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Road towards Owasp Orizon 2.0 (November 2009 update)
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Road towards Owasp Orizon 2.0 (November 2009 update)



Published in Technology
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  • 1. Owasp Orizon 2.0 - Roadmap Monthly Update Paolo Perego Owasp Italy R&D Director Owasp Orizon Project Leader OWASP v20091117 Copyright 2009 © The OWASP Foundation Permission is granted to copy, distribute and/or modify this document under the terms of the OWASP License. The OWASP Foundation
  • 2. Orizon Snapshot as November 2009 - What we reached Version 1.19 Parse  Java  JSP  C  PHP Analyze  Crawl (only) Report  Plain text  HTML  XML 265 downloads We are able to eat our own dog foo OWASP 2
  • 3. Orizon Snapshot as November 2009 - What we failed Community People don’t feel excited from using the project Completely lack of feedbacks Developers Too few contributors to the code Goals Orizon is NOT able to do a real static analysis  no taint propagation  no control flow diagram analysis  no valuable safe coding library Orizon is far from being easy to use even for security specialists  something improved from last year but we’re years behind Roadmap has been just some words written on a web page OWASP 3
  • 4. Owasp Orizon need an evolutionary step! OWASP 4
  • 5. Roadmap from here to 2.0 goal: test. goal: implement. action: bugfix goal: goal: and code awerness. consolidate action:write review release: . the code. Owasp action:rethi release: Owasp orizon nk the web action:rethi release: Owasp v2.0 Nov 2009 Jan 2010 apr 2010 may 2010 jun 2010 OWASP
  • 6. Goals to reach We need to better communicate the world how the project is goal: moving. awerness. People ask how they can participate. We must give such kind of information dynamically in the web site. Everybody will be able to figure it out the development status of action:rethi Orizon project, which are the areas where effort is needed and nk the web how to join the project. A better tool need a better internal than we have so far. goal: To accomplish this a brand new architecture must be consolidate discussed and adopted in Owasp Orizon 2.0. . action:rethi OWASP 6
  • 7. Goals to reach It’s easy here. goal: implement. People need a tool to use in their code review. action:write the code. We just draw a great software architecture, than we have to implement it. release: Owasp orizon At the end of this stage, around April 2010, it will be released Owasp Orizon version 1.70. Starting from April, there will be 3 minor releases (1.75, 1.80 and 1.85) that will implement the 100% of features intended to be provided by the tool. Owasp Orizon APIs will be frozen in version 1.85 around the end of April 2010. Starting from May 2010, there will be a project phase goal: test. dedicated to software testing and security code review. action: bugfix and code The 1.90 release will be the last before the release candidate review cycle (June 2010). OWASP 7
  • 8. Project phases Prepare the release package. Prepare the site. Prepare the material for Owasp AppSec Brainstorm in 2010 mailing list Write code + documentation Prepare the and over the All the code must be covered Owasp Orizon blog. by javadoc Test Guide Nov 2009 Jan 2010 apr 2010 may 2010 jun 2010 OWASP 8
  • 9. Let’s start: some discussion about architecture  Source is “engine” based 3 major engines 2 minor, service engines  Users fire up the shell open a web root crawl the sources report the results  What’s bad? there is no historical data there is no link between scan and the code being scanned some ugly hacks are in the code  engines are contained almost each other  finding objects are stored in a very ugly way in various scanning phase  there is some security check in the modeling engine OWASP 9
  • 10. Key actions “Ladies and gentleman, please welcome... the Project...” “... and the marvelous Scan object” Some refactoring is needed Reportable? Finding instead Collector as generic class for JspCollector, JavaCollector, CCollector and friends? Man... it’s just a... Source New package namespace Defining use cases to address Owasp Orizon development, user community and to spot other internal refactoring issues Introducing persistence, a database as backend for scan information findings it can be used GUIs (classic or web) OWASP 10
  • 11. The (Unofficial) Owasp Orizon 2.0 architecture I Parse assess report Project & plugin Scan subsyste Managem m ent (twilight, (tornado kernel core OWASP 11
  • 12. The (Unofficial) Owasp Orizon 2.0 architecture II osh web gui Owasp Orizon SkyLine Owasp orizon library Owasp Orizon core (candlekeep database backend OWASP 12
  • 13. Changes Project & Scan Management Project(s) will be logical entities modeling a software project Orizon will be used onto Scan(s) will be entities contained in a single project describing a security scan performed in a particular timestamp. SkyLine is the real interface between kernel and library and the outsider world deployed as standalone jar Database backend Orizon will be deployed with a lightweight key-value store DB (BerkleyDB ?) Plugin can be written to support RDBMS with SQL Web GUI: J2EE application using framework Library: ballot between ORL, custom english like language to describe safe coding patterns PQL, idea taken from newest works by Stephen Craig Evans OWASP 13
  • 14. What in the next update? TBR: before 21st December 2009 Contains a new state of art feedback to this document the new website mockups Owasp Orizon 2 use cases  we need to understand what a Project is, how to manage Projects, which objects are created internally with a Project, ...  we need to understand that a Scan is, how to manage Scan(s) and so on  use cases will be used to describe the creation of internal objects during each stage of Orizon utilization OWASP 14
  • 15. So next? Join the mailing list if not yet done: cv Grab the Orizon 1.1x source code: svn co orizon orizon read it, understand it, love it we will start from here Follow the blog: Follow us on twitter: Share your opinions with us OWASP 15