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  1. 1. TEST REPORT HDTV Combo ReceiverSkyworth ALI-HD 04-05/201 1 Skyworth ALI-HD Easy to use combo receiver in small size with excellent blind-scanDVBS-2 & DVB-T Receiver• This tiny receiver comes TELE-satellite World Skyworth, a well-known Download this report in other languages from the Internet: Arabic ‫العربية‬ to our readers: in Indonesian Indonesia 04-05/2010, exactly German English Deutsch English year ago, we reported on their Spanish Español French Français Scart connector receiver Hebrew ‫עברית‬ Chinese 中文 for DVB-S and DVB-T. The small Polish Polski of those receivers come to mind Portuguese Russian Português Русский when we look at their newest Turkish Türkçe Available online starting from 1 April 2011combo box, measuring just 260mm wide and 210mm deep.40 TELE-satellite — Global Digital TV Magazine — 04-05/201 — 1
  2. 2. Skyworth have managed controls next to an LED dis- are pre-programmed, oth- receive DVB-S2, the terres-to shoe-horn both a DVB- play that shows the channel ers can be added. LNB trial part does not includeS2 and a DVB-T receiver, number, a flap hides away a frequencies are fixed, but DVB-T2 to match, so there’squite an achievement. And CI slot and USB port, where cover most configurations no HD through the TV an-even though the receiver a storage device can be available including C-band. tenna even if it is availableis 40mm high there is a connected. It’s worth noting in your area. Scanning heregood range of connections from the outset though that Hitting the scan button for can be over the whole spec-squeezed onto the back the unit’s power require- the first time gave me a real trum, or an individual chan-panel. There are single ments are for a power sup- surprise – it is very fast! A nel can be specified.HDMI, Scart, component ply of between 175 and 240 scan over the whole of AS-and composite video con- volts, so it would be unsuit- TRA 2 takes only 3 minutes At my location there arenectors, audio connections able for use in the Americas and 20 seconds to find 96 only two DVB-T transpond-in both digital and analogue and other areas that use transponders. Adding the ers and one DVB-T2 – theflavour, along with loop- 110V. network scan option en- two traditional ones werethroughs to compliment the sures that any frequencies found and scanned in ansatellite and terrestrial in- A good range of anten- for the provider that are equally fast 27 seconds,puts. The UHF output is for na connections are avail- not already in the receiver’s the DVB-T2 didn’t registerloop-though purposes only; able despite the initial basic database are also scanned, at all. I was a little con-there is no RF modulator feel of the receiver. Op- but this adds a time over- cerned as the frequencyonboard. LAN and RS232 tions range from a single head onto the scan. The bands to scan are set byports are also present for fixed dish through DiSEqC same satellite scanned with country, and the options ofupgrade purposes. switches and motors, with this enabled took over twice Czech, Brazil, France, Ger- USALS included for a very as long – 6 minutes 50 sec- many, Poland, Italy, Rus- The front panel has but- easy motorised setup. 41 onds. There is another way sia and Sweden might nottons for the most basic satellites around the world though, blind scan comes have been good for me here to our rescue and will flew in England. But all of them across the whole satellite, seemed to work just fine, picking up any new fre- and if needed a look on the quencies and adding every- internet to find the frequen- thing it finds. The same 96 cies to enter would be a last transponders were found in resort to find your channels a staggering 2 minutes 54 if your country’s frequency seconds, even faster than band did not match these the normal scan. That is defaults. an average of just 1.8 sec- onds per transponder. Blind The channel list is ac- scan is clearly the way to go cessed as usual from the here. central OK button. Scrolling is quite fast, and there are Our sample receiver also page up and down buttons had a DVB-T tuner built in. to help out here too. The list While the satellite tuner can can be filtered with the left 0.5 — 04-05/201 — 1 TELE-satellite — Global Digital TV Magazine 41
  3. 3. 12 and right buttons to select ble that can be renamed as between each of the satel- required, and are accessed lites in memory. Terrestrial quickly from the dedicat- channels can be separated ed button on the remote. too. Channels can be added to more than one list mak- A nice extra feature is the ing the system fully flexible “find” function, accessed and usable. Channel editing with the red button. Here too is quite comprehensive, the list is filtered to match channels can be renamed, the text that is entered, edited, locked or set to be pressing B would filter it skipped in the list. to just channels beginning3 with that letter, and press- Picture quality is OK in ing B again would find BBC higher quality connections One, BBC Two etc. This – the picture through the would be even more useful Scart was very fuzzy when if it let us use the number first used, but switching buttons as letters, as they into RGB mode made the are printed on the remote picture much more accept- in the same way as they are able. I found the pictures to on a phone keypad. Sadly be a little bland, but a few this isn’t available. tweaks of the colour, bright- ness and contrast controls Favourites lists are essen- in the menus made them tial now we have thousands much nicer.1. Channel list of channels to choose from,3. Channel edit and it is good to see that the Being a HDTV receiver,3. EPG receiver has 32 lists availa- Skyworth expects users to42 TELE-satellite — Global Digital TV Magazine — 04-05/201 — 1
  4. 4. 4 95 106 117 4. Find function 8. Satellite scan 5. Media player 9. Satellite scan options 6. Motor settings 10. Terrestrial scan 7. Programme info 11. Timer More on This Manufacturer Read TELE-satellite’s Company Report: SKYWORTH OEM Receiver Manufacturer, China www.skyworth.com8 TELE-satellite — Global Digital TV Magazine — 04-05/201 — 1
  5. 5. connect their tv sets via the sic, but does its job. Where ture on screen. A bonus is side the media player – aHDMI socket. This became available, EPG data goes as that they are stored in the basic but usable interfaceobvious when we tried to far as a week into the fu- standard .ts format which that seems more integratedlisten to Dolby Digital with ture. Timers can be added allows them to be edited when you notice that it isour TV connected to the an- to switch to a channel when and processed easily on a also used to access all me-alogue output or the Scart it starts, or record to a USB computer. As seems to be dia that may be on your USBsocket: there was no sound device. It’s worth noting usual with recording in this device. Music, videos in AVIto hear. Analogue outputs that unlike many receivers, manner, the external drive format and pictures can alland Scart are only meant as it does not seem to check needs to be formatted in be found in separate pagesa last-resort or for configu- for a conflict when a timer FAT format and not NTFS of the same menu. The mu-ration, but not for regular event is running – chan- so the file size limit of 4GB sic player, often just a quickviewing. nels can be changed, menus needs to be remembered if add-on to a satellite receiv- accessed and even scans the files are to be used later er, is better than many. It’s good to see that the started without warning, in Windows.remote has some useful resulting in lost recordings Files can be renamed andfunction buttons for opera- or a crashed receiver that As well as recording from moved around, folders cre-tions that are too often hid- needs to be powered off the EPG, a recording can of ated and favourites marked.den inside menus – nota- and back on to come back course be started manu- Pictures, video and the re-bly those to select of audio to life. ally, and timeshifting is also ceiver’s own recordings cantrack, video format between available, accessed from have the same treatment.widescreen or normal, and Recordings though are of pause button which feels al- It’s a let-down though thatvideo format to choose the good quality when played most hidden away at the top all of the AVI files I tried toscreen resolution. back on a computer – there end of the remote. play appeared with a black are none of the issues that screen with only the sound The ALI-HD’s EPG is ba- were found with the pic- Recordings appear in- playing.46 TELE-satellite — Global Digital TV Magazine — 04-05/201 — 1
  6. 6. Expert Opinion TECHNICAL + DATA + super fast blind-scan finds all channels Distributor Skyworth Overseas Ltd, Unit 1601-4 Westland Centre, 20 Westland Road, Quarry Bay, Hong Kong + includes all functions including high-defi- tion Tel +852 23180500 + a well thought-out media player is included Contact + recordings are saved in .ts format Website Andy Middleton TELE-satellite - Test Center UK Model ALI-HD - country selection for DVB-T seems out of Function Combo Receiver for and date SCPC compatible Yes - the Find button does not make use of the remote control‘s USALS Yes keypad DiSEqC 1.0/1.1/1.2/1.3 Scart connectors 1 Skyworth have done well example of “simple is best”. Audio outputs 2 (left & right)to include both satellite With the small issues of the Video outputs Composite, Component, HDMIand terrestrial tuners and sometimes silent audio with Resolutions 480i, 480p, 576i, 576p, 720p, 1080irecording capabilities into AC-3 soundtracks and the UHF output No (output is for loop-through only)such a small package. De- apparent inability to cor- 0/12 volt output Nospite appearing to be quite rectly play AVI files aside, Digital audio output S/PDIFa basic receiver, most func- the ALI-HD fulfils its role as EPG Yestions needed to receive TV, a receiver with a good set C/Ku-band compatible Yesincluding high-definition of basic functions that are Power supply 175-240V ACare here. The media player kept simple and all fitted in- Common interface 1 PCMCIAis well thought-out, a good side a small-sized box. Card slots 0 Silicon Tuner Yes Dimensions 260x210x40mm ENERGY DIAGRAM Apparent Power Active Power Mode Apparent Active Factor Active 20 W 10 W 0.5 StandBy 17 W 8 W 0.47 — 04-05/201 — 1 TELE-satellite — Global Digital TV Magazine 47