi, brother of Aristhnemi was alsoattracted to the bewitching beauty; and offer ed to marry her,instead of his brother. Rajimati was firm, she would not acceptanybody as a substitute of Aristhnemi, and she was firm to join areligious order. Even then he persisted. Rajimati now thought toteach him a lesson. She got some porridge made. She added someGhee and Honey in it in larger quantity. She gulped it and quicklyshe vomited it out in a golden bowl. Then she asked Rathnemi toeat it. Obviously, Rathnemi refused. Then she explained thatwhat Rathnemi was proposing to do was as good as eating avomit. What his bother Rathnemi has discarded, how he couldaccept? Rathniemi now felt disgust for this world it self. He alsodecided to become a monk and join the religious order. Rathnemi,thus became a Jain monk.Rajimati was the first lady saint under Lord Neminath. Once it sohappened that Rajimati alongwith other nuns were going toRaivataka mountain to offer their worship to Aristnemi. On theirway they were caught in heavy torrent of rain. They all rushed tofind shelter. Rajimati could find a shelter in a cave, she thoughtshe should get her wet cloth, dry. She removed th e clothes fromher body and spread them out for drying. She never knew thatMuni Rathnemi was there in the cave. Rajimati thinking that shewas all alone in a cave, was drying her clothes in naked position.Rathnemi could now look at her sharply shaped body, her smoothskin and her charming complexion. He forgot that he was a Jainmonk. He forgot that Rajimati had already rejected him and was a
  • 6. very devoted saint (nun). Rajimati sensed somebody’s presencethere and became very conscious. She covered her breasts withher arms and she sat down to save the exposure below. NowRathnemi appeared openly. He explained that beautiful humanbody is achieved after accumulation of merits of many lives. Heargued that it would be unfair not to enjoy the pleasure of body.Rajimati was not only firm but very blunt too. She said that youmight be more handsome than God of love (Kamdev) or asaccomplished as Nalkuber, she does not care. She said that shecomes from a noble family of king Bhoj and Ugrasen, and he toocomes from famousYdava family. Heasked how dare hecan behave insuch a despicablemanner with awoman? He advisedhim to control hissensual desires,otherwise he would be uprooted like a tr ee hit by a storm. Sherequested “Now control yourself. Your mind, your desires, yoursense organs. Be a master of yourself and save yourself from thedisgrace.” Rathinemi now realized his mistake. Now he was likean elephant, brought under proper control. He swore to her,never to waver from his path again. At last, Rajimati gainedKevalgyan – the eternal knowledge.