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  1. 1. TEST REPORT Miniature Scart Receiver Skyworth DVB-S and DVB-T Scart Receiver with PVR Function 0.41 Small but Beautiful! 0.5 Who hasn‘t seen this before? Flat screen TV, DVD player, The engineers at Skyworth have also been thinking about game console and stereo system - they all want to have this for some time and have their own spot in your wall unit or TV cabinet but it‘s already developed a DVB-S and DVB-T bursting at the seams and finding a spot for another device receiver that isn‘t much bigger than a deck of cards. The is next to impossible. Wouldn‘t it nice if you could make receivers utilize an integrated one or two devices disappear yet still be able to keep their Scart connector and therefore functions? can be plugged directly into the back of a TV into a cor- responding connector. In this way you don’t use any valu- able space in the cabinet and also manage to avoid adding any more cables. While the manufacturer opted for a white cabinet for the DVB-T model, the DVB-S model comes in black. The DVB-S model comes with an F-type input connector whereas the DVB-T model was fitted with a European- style RF connector. Unlike the DVB-T model, the DVB-S model does not come with a looped-through signal output. As small as these receivers are, it‘s obvious that there‘s no room for a built-in power supply. Instead the manu- facturer includes a 12-volt external power supply in both receiver packages. There‘s also no doubt that the infrared signal from the included remote control would 04-05/2010 SkywORTh DVB-S & DVB-T ScaRT-REcEiVER Innovative Miniature Receiver with Numerous Features 46 TELE-satellite — Global Digital TV Magazine — 04-05/2010 —
  2. 2. TELE-satellite World Download this report in other languages from the internet: Arabic ‫العربية‬ Indonesian indonesia Bulgarian Български Czech Česky never find its way to the back menu icon near the bottom German Deutsch English English of the TV. Naturally the manu- of the TV screen takes you to Spanish Español facturer thought of this too five different submenu points Farsi ‫فارس ي‬ French Français by including an external IR (TV, Radio, Multimedia, Game Hebrew ‫עברית‬ Greek Ελληνικά receiver in the package. This and Setup) after pressing the Croatian hrvatski Italian italiano IR receiver is placed in a con- menu button. Hungarian Magyar Mandarin 中文 venient location and takes the Dutch Nederlands Polish Polski incoming infrared signals and The Setup menu lets you Portuguese Português passes them via a cable to the match both receivers to the Romanian Românesc Russian Русский receiver. To top it all off, a USB reception system in use as well Swedish Svenska Turkish Türkçe interface was included so that as to the TV. The OSD can be available online starting from 2 april 2010 external storage device can be displayed in English, French, connected; a PVR function is German, Portuguese, Spanish, want to start with the DVB-S for use with two satellites, also available in both units. Italian, Dutch, Danish, Swed- model. A list of 43 European DiSEqC 1.0 for use with up to ish, Finnish, Russian and Turk- and Asian satellites have been four satellites and the motor In general, we were very ish. These same languages preprogrammed into the box. control protocols DiSEqC 1.2 satisfied with the quality of the are also available for audio and 1.3 (USALS) are also sup- receivers. Even the remote and subtitles. The internal The list may be up to date ported. control sits nicely in your hand clock can be set automati- but it is unfortunately not quite although some of the buttons cally through the DVB data complete. For example, ABS1 The next step after all the are rather small and you have at 75° east or INTELSAT 3R at LNB parameters are taken stream or it can be set manu- to be a little careful not to 43° west are not to be found care of would be to fill up ally if needed. Both receivers accidentally press two buttons even though satellites further the channel list. Three scan- are PAL and NTSC compatible at the same time with your east and west are in the list. ning modes are available for and are able to recognize the finger. The parameters of each sat- this task: Standard, NIT and color standard of the incoming signal automatically. ellite such as LOF, switching BlindScan. Our two test receivers did voltage or 22 kHz signal can not come with user manuals be individually set up. The LOF In standard mode, the The Scart output provides but considering that oper- can also be manually entered receiver scans only the tran- the output signal of both units ating these receivers was so that every type of LNB can sponders that have been pre- in CVBS; through the setup mostly self-explanatory and be supported. programmed into it. In NIT menu, RGB and S-Video out- that they didn‘t come with an mode the receiver also takes puts are also available. YUV overly-complicated range of The manufacturer did a fine a look at the NIT data found outputs for connection to a functions, the user manuals job setting up the DiSEqC during a standard scan. In projection TV system or HDMI weren‘t really missed. Since menu. It is graphically very BlindScan mode the receiver outputs for use with a high-def- both of these receivers oper- easy to read and clearly dis- scans all the frequencies and inition plasma or LCD TV are ated mostly from the same plays the switching setup so polarizations without the need unfortunately not available. menu structure and came with that it‘s easy to understand of a preprogrammed tran- the same basic functions, we even for beginners. sponder list. The receiver you end up opted to present both of them using, DVB-S or DVB-T, in one test report. Any differ- In addition to tone burst Since there is no CI slot in ences between the two will be depends on what kind of either receiver, the scan can highlighted here. incoming signal you have. We be limited to free channels only. It is also possible to scan installation every satellite that has been Since both of these receivers activated. This is a very prac- don‘t use an installation assis- tant, „No Signal“ is displayed the first time the receiver is turned on as there are no pre- programmed channels stored in memory. The circular main 48 TELE-satellite — Global Digital TV Magazine — 04-05/2010 —
  3. 3. Main menu Matching the receiver to the TV Setup menu Editing the satellite settings Excellent ScPc reception at only 1.331 Ms/sec Three different scan modes are available channel scan DVB-S channel List DiSEqc options are clearly displayed Transponder Editor The electronic programming guide Options and info on external storage media all channel list editing options are presented in DiSEqc motorized systems are also supported Reception of circular polarized channels on an easy-to-understand menu EUTELSaTw4 at 36° east 50 TELE-satellite — Global Digital TV Magazine — 04-05/2010 —
  4. 4. tical feature especially when channel scan. The automatic gram guide (EPG) giving the would automatically switch a DiSEqC motorized system scan quickly goes through the user programming informa- over to the currently high- is being used. The standard entire frequency spectrum tion for the next several days. lighted channel in the list. scan finishes its task relatively looking for active frequencies. quickly and needs only about In manual mode, the user can The EPG display was nicely The channel list can be set six minutes to process all the enter the frequency manually. organized by Skyworth up to your personal tastes transponders on the HOTBIRD although it would have been via the main menu. Channels satellite at 13° east. Everyday Use nice if more than five lines of can be moved to a Favorites After the channel scan on EPG data were shown. As it list, or with the push of one In BlindScan mode 14 min- both receivers is completed, is though you might have to button can be repositioned utes was needed but the extra a push of the OK button exit’s scroll through several pages of in the list, deleted, renamed time allowed 1299 TV and 455 the main menu at which point data before you find the chan- or blended out. You can also radio channels to be found. the receiver switches to the nel information you want. sort the entire channel list Compared to the 1223 TV first receivable channel. automatically and lock out and 414 radio channels found Since both receivers come individual channels with a PIN during the standard scan, it‘s An Info bar at the bottom with a USB interface so that code. And of course all of this a significant difference. of the screen displays infor- external storage media can is also true for all the stored mation on the current and be connected, they naturally radio channels. The DVB-S Thanks to an easy-to-under- upcoming program as long as both have the capability to set model performed quite well in stand transponder editor, this data is made available by up recordings directly from our SCPC test on a test tran- many of the entries in the pre- the provider. the EPG. It‘s even possible to sponder with a symbol rate of programmed list can be modi- set up recordings on a daily, 1.331 Ms/sec. fied. There‘s also a manual As expected, a second push weekly or monthly basis. scan for individual transpon- of the Info button displays There were also no prob- ders that can be accessed more detailed programming Pushing the OK button lems with the reception of via the editor. Unfortunately, information on the currently brings up the channel list; this weaker transponders such as there was no way to enter running program. With a third list is also displayed in a nicely the circular polarized Russian PID‘s in manually and thus no push of the Info button the organized fashion. If desired, channels on EUTELSAT W4 at way to receive channels with Skyworth receivers display the channel list can be limited 36° east. incorrect or incomplete NIT a variety of technical param- to single satellites or to favor- data. eters such as frequency, ites. We were also impressed with symbol rate or PIDs. the tuner in the DVB-T model; DVB-T Receiver While scrolling through the it provided interference-free The DVB-T model comes Pushing the Guide button channel list we found it a little reception even while using a with an automatic and manual opens up the electronic pro- annoying that the receivers skimpy indoor antenna. automatic DVB-T channel scan Editing the DVB-T channel List Detailed information on a DVB-T channel Music Player, picture viewer and video player Previously recorded programs Practical picture viewer are available 52 TELE-satellite — Global Digital TV Magazine — 04-05/2010 —
  5. 5. Multimedia Today we expect that almost To round it all off, both of design requirements for every PVR compatible receiver these mini-receivers also simple set-top boxes stan- and PVR is capable of functioning as come with an integrated video dard” as required by the Thanks to the USB interface an music or a picture viewer. game, a calendar and a calcu- Commission Regulation (EC) on both receivers it is possible Skyworth is no exception and lator. No. 107/2009 of 4th Febru- to connect external storage included both of these func- ary 2009. Recently Skyworth media and thereby activate tions in both of their receivers. Just as practical is the ability introduced another of these the PVR function in both units. to upload new software via a miniature sticker receiv- Thereafter it‘s easy to record Thanks to the small size USB stick or a USB hard drive; ers supporting this stan- or playback programs. of both of these receivers, you just need to download it dard. Both DVB-T and DVB-S there are other possibilities first from the manufacturer‘s models also support the “Auto A Time Shift function is also such as when using a USB website. StandBy” software function, provided so that a telephone stick: both receivers are which is required by the above call can no longer interfere not only perfect for camp- Finally a note to our energy standard. It means the box with your evening program- ing trips where they could be diagram: the power con- switches to StandBy when no ming schedule. Unfortunately used as a PVR receiver or a sumption of the DVB-T model customer control signal has it‘s not possible to watch a music player, but you could already achieves the “eco- been received in last 3 hours. previously recorded program also take your receiver and while another one is being USB stick when you visit Expert Opinion recorded nor can you watch friends or relatives to show + a live program while another them your latest vacation Both receivers are compatible for daily use and is being recorded even if the pictures on their TV. All are very family friendly. Thanks to their extremely live channel is on the same you have to do is plug the small size they virtually disappear behind your TV but still manage to provide all the necessary transponder or on the same receiver into a spare Scart features and control everything via a nicely orga- frequency. jack and you‘re ready to go. Thomas haring nized OSD. TELE-satellite Test Center The problem-free software also left us with a Austria ENERGy DVB-S very positive impression. DiaGRaM - Mode apparent active Factor while recording a program, it is not possible to watch a StandBy 5W 2W 0.4 live program or playback a previously recorded program at Reception 12 w 5w 0.41 the same time. apparent Power TEchNicaL DaTa Manufacturer Skyworth, 13-16/F, Block A, SKYWORTH BUILDING, Gaoxing Ave 1.S, Nanshan District, Shenzhen 518057, China active Power Email internet Tel +86-0755-26010018 Fax +86-0755-26010028 Model Mini Box for DVB-T: DVBTM0001 The first 15 minutes standby, then channel surfing and Mini Box for DVB-S: DVBSM0001 intensive PVR use Function Miniature SCART Receiver with PVR Function ENERGy DVB-T channel Memory Symbolrate 4000 1.3-45 Ms/sec DiaGRaM DiSEqc 1.0, 1.2, 1.3 (USALS) Mode apparent active Factor USaLS yes StandBy 4.5 W 1 W 0.2 Reception 9w 4.5 w 0.5 22 khz yes apparent Power hDMi Output no ScaRT 1 color PAL and NTSC Video Output CVBS active Power RGB Output yes S-Video yes hDMi no audio Output yes RS232 yes UhF-Modulator no Power 12 V The first 15 minutes active use including PVR operation, the second 15 minutes standby. Dimensions 84.6 x 53.5 x 25.2mm — 04-05/2010 — TELE-satellite — Global Digital TV Magazine 53