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An African Safari - Tanzania


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Tom Zurflieh traveled with Thomson Safaris in July 2012. "I've come to appreciate my safari more and more as time passes - it gets better with age, just like fine wine." Tom shared his magnificent photo slideshow with us and has given presentations on his trip to other safari enthusiasts.

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An African Safari - Tanzania

  1. 1. In Tarangire Park
  2. 2. The zebras almost seemed to pose.
  3. 3. A 600mm lens is a big help.
  4. 4. The leader is wearing his crown.
  5. 5. Dinner time out in the Tarangire Park.
  6. 6. The baobob trees are hollow.
  7. 7. Acacias in the mist
  8. 8. Coming down to the crater floor.
  9. 9. In the middle of Ngorongoro crater. The background is the crater wall miles away.
  10. 10. Grey-crowned cranes
  11. 11. Honeymoon couple in the Ngorongoro crater.
  12. 12. The entry to Serengeti National Park.
  13. 13. How fortunate to see five cheetahs – thanks to Kumbi who got us up close!
  14. 14. An impala at play. Two ran around like this in circles.
  15. 15. Part of the wildebeest migration – hundreds and hundreds as far as you could see off to the left and right.
  16. 16. The stretch! Aah, that feels good!
  17. 17. A jackal very wary of the hyena.
  18. 18. Sunset in the Serengeti plain.
  19. 19. Susan, Tom, and Patty bid farewell to Kumbi after a wonderful safari.