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Car dvr purchase

  1. 1. Generated by Unregis tered Ba tch DOC TO PDF Converter 2010.2.301.1358, please register!Car DVR purchaseThe past two years on the market a variety of car DVR, in order to enter the market to earn thenormal development of the surveillance industry into a pot of gold of the car industry, embeddedDVR car DVR to sell a serious impact on car . Discussion points selection method, designed toinitiate, and also hope that in order to regulate the vehicle to monitor the industry to offer amodest force.Urban public transport, long-distance passenger transport, traffic management, transportationadministration, law enforcement, banking escort industry, the demand for on-board DVRincreasingly strong, Shenzhen, Guangzhou and other places has begun to implementcomprehensive monitoring of buses across the country in Beijing, Shanghai, Zhejiang and otherhave followed suit. Faced with a brand new huge car surveillance market, a large number ofengineering companies on how to select products to worry about, a lot of projects withinadequate product or this does not belong to this industrys products, failure of vehicleengineering daunting , how many Contractors after-sales service and battered ...We have to talk about Car DVR enterprise, quite a lot of the so-called Car DVR corporatefigurehead, an actual stable operation of the product, there is no practice and guidance ofoperations personnel, and (3), there is no matching products and services, but stay away; knowthe high-priced to sell professional products, know the inside story of the pursuit of short -terminterests, the next stuffy brain driven by the interests tie into the scarred security industry, it ismany years without violence products ", which so many businesses are" tasteless gesture ".Car DVR manufacturers I think can be divided into three categories:
  2. 2. Generated by Unregis tered Ba tch DOC TO PDF Converter 2010.2.301.1358, please register!Categories: professional development for production of such enterprise completely independentresearch and design products, at least more than 2 years of car DVR R & D experience, suchenterprises, product comparison, product quality is reliable, customers can get follow-uptechnical support and service.The second category: the production and processing category, such enterprises will generallypublic board program production, different customers different options, at an averagefunctionality, stability in the hands of customers, the stability is not to say, it may introduction ofmany models for customers to select, low-cost low-end quality, high-cost high-end qualityservices will be relatively weak.The third category of products for OEM manufacturers, the procurement of such factory of othercompanies posted their own company brand sales in the technical basic not only focus onproduct prices and sales links, the service would not have said.Converted into Car DVR enter the market, with embedded they are generally common embeddedDVR, its simple to change to change as a car DVR to sell such products do not belong to aprofessional car DVR, so the manufacturers of such not discourse, and certainly not standard.How to judge the pros and cons of the product? From product features, file system, powerhandling, shock to deal with several aspects of analysis, the stability of the product is acombination of factors, what power supply design, shock-proof design, documentation, systemdesign, in fact, every point is very important that any design defects will affect product stability., Car DVR product featuresFirst video to be clear: the video data to achieve at least CIF (354 * 288) resolution, the minimumshould be to achieve near real-time results (requirements of a bad place or require low-endprice), but now the full real-time video and smooth in order to be considered monitoring. Ofcourse, as the requirements continue to improve the effect of D1 also went to the interview,while the embedded industry in general has 8 channels and 16 D1 effect; D1 (704 * 576) clarityimproved, doubled;Low power consumption: is energy-saving, low heat, because the car is battery powered, easilylead to vehicle loss of electricity can not be launched, and reduces the battery service life of thecar costs; low heat stable work environment, reduce the loss of the machine itself; the deviceconnected to the ACC ignition switch can be part of the solution of this problem, some peoplesaid equipment in a power outage would work great harm to the Car Why do power protectionand power-down restart delay switch machine is to solve this problem.Automatic recording function: in ordinary DVR button is indispensable, because he was to controlthe action, referred to as "semi-automatic, Car DVR is unmanned, its running set are good,man-made changes can not boot automatic recording after power failure.
  3. 3. Generated by Unregis tered Ba tch DOC TO PDF Converter 2010.2.301.1358, please register!Anti-machine function: automotive work environment is relatively complex, unforeseencircumstances may occur, products in the operation of a sudden does not recognize the state ofthe storage or crash, the general product can not be restored, but with a "watchdog" function isnot , it can automatically restore; select the product is also an important condition.Data storage, security and ease of browsing: the event of an accident customers need timelyaccess to video data, car DVR products must consider the video data integrity and securitysoftware products require a relatively high.Second, car DVR power supply designCarCar DVR power supply design of great stress. Automotive power from car battery DC12V-DC24V,launch, brakes, fuel door and the process of moving the battery output voltage is very unstable,especially in the ignition voltage will be the engine freely low, and in the slam on throttle whenthe voltage may rise very high, the instantaneous voltage in different operating may be morethan 48V, thus requiring the power supply design can adapt to this environment vehicle DVRproducts. Create a video to the operating voltage range of products for the design of 8V ~ 36V, aninstant impact on the voltage range of 6V to 110V, in order to ensure that equipment when thenormal working of the low pressure, instantaneous pressure can also be a good protectiveequipment is not damaged ., Car DVR file system designDVR can be one in recent years in succession into the product of the public safety industry,already popular in other countries; so many design ideas are in the range of international (Taiwan,South Korea), many of our businesses is not read and write the software functionality of theproducts are generally modified from; Car DVR products are currently on the market continue touse the ordinary DVR file system, the type of file system is very fragile and unstable; not in thevehicle monitoring will cause many problems, to create a video for a dedicated file system, hasstrong stability of the car DVR products will not cause a system crash because of a variety ofunusual circumstances.Fourth, Car DVR shock-proof designBuses, long distance bus, public security, fire, traffic police car, ambulance, passenger trains,freight cars, trains and so on the installation of car video recorder with different levels of degreeof demand, but due to the different condition, road conditions, vehicle shock treatment becamethe most basic requirements of automotive digital hard disk recorders.Car DVR, the most expensive part is the hard disk, so car shock absorbers need more traffic to doa specific analysis, standard shock treatment to have the hard drive 4:00 vacant shock, externalcan be equipped with chassis 4:00 suspension shock absorbers a system to complete the overallshock (not suitable for all environments, the special environment can make a special request);
  4. 4. Generated by Unregis tered Ba tch DOC TO PDF Converter 2010.2.301.1358, please register!inadequate suspension system often have not read and write, crashes, etc. problems.Car digital hard disk recorders currently on the market most of the spri ng, wire or rubber shockpad as a shock material can play a certain role in anti-shock protection; spring within the elasticrange, extrusion beyond suffered under severe vibration conditions, spring spring elastic range,you will not achieve shock effect; spring with shock effect only in the vertical direction, actuallyCar Digital Video Recorder in a driving state (especially in poor road conditions) and its directionof vibration is irregular These factors limit the effect of the spring shock, prolonged use of easilydeformed. Early form of wire shock is in the automotive industry in recent years, due to theexclusion of commonly used in embedded converted into on-board recorders on so often, thewire compared to the spring is definitely superior because of its toughness is very good in themodel weight proportion under relatively suitable wire as necessary aspects of the designprofessional design concept, single-piece design is not mature enough, resulting in the wire shockmisty concept, still in the test wire anti-shock technology available in the market now; pads /apron shock rise, not only to increase the buffer in a certain interval, but also very relaxed back toits original state, the pad / rubber ring buffer is very peaceful with the product fit and squeeze tochange their shape With the changes in the environment, and can change its highly adaptable,you can choose a different toughness of the pads, shockproof to improve a lot compared to theprevious two but with significant advantages, but there are disadvantages, pad / apronparticularly harsh environment for a long time, easy to damage deformation, but regularmaintenance or replacement, steel wire and springs of the cost comparison, is very simple.Electronic earthquake is also a vehicle must have a technology, general production will become aproblem, car DVR record carrier in the vibration of the hard disk drive read and write will beaffected, often can not replicate, reading does not to the hard drive, etc. (hard disk crash insuspended animation) to create a video Car DVR not only has the hardware shock superiority, butalso with the software (electronic) and anti-crash function can effectively guarantee the stableand reliable operation of the equipment.