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From the JAMRS conference in March ’09. 90 minute overview of search engine optimization and paid search advertising for those who are new to search engine marketing.

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JAMRS Laycock SEM101

  1. 1. A Growing Industry
  2. 2. What Does Pinocchio Have to do with SEM? Link ??? Quantity Link Link Buys Text Link Link Age Quality
  3. 3. Pinocchio Now & in the Future
  4. 4. Four Reasons to Love Organic Average time a Average CTR searcher for organic spends on a listings verses search results paid search page. listings. 6.5 12% seconds verses 5% Percentage of Percentage of people who people who begin their hunt begin their hunt on paid search on organic listings. listings. 50% 30% PPC Organic
  5. 5. SEO Then and Now SEO in 1999 SEO in 2009 You have The long All about Meta tags to rank #1 tail impact content Integrate Long term Buy your Submission social link way in services media strategies Search Dynamic SEM Do it by friendly problems software hand design
  6. 6. Organic Success Takes Time • Targeted Keywords keywords • Visitor focused Content content • Search Friendly Code Code • Optimize your Optimize content • Earn Links by Links Reputation
  7. 7. Picking Your Keywords – Buying Cycle Interest Purchase Gather Exclude Research
  8. 8. Picking Your Keywords – Phrases Rule How People Search 1 word 2 words 3 words 4 words 5 words 6 words 7 + words 5% 6% 20% 9% 23% 15% 22% Source: Onestat
  9. 9. Picking Your Keywords – Brainstorm Start building a list…expanding into more targeted phrases… Top Level Navy Secondary Navy Join the Education Navy Targeted US Naval Navy Enlistment Naval ROTC Academy Scholarships Bonus
  10. 10. Research Tools – Free Wordtracker • Subscription based research tool – $70/month or $600/year – Tons of data
  11. 11. Picking Your Keywords – Organize Carrot cake Red Velvet cake Rum cake German chocolate Wedding cake toppers Cake decorating Wedding cake stands Custom Cake Cake designs flavors pictures
  12. 12. Picking Your Keywords – Per Page If too much stands out, nothing stands out…FOCUS!
  13. 13. A Keyword Tip… Test with paid search before you optimize organically…
  14. 14. Keywords - Understand the Long Tail • Top 10 Terms = Less than bottom terms • Most conversions come from the long tail • Importance of natural language
  15. 15. SEO Copywriting – Five Rules Avoid graphics in text Users before engines Write enough content Target phrases not words Don’t force it!
  16. 16. SEO Copywriting – Search Engine are Dumb ?????????????
  17. 17. SEO Copywriting – Engines Seek Patterns Search engines think every word is a keyword Red marbles Rubber balls jump rope text red marbles text text text rubber balls text red marbles text text text rubber balls text text text text text Jump rope text text text red marbles text text text text jump rope text rubber balls text text text text text text text text jump rope text Too many keywords!
  18. 18. SEO Copywriting – Map out Site Custom widget Buy blue design widgets Discount California widgets widgets How to use Red widget Widgets reviews
  19. 19. Copywriting – Use Real Words • It’s not about optimized writing, it’s about better writing… “Joe’s sports car dealership specializes in rare european convertibles and race cars that let you experience the thrill of racing through switchback curves and heart pounding straight-aways. Imagine yourself driving down the highway in a brand new cherry red Porche convertible while the wind blows through your hair. That’s the dream that we deliver here at Joe’s European sports car dealership .”
  20. 20. SEO Copywriting – Seek Opportunity Don’t be a lazy writer If you have an immediate question while shopping, please visit our quot;Quick Helpquot; section. If you have an immediate question while shopping our delectable line of gourmet food gifts, please visit our quot;Quick Helpquot; section.
  21. 21. SEO Copywriting – Local Terms Drop generic business self references Call or visit our office for a free quote. Call or visit our Upper West Side office to get the lowest quote on car insurance in Manhattan.
  22. 22. On Page Optimization – Title Tag Pssst… “It’s about small Description business and search marketing” on browser Tells Chance for engines conversion what page in search is about results Title Tag Note: 2/3 searchers read for .7 seconds or less Source: Marketing Sherpa
  23. 23. On Page Optimization – Title Tag Common Mistakes Same Title on Every Page Leading with Business Name Long List of Keywords
  24. 24. On Page Optimization – Meta Keyword Tag Get over it!
  25. 25. On Page Optimization – Meta Description Used as SERP Keywords Snippet Bolded in SERP Small Factor Good Description ??? Increases CTR
  26. 26. On Page Optimization – ALT Attribute • Yes, some • Browsers for people still the visually surf with impaired will images off read the descriptions of images Text only Accessible browsers browsers Mobile Search browsers Engines • Generally not • Want a shot an issue with at showing in smart image phones, but search? for those who Make sure pay for you use it downloads… right!
  27. 27. On Page Optimization - Headings
  28. 28. On Page Optimization – URLs and Directories Keep them short: Use Keywords if possible: Domain.com/category/product.html Domain.com/widgets/blue Home Keyword Keyword Keyword
  29. 29. On Page Optimization – Canonical Issues www.example.com example.com/ www.example.com/index.html example.com/home.asp Google will only pick one to display Use a 301 redirect
  30. 30. Site Architecture – 301 Redirects
  31. 31. Site Architecture – Site Maps Help the engines find their way Directory style list of your site No more than 100 links per page Can automate and submit
  32. 32. Site Architecture – Common Problems Dynamic Other Issues Content • Too many • Javascript • Flash parameters • Inaccessible • Session IDs content
  33. 33. Links Connect the Web
  34. 34. How Links Lead Spiders Along Fodors NYC Listings Review Yahoo of Joe’s Directory Deli Joe’s Internal page Deli
  35. 35. Links Give Your Site Context Pre- owned Lexus Certified Buy Used used GMC Cadillac Used Low 98 Volvo Car mileage Wagon Honda Sales
  36. 36. Links Validate Authority Did you see Kim’s blog post about that new BBQ place?
  37. 37. Types of Links Purchased One Way Links Reciprocal Links Outgoing Navigation Incoming Links
  38. 38. The Progression of Link Analysis Link ??? Quantity Link Link Buys Text Link Link Age Quality
  39. 39. What Do Engines Collect? • Descriptive Anchor Text • Editorial, navigational or ad space Where Link Appears • Incoming, reciprocal or purchased Type of Link • Text or graphic Makeup of Link • Old or new Age of Link • Authority level Where Link Comes From
  40. 40. Understanding NoFollow <a href=“http://www.site.com” rel=“nofollow”>Site</a> Trust Ads Sculpt Used when you Now required by Can use on don’t want to Google for any internal links to pass link juice to link placed due help control the a site due to trust to exchange of flow of Page issues. payment Rank.
  41. 41. Where to Find Links
  42. 42. Link Building is Relationship Building
  43. 43. What is Paid Search? Match Ads to Pay for Visits Ads appear Keywords not Views with results
  44. 44. Purposes of Paid Search Short Term Long Term Campaign Campaign Seasonal sales Ongoing sales Highly Keyword competitive research phrases Test Sales Branding Tool Messages Balanced Jumpstart search campaign presence
  45. 45. Paid Search – Where to Buy?
  46. 46. Paid Search – Word of Advice Master one engine before moving on to others…
  47. 47. Paid Search – Google AdWords Google Quality Score Past CTR Bid Ad Landing Copy Page Price Load Time Can force an ad higher with high enough bid
  48. 48. Paid Search – Yahoo Search Marketing Yahoo Ad Relevance
  49. 49. Paid Search – Microsoft adCenter Landing Click thru Maximum Page rate Bid Quality Microsoft AdCenter ranking factors
  50. 50. Paid Search – Five Common Mistakes Mistake #1 Ego Bidding Test Positions Focus on ROI
  51. 51. Paid Search – Five Common Mistakes Mistake #2 One Ad, Many Keywords
  52. 52. Paid Search – Five Common Mistakes Mistake #3 Focusing on $ instead of ROI
  53. 53. Paid Search – Five Common Mistakes Mistake #4 Sending Traffic to Home Page
  54. 54. Paid Search – Five Common Mistakes Mistake #5 Not Separating Content Ads Understand the difference Learn how to bid content Consider avoiding content
  55. 55. Paid Search – Selecting Phrases Broad Specific Terms Terms More Traffic Less Conversions More Conversions Less Traffic
  56. 56. Understand the Search Buying Cycle Interest Purchase Gather Exclude Research
  57. 57. Writing Good Ads – Understand Intent Average of 6.7 searches before a purchase Latent purchases by searcher 56% Searchers who buy offline 63% Searchers who buy online 37% Searchers who make purchases 25% Target your text to where they are Special Pre-Qualify Unique Value Promotion Visitors • 24 hr service • Free sample • Registration required • Exclusive Products • Price matching • U.S. Only • Return to store • Free shipping • Custom solutions Source: Google and ComScore
  58. 58. Writing Good Ads – Examine Competitors Ads for portable DVD players… One doesn’t include phrase Two are too generic Free DVD player is suspicious 2 ads to compete against… Write an equal or more compelling offer
  59. 59. Mastering Paid Search – Negative Match Your phrase: Their search term: Mp3 files Free mp3 files Espresso beans Free espresso bean samples German shepherd Picture of german shepherd Sony digital camera Repair sony digital camera LCD monitor recycling broken LCD monitor Lord of the Rings Lord of the Rings screensaver MS Power Point MS Powerpoint clip art
  60. 60. Jennifer Laycock Director of Social Media, SiteLogic jennifer@sitelogic.com