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Working With Brands (for Bloggers)
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Working With Brands (for Bloggers)


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My Working with Brands talk at in Orlando, Florida on September 15, 2012. A presentation for bloggers on how to find the right contacts, how to network with brands and how to work with …

My Working with Brands talk at in Orlando, Florida on September 15, 2012. A presentation for bloggers on how to find the right contacts, how to network with brands and how to work with them.

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  • 1. Working With BrandsJulie Deily / / JulieDeily.comCFLBlogCon / September 15, 2012
  • 2. Overview✤ My background✤ Finding the right contacts✤ Networking✤ How to work with brands✤ Essentials of a Pitch Letter✤ Quick Tips
  • 3. My Background✤ Started The Little - food blog in Dec. 2009✤ Software Engineer, Recipe Developer, Freelance Photographer✤ Organized two Food Blog Forum Orlando events and two Food Blogger Bake Sales, co-organized Food Blogger Cookie swap, spoke at CFLBlogCon last year✤ Have worked/working with many brands including, KitchenAid, Dole, Green Mountain Coffee, OXO and Le Creuset
  • 4. Finding the rightcontacts✤ Internet searches - ‘brand name’ PR agency, ‘brand name’ press release✤ Interacting with brands’ twitter accounts✤ Networking on LinkedIn and at conferences✤ Answering the pitches you receive
  • 5. Networking✤ Social media✤ Twitter is a huge connector of bloggers and brands✤ Connect with them before pitching them✤ Conferences like these or in your niche✤ Network with other bloggers in your niche
  • 6. How to workwith brands✤ Product reviews, sponsored posts, giveaways, conference sponsorships, brand ambassadorships✤ Each brand wants different things - find out what that is✤ Attention to detail matters - pitch letter, brand markings, etc.
  • 7. How to workwith brands (cont’d)✤ Build a relationship with brands and their PR reps✤ Always be honest when working with brands (with the brand & with your readers) - your integrity is always on the line✤ Trust your gut✤ Partner with other bloggers
  • 8. The Essentials of a Good Pitch Letter✤ Keep short, sweet & simple✤ Introduce yourself & your blog✤ Speak to why you love the brand and why you want to work with them✤ Tell them what you want✤ Tell them why you are the perfect fit (mention stats, etc.)✤ Spell the person’s name & the brand’s name correctly (this matters!!)
  • 9. Sample Pitch Letter (an actual one I sent)Hi “Name”,How are you doing?  My name is Julie Deily and I blog at The Little Kitchen.  I love to share my favoriterecipes on my blog and show that even in a little kitchen, you can make amazing food.  Im reaching out toyou because I would love to do a review and giveaway of a ______ because Im a huge fan of the brand. As a kid, I remember the ______ we had and although it didnt have the bells and whistles of the ____ line,I just remember it being reliable.A review and giveaway post on my blog would include links to the ______ website and any social mediaproperties.  I would highlight the features, provide a how to make ____ and also provide tips.  I would mostdefinitely include photographs of the product.With over ____ twitter followers, almost ____ facebook fans and _____ of monthly blog readers, I knowthat I can provide a positive impact by helping to promote the ______ brand on The Little Kitchen.Please let me know your thoughts and if you have any questions.  I really appreciate your time and lookforward to hearing back from you.Sincerely,Julie (also include a signature that has link to your site & social media profiles)
  • 10. Quick Tips✤ Get an email based on your domain, ie.✤ Create a media kit. Great example & how to on Katy Widrick’s blog:✤ Include your email on your about page AND contact form/ page (if you don’t have a contact page, add one)
  • 11. Quick Tips (cont’d)✤ Copy/pasting into emails (quick demo)✤ Re-read one more time before sending✤ check spelling of brand & recipient✤ DO NOT discuss or make fun of PR pitches you receive on your social media profiles
  • 12. In Closing✤ Build relationships with brands and PR reps and agencies.✤ Work with brands youre passionate about to build trust with your readers.✤ Utilize and harness the power of social media but always be authentic.
  • 13. Questions?✤ Questions?✤ Contact ✤ ✤ Twitter @TheLittleKitchn ✤ &