The Website Owner’s         7 DEADLY MISTAKES                                        VETERAN OWNED COMPANY1. No Keyword Re...
1. No Keyword Research & AnalysisThis is, above all, the MOST important element in your online marketingpresence. Without ...
2. No Competitive Research & Analysis                                                           CLIENT TESTIMONIAL        ...
4. No Content & Keyword OptimizationThis is also referred to as proper on-page optimization, which leads tooptimizing all ...
GREAT CASE STUDY                                                                                        There was a client...
6. No Content Management SystemWithout an easy-to-use CMS, you have to pay a webmaster to manage yourwebsite – but why, wh...
7. No Plan or DirectionIf you have no plan or direction of where you are going, how will you ever reach your final destina...
Once you’ve overcome these 7 Deadly Mistakes, you                                                 MEET OUR CEOwill notice ...
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7 deadlymistakes: seo guidelines


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SEO Guidelines & Recommendations from RAO's - Rank Above Others

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7 deadlymistakes: seo guidelines

  1. 1. The Website Owner’s 7 DEADLY MISTAKES VETERAN OWNED COMPANY1. No Keyword Research & Analysis Rank Above Others, LLC, is a veteran- owned website development and marketing firm currently located in2. No Competitive Research & Analysis Texas, Philippines, Germany, Canada, Australia and many more to come.3. Poor Off-Page Optimization We have consulted and performed services for small business owners and even Inc. 500 companies on SEO, web design, copywriting, product launch,4. No Content & Keyword Optimization social media marketing, video domination, ecommerce and more.5. Poor Design & Layout6. No Content Management System7. No Plan or Direction
  2. 2. 1. No Keyword Research & AnalysisThis is, above all, the MOST important element in your online marketingpresence. Without it, you could be going in blind.By performing a keyword research and have the most number of searches. Thatthorough analysis, you can determine keyword only had 58!the best possible keywords to pursue, to SEO & SEM SERVICES Going after keywords that is nearly It has been said that “Search Engineavoid, to target organically or with PPC, Optimization is a marathon not a impossible to rank for is also a big wasteand be successful in ranking well for sprint“. Now, I don’t know about you, of your time and energy. but after seeing Paul Kibii Tergat set ahighly sought after keywords. world record in 2003 with a time of 2:04:55, a “marathon pace” can be Based on the same set of keywordsGoing after keywords that NO ONE is very fast. mentioned earlier, which keyword dosearching for is a waste of time, effort Let’s break it down a little further. you think will be the EASIEST to rank That’s an average pace of 2:57 perand money. With just a little research for? kilometer (20.3 km/hr) or 4:46 per mileyou can determine approximately how (12.6 MPH). That is incredibly fast for such a long distance.many people are searching for a Yep, “dallas lawn care services”!particular keyword phrase each month That is how we do business here atfrom any country in any language. It’s the most sought after keyword term Rank Above Others, LLC. We want to dig in hard and dig in fast. We want to by customers and yet it is the EASIEST hold a strong and steady pace until theSo many website owners make the keyword to rank for! very end. Whether it’s a marathon or a sprint, it’s still a competition. Yourmistake of just guessing what their competition, regardless of yourcustomers are searching for and expect Go figure! business, is making more rank for the keywords. If you’d like to learn more about doing Getting first page listing in the major search engines (Google, Yahoo! & MSN)Of the keywords below, which one has keyword research on your own, read is more than just business – it’s pride our tutorial on how to do it: and credibility. If you’re not at least onthe most number of searches? the 1st page, you’re treading water and waiting to be eaten up. And if you’re  Dallas lawn care  Using Google Keyword Tool not within the top 5 positions, you just lost about 80% of all potential clients.  Dallas lawn care services  Keyword Research Tips Part 2  Dallas lawn You should be concentrating on making more profits, not just more sales. We  Lawn care dallas texas This is not an all-inclusive approach to don’t just do SEO here. We’re more  Lawn services dallas the keyword research we regularly than that. We’ll analyze your business inside and out (as much as you are perform, but it is enough to get you willing to disclose) and come up with aHere’s a hint: started. game plan that will help you win whatever competition you decide to get into.For September 2010, “Dallas lawn Order a service from us and we willservice” had only 140 searches. perform a thorough keyword research If you don’t have the know-how or the time to quickly get your site ranking and analysis for you. high in the search engines, then#1 is “Dallas lawn care services” with request a free analysis and320 searches. We will explain the reasons why we consultation. No hard-selling of anything, we’ll just talk about where selected certain keywords and you are and where you want to be.You wouldn’t have known that if you determine the best possible approach todidn’t do the research. I bet you getting you positioned properly in the REQUEST A FREEprobably thought “Dallas lawn” would search engines. EXPERT ANALYSIS
  3. 3. 2. No Competitive Research & Analysis CLIENT TESTIMONIAL “If it’s an awesome, converting sales“Know thy self, know thy enemy. A thousand battles, a thousand victories.” letter you’re looking for, Kevin is your– Sun Tzu. If you don’t know what they’re doing, you won’t know how to “go to” person. Whilst I was making aout-perform and out-rank them. few sales with my previous copy, I always felt there was something lacking. I knew I had a top quality product, but the sales just weren’tThe title alone should already have you - What are they doing that you’re not. reflecting this.buzzing with ideas as to why your - Are they using PPC? That all changed when I consultedwebsite may not be performing as well Kevin. He knew exactly where theas you’d like. - What keywords are they ranking for? problem lay, and did a complete redesign of my sales letter, and perfected the copy. The result was aPerhaps your visitors are spending more - What sites are linking back to yours? letter that finally achieved the sorts ofof their time (and money) with your sales I knew I could be achieving. In short, I’m very satisfied with Kevin’s - How does your website compare tocompetitors. If so, WHY? service and highly recommend him. theirs? Is it better/worse? Thanks Kevin!”You need to consider: These are the things you need to find - Steve Peliari (The Art of Covert Hypnosis)- How much traffic are they getting? out and strategize a plan to overcome it. A TEAM OF PROFESSIONALS- How much time are people spending Learn more about competitive research is a team ofon your competitors’ websites? professional "website and conversion" specialists that does more than just "search engine optimization".3. Poor Off-Page Optimization We help companies build a strong foundation, setup a TRUE marketingThis is a very broad term for search engine marketing strategies that plan and provide a strategy that helpsinclude backlinking, article marketing, social bookmarking and so on. increase customers and profits.When your off-page and on-page optimization is off authoritative you are, the more keywords you’ll rank for andbalanced or not optimized properly, you will feel the effects the higher you’ll climb in the search seeing very little progress in your rankings and low Keep in mind, “quality over quantity”.conversions of visitors to customers. One of the things you can incorporate into your onlineMany businesses with a website have yet to apply the many marketing efforts is video strategies that have been developed andperfected over the years. Video marketing is one of the most powerful methods you could possibly apply towards your business right now. InA series of strategies include article submissions, blog February of 2008, there were 10.1 billion views of onlineposting, blog commenting, forum posting, social media video world-wide.bookmarking, social media backlinking, directorysubmissions, profile backlinking, one-way backlinks and It’s one of the fastest growing phenomena we’ve ever seenmany others. and you need to get in on it fast!All of these strategies are intended to obtain search engine CLICK HERE to learn more!‘credibility’ or ‘authority’. The more credible and
  4. 4. 4. No Content & Keyword OptimizationThis is also referred to as proper on-page optimization, which leads tooptimizing all pages within a website to be search engine & visitor friendly.Our clients often wonder why they don’t diverse estimate of keywords, butreceive visitors for keywords they are since search engines constantly modify CLIENT TESTIMONIALtrying to rank for. their algorithms, there is no fixed limit. I am in the commercial loan business which has been greatly affected by theThe most common and basic problem The ideal density of keywords largely economy. Without question you havewas simply because the client did not depends on the keywords. In case of a dramatically upgraded the quality of our website. This has been the majorhave content specifically related to the highly competitive keyword, it is key to the improvement of our business and survival of our company.keyword terms they were targeting. advisable to target one specificAnd even when they did, they either keyword for a single page. One can use What really amazes me is that you knew relatively little about my businessblasted it and sounded like a broken more keywords in lesser important when we first met and you were ablerecord or mentioned the keywords only pages. It is ideal to put the most to design an industry specific website of the highest quality. The quality of your1-2 times. important keywords in the home page work is reflected in the quality of the and then link to the other web pages in customer that we are now gettingKeyword Density from your brilliant website design. the website. Previously, before you improved ourIn simple terms, keyword density is the Opinions vary as to what should be the website, we would very rarely gettotal ratio of the keywords compared to someone who qualified for our services ideal number of keywords. To speak of from our website. Now, we are gettingthe total number of words on the web the major search engines, Google’s a much higher percentage of people who have the financial means to do apage. For instance, if a web page has limit on keyword density is 2% while loan with number of 100 words and a MSN and Yahoo offer 5% keyword Without you, we are not sure ourkeyword was used 3 times, it has a 3% density. Ideally speaking, a website business would have survived.keyword density. may opt between 1% to 5 % keyword Terry Painter, ApartmentLoanStore.comThe keywords appears in the meta title, density. CLIENT TESTIMONIALmeta description, meta keywords, Sales Copy Kevin Lam and his team at RAO haveheader text, body content, footer text, been an invaluable resource to our Part of the content optimization is company. Since hiring Kevin, ourtext links, anchor text, navigational links, company has been able to implement afooter links of a web page. writing highly persuasive and balanced approach to internet advertising while maximizing our online informational content that addresses marketing dollars.What is the ideal keyword density? the prospects’ problems, provides a Our website has never looked better or solution and gives a means to obtain brought our company so many qualityThe concept of keyword density is very leads. I would recommend RAO to anytricky. There is no cardinal rule as to that solution. company large or small who wants to increase their online presence, spendwhat is the ideal figure of keywords in a Lastly, a “call-to-action” is usually their marketing dollars more effectively, and create a professional website thatweb page. what’s missing from a website. Make drives new business from the internet.It‘s true that all search engines have sure you have this in place. Jon Gallant,
  5. 5. GREAT CASE STUDY There was a client that was consistently making a profit of $2,500 every month from 40-45 sales. We made 3 simple changes (the site looked almost exactly the same) and they made that profit in only 4 days! We had boosted their profits by 750%… with less than 20 transactions! As unbelievable as it is, it’s very achievable for clients such as this simply because of appearance. Btw, this was accomplished without increasing traffic whatsoever! By making those 35. Poor Design & Layout simple changes, our client instantly became more credible and each customer ended up purchasing MOREYour website is your store-front, do you want a secretary to greet your products!customers or do you want a spokesperson to close the deal for you? CLIENT TESTIMONIALWhen you walk into an office and want to stay and look around. The "Great working with you on the Stupid Simple System; sales were through thegreeted by a secretary, you will be asked longer they are on your website, the roof. And now with the White Hatwho you are looking for and would offer more likely you will have their business. Copycat, we launched today at 12PM. We will hit the 1,000 sales soon andyou to take a seat and wait. gross 45k in 12 hours - not too bad :). " There are a lot of elements to considerA spokesperson will reach out to you when designing a website and deciding -Tim Bekker StupidSimpleSystem.comwith open arms and immediately try to on a proper layout. It really depends on Groningen, Netherlandsbecome your friend and tell you about the nature of your business and what >>> This client went on to makeall the great things their company does you offer. over $130,000 in under 90 hoursand how they can help you obtain all So… how’s your website looking?the success you want.So which one do you want?Right, the spokesperson! And that ishow you want your website to be. Youwant it to be user-friendly while givingas much NEEDED detail as possiblewithout being too transparent.You want the website to do all themarketing legwork for you, so thatwhen they are ready to call, email orcome in person, all you have to do isclose the deal.A poorly designed website causesvisitors to go away. A well laid-out anddesigned website will make visitors
  6. 6. 6. No Content Management SystemWithout an easy-to-use CMS, you have to pay a webmaster to manage yourwebsite – but why, when you can easily do it yourself?So many websites on the Internet today way to allow individuals and companiesare outdated and need a serious to add/move/manage content fromoverhaul to keep up. anywhere on their website easily PUTTING MONEY WHERE without knowing a single line of code.Back in the early 90’s, when businesses OUR MOUTH ISrealized that having a website was One could actually move chunks of We are literally putting our money where our mouth is by ranking onimportant, they threw their sites up content or even menu buttons by the first page of search engines formerely for information purposes only. dragging it to the desired location. highly difficult keywords in our own industry. Quite frankly, if we can’t rank ourselves, we probably can’tUnfortunately, what they’ve failed to One could add new pages, company rank you, right? But we are.realize now is that people of TODAY are updates and so on with a few clicks of a If you simply want to rank high forhighly advanced and aren’t just looking button. any keyword, find another marketing firm.for information; they’re looking for This solution is achieved through theTRUSTWORTHY SOLUTIONS... FAST! If you want to rank for keywords use of a program called WordPress. If that matter, keywords that will generate targeted and hungryIf they can’t find you, that is potential you can use a mouse and keyboard, prospects for your product/service,revenue lost. If your website looks you can use WordPress. then request a free analysis from us. You will be thoroughly impressedoutdated and washed out, that is the with the amount of information we It is essentially a blog (or online digital give you for free.appearance you are giving your journal). It has been greatly acceptedproducts and services – washed out. Whether you want to take your and respected as one of the best company to the next level or youThese kinds of sites have what we call platforms to use for business since it is simply want to make more money, contact Rank Above Others today to“static” content… aka DEAD content. It’s so in-tuned with being optimized for the get started right away.hard to raise the dead, and that is why it search engines harder to increase the rankings for a REQUEST A FREE It is a FACT that the more DYNAMIC EXPERT ANALYSISsite with static content. content you have, the more likely youSearch engines are constantly on the will be able to rank for additional CLIENT TESTIMONIALlookout for fresh and original content. keywords. RAO was very professional and helped improve my website by making it more search engineProblem is, many business owners don’t And since WordPress acts as a self- friendly and integrating my blogknow HTML or how to effectively optimization tool to get better and with the updated design.update their website content, so they higher search engine ranking, you are No matter what I needed to be fixedend up with a 12-month contract of injecting a high octane-dose of search- or edited, they were right there with me. Excellent communication withhaving to pay for every little change. engine traffic just by integrating their team throughout the process. I can’t recommend them enough. WordPress into your website.Have no fear! -Joerg Stoeffel (Music Producer) To watch a video walk-through of how Panorama City, CAWeb technology has really come a long to use a WP blog site, CLICK HERE.
  7. 7. 7. No Plan or DirectionIf you have no plan or direction of where you are going, how will you ever reach your final destination?Everything we’ve talked about leads you to this point. This at around 90-95%), it is much more user-friendly andis really a very critical error you CANNOT afford to make, easier to understand. With a clearer understanding ofbut so many people are making this mistake even after your traffic, you will have an even clearer path to success.having a website for 5-10 years. So what can you gather with Google Analytics?To plan your strategies against your enemies or even You can determine how long someone spent on yourcapture your prey, you must know where you stand and website through a specific keyword from a specific searchmonitor your progress at all times. Use visitor tracking engine. If they are bouncing off like flies, you will have totools such as “Google Analytics”, which is a free traffic determine whether it’s because the keyword generatingmonitoring tool that will help you analyze your traffic. the traffic is irrelevant to your content… or yourTools like the Google Analytics will tell you how people website/content is scaring them off.landed on your website (whether they directly accessed it You will also know how many visitors came from a specificby knowing your URL or came by doing a search from a keyword (or referrer – a website that sent you the visitor).particular search engine) and see what they are doing on You can set goals and integrate it with your Googleyour website. AdWords PPC Campaign allowing you to track the progressIf you have absolutely no clue what kind of visitors are of your overall marketing campaign.landing on your website and what they are doing (or not If you haven’t already, go register for an account withdoing) on your website, you might as well not even have Google and setup the script to begin monitoring andone. This information is so crucial to your business, that tracking visitors at your website. YOU NEED THIS!without this information you are crippling your business. Once you are able to track your progress, you will finallyEven though Google Analytics is only around 75% accurate know where and how to reach your final destination.(the most accurate tool is your web log, aka “webalizer”, HAITI EARTHQUAKE RELIEF Its been six months since a 7.0 earthquake struck Haiti and decimated buildings and infrastructure across the country. Over $2 billion dollars have been raised since January for Haiti relief, but the reconstruction will take years and organizations in Haiti continue to need funding. If you havent contributed in a few weeks or months, please consider making another donation through one of the groups below. CLICK HERE to see how you can help.
  8. 8. Once you’ve overcome these 7 Deadly Mistakes, you MEET OUR CEOwill notice your website begin to flourish and take a lifeof its own, while generating more traffic, overtakingyour competition and dominating your market.$21,380 In Sales That Would Have Never HappenedBefore I tell you about what I think about Kevin, it’s important that you know I’ve worked Kevin Lam is the original founder ofwith some of the highest paid marketing consultants, ‘gurus’ and advisers. It’s pretty hard to and manyget me excited about online marketing processes, especially since this is my day to day living. other online businesses.So when I spoke to Kevin the first time, I thought I was in for the same song and dance. He began learning about InternetHowever, from the first few minutes of our conversation, I knew this was going to be a marketing when he was 17 (early 2001)valuable use of my time. Even before we agreed to work together, he spent two hours sharing and lucratively earned an income byconcepts, ideas and specific tactics for our product launch that became the backbone of our the time he was 18. At the age of 19, helaunch. had already paid off his family’s home and generated nearly $200,000 inOnce we began working together, Kevin and his team went WAY above and beyond what they income.agreed to, from providing thoughtful marketing direction to knocking out critical technicalpieces of our launch. Kevin was patient and explained every step of the way, training my staff After his 5-year military career, he ison the right procedures for the tools he was implementing. now a technology and information marketing consultant. He started upThe biggest impact Kevin had was on the launch itself. At the last minute, Kevin provided an this Dallas marketing firm in hopes ofidea that led to $21,380 in sales that would have never happened had we not used this helping small and large companiesconcept. improve their business and increase their revenue with proven strategiesIn a world of slick marketers that promise the world and never deliver, Kevin is a refreshing and remarkable results.change and an absolute pleasure to work with. I’ve already begun working with him onanother product launch now, and look forward to partnering with him on more initiatives. Kevin is more than just an InternetWork with Kevin. You won’t be disappointed!” marketer, he is also a professional copywriter with many years of experience and knowledge who understands the inner workings of marketing to help others succeed. REQUEST A FREE EXPERT ANALYSIS Rank Above Others, LLC 1106 North 360 Highway Suite 204FEEL FREE TO SHARE THIS EBOOK WITH OTHERS Grand Prairie, Texas 75050We welcome you to share this ebook with your friends and colleagues. USAPlease keep this ebook as is and intact. No changes or modifications are Office: 800-498-7134allowed to be made without permission and consent from Kevin Lam or RankAbove Others, LLC management. Rudy Tiu Bldg 3, J.C. Aquino AvenueThis is a great reference for individuals and businesses that want to start a Libertad, Butuan City, 8600website or might need a little help with their website and online marketing. PhilippinesThank you for your time. Office 1: +63-85342-5555 Office 2: +63-85342-5556