Thomson Safaris: Kilimanjaro Treks
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Thomson Safaris: Kilimanjaro Treks



With over 30 years’ experience,Thomson Safaris is one of the most trusted safari and Kilimanjaro trek operators in Tanzania.

With over 30 years’ experience,Thomson Safaris is one of the most trusted safari and Kilimanjaro trek operators in Tanzania.



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  • The mountain contains five distinct climate zones, from tropical, equatorial lands at the base to a glacial summit zone <br />
  • Many trekkers call Kilimanjaro a life-changing experience <br />
  • The seven summits are the tallest mountains on each continent; Everest is another <br />
  • Kili is also the tallest freestanding mountain in the entire world <br /> There’s no part of the climb that is more difficult than a challenging hike; it requires fitness but not climbing expertise <br />
  • Many trekkers describe it as the most difficult thing they’ve ever done <br /> Thomson has led trekkers as young as seven and as old as their early 80s to the top <br />
  • The mountain contains five distinct climate zones, from tropical, equatorial lands at the base to a glacial summit zone <br />
  • Coffee and bananas are commonly grown here <br /> the volcanic soil of the mountain is very fertile <br />
  • Vegetation is dense and lush year-round <br /> Very humid with warm days <br /> Many species of plants and animals found here live nowhere else on earth <br />
  • Starker, with low-lying shrubs and fewer, smaller animals <br /> Alien-looking species, like Giant Groundsel, give this zone a distinctive look <br />
  • the Alpine Zone is often compared to the surface of the moon <br />
  • Wintry and snowy no matter what time of year you trek <br /> Stunning glaciers at the summit are rapidly disappearing <br /> Trek before they’re gone! <br />
  • Acclimatization is essentially random; whether you acclimatize quickly or slowly is based on your genetic luck <br /> Most people choose 5-7 day routes up the mountain, and only about half of them reach the summit <br /> This is primarily due to a lack of acclimatization time; their bodies can’t adjust that fast <br /> Thomson builds acclimatization into our itineraries to give trekkers the best chance of reaching the top <br />
  • The Marangu and Machame routes are both choked with backpackers <br /> This route has far fewer trekkers, since it can’t be done in 5-6 days <br /> You’ll be able to enjoy the stunning vistas from the southern face of the mountain <br /> Because Lemosho is a longer route, you’ll have a chance to acclimatize better during your trek—this will give you the best chance of success
  • Some days will be longer, some will be shorter. <br /> With increased acclimatization time, you’ll feel stronger for your night summit bid, and truly enjoy the views of dawn breaking at Uhuru Peak <br /> Because of the variation in the different climate zones, you’ll need gear for warm, tropical weather in the rainforest, and gear built to withstand freezing temperatures for the summit <br />
  • Full, closed-cell foam ground pads and reinforced zippers help keep wind and weather out, which keeps you warmer <br /> Tents are big enough for 3, but we only ever sleep 2/tent <br /> relax with your fellow trekkers at the end of the day <br /> chairs with full backs are a mountain luxury <br /> most companies provide only camp stools <br />
  • other companies use mountain long-drop toilets <br /> These are rarely cleaned and used by thousands of trekkers <br />
  • many companies limit trekkers’ water consumption on the mountain <br /> staying hydrated is essential for summit success <br />
  • meals are designed by nutritionists to be balanced and calorific <br /> you need to eat differently on the mountain to fuel your body; we’ve planned for that <br /> snacks are provided on the trail <br /> hot coffee or tea will be delivered to your tent every morning to help you wake up right. <br />
  • the National Outdoor Leadership School and the Wilderness Medical Association certify Thomson guides annually <br /> this is more than just first-aid knowledge; guides are trained to recognize and treat a wide variety of illnesses <br /> training covers everything from altitude sickness to potentially life-threatening emergencies <br /> hundreds of summits mean that the guides are prepared for any situation that could arise on the mountain <br /> guides are trained in western group dynamics—many trekkers consider them friends by the end of the climb! <br />
  • Thomson carries more medical equipment than any other trek outfitter <br /> most of this equipment is for emergencies only, but we think it’s better to be safe than sorry <br /> guides are trained in the proper use of all this equipment and much more. <br />
  • Thomson has a step-by-step evacuation plan in place in the rare cases a trekker needs to descend before the trek is over <br /> guides Assess the situation, Notify the appropriate authorities on the ground, Determine the best evacuation plan (from nearby roads to helicopter evacs) and Accompany the individual down the mountain <br />
  • once Thomson receives registration forms, a personal Kilimanjaro planner will reach out <br /> this person can answer any questions, address any concerns, and help work out travel details <br />
  • Thomson will help every step of the way <br /> our packing list includes detailed information on what you will and won’t need <br /> we even offer specific gear recommendations <br /> our training tips are designed with the mountain in mind <br /> we can even help you with how to pack for your trek <br /> call or email anytime; you’ll have dedicated trip planners working to make sure everything goes smoothly <br />

Thomson Safaris: Kilimanjaro Treks Presentation Transcript

  • 1. 1 Thomson Safaris 14 Mount Auburn St. Watertown, MA 02472
  • 2. 2
  • 3. Why Climb Kilimanjaro? 3
  • 4. Why Climb Kilimanjaro? 4 Reason #1 : An Unforgettable Achievement
  • 5. Why Climb Kilimanjaro? 5 Reason #2 : It’s One of the Seven Summits
  • 6. Why Climb Kilimanjaro? 6 Reason #3 : Requires no technical climbing skills
  • 7. Why Climb Kilimanjaro? 7 Reason #4 : An Intense Physical & Mental Challenge
  • 8. From the Equator to the Poles 8 On Kilimanjaro, there’s something new to see every step of the way!
  • 9. 9 Zone 1: Cultivated Lands
  • 10. 10 Zone 2: Rainforest
  • 11. 11 Zone 3: The Heath and Moorland
  • 12. 12 Zone 4: The Alpine Desert
  • 13. 13 Zone 5: The Summit Zone/ Arctic
  • 14. 14 Acclimatization: The Key to Success
  • 15. 15 Your 8-Day Lemosho Route Climb • Less crowded • Time to acclimatize • Amazing views
  • 16. 16 What to Expect • 6-7 hours of trekking daily • Temperatures ranging from 80˚ Down to o˚
  • 17. 17 Fully Supported Treks Thomson has thought of everything
  • 18. 18 Customized Sleeping Tents & Dining Tents
  • 19. Private, Walk-in Height Toilet Tents 19
  • 20. 20 Unlimited Purified Water on the Mountain
  • 21. 21 Nutritional, Tasty Meals
  • 22. 22 Mountain Safety Experts / Highly Trained Guides
  • 23. 23 Medical Equipment
  • 24. 24 In case of emergency…
  • 25. 25 What’s Next ??
  • 26. 26 That’s Not all…
  • 27. 27 Stand on the “Roof of Africa”
  • 28. 28 800.235.0289