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This is an overview of the teen entrepreneur coaching, consulting and training company Renegade CEO's. It shows how the concept came about and how it has evolved

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  • I was inspired due to Shonika story and success I am in the same position working with teens I was offered a great deal to lead teens of las vegas to be great entrepreneurs and it's a hard process. I found this website because I was looking for quotes I can use to inspire my teens for my first meeting and ran across this my name is Kenneth Johnson and I will love to get in contact with Shonika Proctor so I can be reached at kenneth018a@yahoo.com

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Teen Entrepreneur Timeline

  1. 1. (Teen) Renegade CEO’s empowered by Shonika Proctor “Exploration 2009” The following presentation is Rated R... for Renegade. Teen discretion is advised. C
  2. 2. “A true Renegade CEO challenges not the limits of society, but the limits of oneself.” Exploration 2009 EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Washington, DC based, Group Interactive, Inc., is the creator of (Teen) Renegade CEO’s. The World of the Renegade CEO’s promotes what we call a YOU way of thinking. Our experiential coaching techniques, our book “Teen Entrepreneur Success Secrets” (www.teenceobook. com), our award winning blog, (www.renegadeceos.com) and our Teen CEO Blueprint (www.teenceoblueprint.com) provide information, tips, tools, resources and inspirational stories and videos that encourage emerging teen entrepreneurs to manifest their raw talent and fulfill THEIR uninhibited dreams. 1 SHONIKA PROCTOR
  3. 3. Yanik Silver’s Underground 5 Marketing Seminar 2 SHONIKA PROCTOR
  4. 4. “An entrepreneurial mindset is not a different approach to thinking, but the only approach to thinking...” Exploration 2009 Entrepreneurial Mindset Shonika Proctor understands that this generation’s world, and their impact on it is vastly different from previous generations. Shonika’s avant-garde entrepreneur coaching techniques have empowered struggling but determined teens to beat the odds in school, in life and in business . You can learn with and from them, every day in every way, as together we create 365: Infinite Expedition. Watch as young people across America take their first - and subsequent steps toward building an entrepreneurial mindset. The result - A way of thinking that will forever impact the way they think, work and live. 3 SHONIKA PROCTOR
  5. 5. RENEGADES TIMELINE August 2005: Shonika Proctor was trying to find a television studio on the UDC Campus for a TV show she was trying to produce in conjunction with the SBA Small Business Development Center. After 15 min of searching and looking for someone in the building she met a lady in the elevator who walked her to the facility. While only chatting for a few minutes the lady recommended she volunteer at a local non-profit working with teens. Shonika didn’t fancy the idea too much but the lady insisted she seemed she would be a great candidate. 4 SHONIKA PROCTOR
  6. 6. “All you need is one person who truly believes in you and being that I am the second person, I think you’re ready to go.” REFLECTIONS Exploration 2009 September 2005: While searching something on the Internet the idea of volunteering with the local non profit that the lady on the elevator had mentioned to Shonika crossed her mind a few times. So Shonika decided to look up the non profit and read what they were about. Surprisingly they were located 5 blocks from her house. That evening after business hours she walked to the non profit where the Program Director was working late and she signed up to volunteer and filled out the paperwork for her background check. 5 SHONIKA PROCTOR
  7. 7. Shonika Proctor, Chris “Roughly Famous” Allen and Danielle Herb, 15 6 SHONIKA PROCTOR
  8. 8. Some people say that I make things look too easy…I say…they make things look too difficult. Exploration 2009 REFLECTIONS Winter 2005-2006 More than a month had passed and Shonika hadn’t heard back from the organization so she started calling repeatedly until they created something for her to do. January 2006 Shonika got her first experience to work with an extremely shy teen, Aaron Sacks, CEO of You’re On Deck, in a one on one mentoring environment. Shonika gave him a lot of tips and strategies to overcome his shyness (in 4 days ☺ so that he could comfortably present in a competition). That teen went on to win the competition for the region out of over 1,000 participants. He was featured in the local news and Fox News followed him from home to school and shot footage of him and his business. 7 SHONIKA PROCTOR
  9. 9. “Never compete to get customers…let them compete to get you.” Exploration 2009 REFLECTIONS CONT. Spring 2006: Shonika attended the annual fundraiser for the organization where she met ‘Meto’ of Pinq Cow Designs an extremely shy but talented anime artist. She contracted Meto to do some design work for web and print marketing material. Shonika continued her volunteer work throughout the year and learning how to refine her communication with disenfranchised youth. She started discovering common patterns of how they share and receive information. 8 SHONIKA PROCTOR
  10. 10. “It is the very people who tell you to break the walls around you that are the ones who built them. The only walls to break are the ones within you…and then YOUR Infinite Expedition will begin…” Exploration 2009 REFLECTIONS CONT. Spring 2007: Shonika was mentoring a young lady for a competition. But she had to leave the mentoring session early. As the night passed on she noticed a young man, Derron Scott, Rizon Esthetics, who was fidgeting and staring aimlessly at the computer screen. She turned to him and asked if he ever presented to a group before and he said not outside of his class. So she asked was he nervous and he said EXTREMELY. So she took him into a conference room and she encouraged him to speak freely on his business without using his presentation slides. An hour would pass as she peeled back the layers and exposed his personality. Shonika told him that he would win first place because she had already envisioned him there. 9 SHONIKA PROCTOR
  11. 11. Derron Scott, 17 and Shonika Proctor, Teen Biz Coach This picture was taken at a Youth Entrepreneurship Fundraiser (1000 ppl) Derron was the Master of Ceremony 10 SHONIKA PROCTOR
  12. 12. Amidst all the insanity, technology and strife, slow down and control your own speed of life. Exploration 2009 REFLECTIONS CONT. Spring 2007: The first round of the competition arrived and Derron quot;mechanicallyquot; did everything Shonika suggested. He made it through the semi-finals and he was really shocked. Shonika told him that he needed to bring forth his personality and have fun with his business if he wanted to win. After thinking about it for a day he responded to her that he would trust her and do it. He sent her an email that said quot;we are going all the way to the topquot; and he told Shonika that she should go ahead and make reservations at her favorite restaurant. Derron won first place in the competition. That summer he worked with Shonika on revamping his business and four months later he had gotten so focused that his revenues fluctuated between $3k-5k/month. 11 SHONIKA PROCTOR
  13. 13. THE PIVOTAL POINT September/October 2007: Within 30 days Shonika meets 3 teens Patricio Quezada, Terrence Grainger and Daniel Uribe who were stuck at a ‘funny in between place’ in their business start up. Daniel, Derron and Terrence had just graduated from high school and the business program at Patricio’s school was in the process of being discontinued. They all could understand theory to some extent but they were not actually implementing in real life. Shonika began creating the AHA moments for them and sending suggestions to the non profit organization to diversify the curriculum. They thanked her for her feedback. But they did not implement the suggestions. At the same time the energy and inspiration of this small group of spirited and determined teens was becoming very strong and starting to manifest into something far greater than any of them could imagine. 12 SHONIKA PROCTOR
  14. 14. Amidst all the insanity, technology and strife, slow down and control your own speed of life. Exploration 2009 The Renegade CEO’s Late November 2007: Patricio thought of the name Renegade CEO’s to describe the informal group of youth who Shonika was mentoring. They were all exploring and trying to find focus and purpose in their lives. At first the group thought the name was too ‘aggressive’ but then within a few days it started to grow on everyone. A simple blog was created with a custom header to keep all the ideas and resources in a central place and they began making posts. They had a vision but it was very loosely defined and more like a hobby with some integrated peer to peer mentoring and support. 13 SHONIKA PROCTOR
  15. 15. Amidst all the insanity, technology and strife, slow down and control your own speed of life. Exploration 2009 WORLD PREMIERE VIDEO January 2008:Daniel had purchased a video camera with some of the award money he won in a business plan competition. Shonika was lecturing him about wasting money on this because he didn’t know how to use it. Daniel said he could teach himself. He and his friend John decided to make a video about the Renegade CEO’s to prove their point. Shonika gave them the paramaters and the vision and told them to try to keep it to under 5 min. She told Daniel to create a fun video that reflects the energy of the group and their hours and hours of skype coaching sessions that they had done up until then. And she also told him to make sure he had his company Lazer Bearings as the primary focus in the video. 14 SHONIKA PROCTOR
  16. 16. Amidst all the insanity, technology and strife, slow down and control your own speed of life. Exploration 2009 THE VIDEO ARRIVES End of January 2008: After what seemed like eternity the video arrives at Shonika’s house. The package has barely made it and has definitely been well-loved. Shonika carefully opened up the package, took the video out and popped it into the CD. She could not believe what she saw. She watched the video at least 400 more times before the night was over. So many emotions were stirred up and she felt something unexplainable inside. She didn’t ‘lecture’ her teens anymore on things they felt strongly about. Watch the Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Auynl1sS7VA 15 SHONIKA PROCTOR
  17. 17. Amidst all the insanity, technology and strife, slow down and control your own speed of life. Exploration 2009 WORKING ANGEL April 2008: Mike Michalowicz, “The Toilet Paper Entrepreneur” had a blog for his company Obsidian Launch. It focused on entrepreneurship themes. One of the blog posts was a message from a 15 year old. Mike told the teen to call him back in 3 years when he was 18. Shonika wrote a nastygram (in the nicest way ever in response to that post). Within 12 hours Mike Michalowicz had tracked Shonika down and was chatting with her on the phone saying that he wanted to meet her personally. Two weeks later she went to NYC and caught up with him. From the meeting with Mike who was encouraging her to pursue her work with her teens full-time to the magical things that were happening Shonika began to think that the universe was sending out affirmations in abundance to tell her that she was on the right path. 16 SHONIKA PROCTOR
  18. 18. Amidst all the insanity, technology and strife, slow down and control your own speed of life. Exploration 2009 NATIONAL RECOGNITION April 2008: Daniel receives Global Entrepreneur of the Year Award in NYC. Derron receives a National Award for Freddie Mac Youth Leader of the Year in Washington, DC. Both of the award ceremonies were held on the same night. Shonika traveled with Derron to shoot the promotional video for the awards gala and then she traveled to NYC to support Daniel since he did not have any family or local friends to support him. 17 SHONIKA PROCTOR
  19. 19. Derron Scott, 18 and his Freddie Mac National Youth Leader of the Award (2008) 18 SHONIKA PROCTOR
  20. 20. Amidst all the insanity, technology and strife, slow down and control your own speed of life. Exploration 2009 TEEN BIZ COACH April 2008: A few days after the awards ceremony Derron is featured in a local newspaper so lots of people are calling Shonika congratulating on her work with Derron. And in the same time period a friend calls Shonika one evening and told her that her presence is felt around the world. Shonika is confused by this statement. He says that he saw Derron featured in Black Enterprise Magazine and that he mentions his “Teen Business Coach” in the article. All searches in Google on Derron leads back to blog posts of his early days of working with Shonika. People from throughout the states start to call and email Shonika about her work with teen entrepreneurs. Daniel is also featured on Fox Morning News (NYC) and he gives a shout out to the Renegades. 19 SHONIKA PROCTOR
  21. 21. Amidst all the insanity, technology and strife, slow down and control your own speed of life. Exploration 2009 REDEFINING PURPOSE Last week of April 2008 Reflecting back on the past few months Shonika realized her small consulting practice was busy as it has ever been. She also realized she was committing in excess of 25 hours per week to mentor her teens. She felt that if she didn’t choose one route she would fail at both. Stuck at crossroads she sought out advice from her teens. They responded with profound and introspective questions that she had often asked them. In her soul searching she realized that purpose and passion is not necessarily what you were good at but what was good for you…what fulfilled you. 19 SHONIKA PROCTOR
  22. 22. Amidst all the insanity, technology and strife, slow down and control your own speed of life. Exploration 2009 APRIL 29, 2008 Shonika felt that she didn’t want to transition into or out of anything. She just wanted to choose one thing or the other and go forth without looking back. Option 1: Do what she had been doing for 15 years and stay where she was established and earned great money. Option 2: Go down an unknown path in an industry with no previous track record and her experience limited to that of volunteering. She would work for free until her savings ran out or she figured out a business revenue model. She would not charge her teens, nor would she have no contractual obligations or recourse because she was working directly with minors (many of them having parents that did not support or understand entrepreneurship). Being a thrill seeker she FEARLESSLY chose option 2! 20 SHONIKA PROCTOR
  23. 23. Amidst all the insanity, technology and strife, slow down and control your own speed of life. Exploration 2009 TEEN CEO BOOK Mother’s Day 2008: Within 48 hours after choosing the path of Pioneering the Teen Entrepreneurship Coaching industry and after receiving a lot of grief from her significant other because her vision was ‘too abstract’, a book theme popped into her mind to explain her business. She searched online and surprisingly found that no such book existed based on the theme she wanted to write about. So she contacted her business adviser Robert Moment of The Moment Group who assisted her with drawing up an outline and helped her create the chapter themes. 12 days and 36,000 words later with absolutely no writer's block Teen Entrepreneur Success Secrets: The Essential Guide to Starting and Growing a Business was completed and sent off to the Editor. 21 SHONIKA PROCTOR
  24. 24. Amidst all the insanity, technology and strife, slow down and control your own speed of life. Exploration 2009 FREEDOM Late May 2008: Shonika traveled to the HQ of the non profit organization that she had volunteered with. She saw a greater vision and tremendous opportunity for them. She had planned out ideas for curriculum, an online community, a new brand with online and offline marketing components. To her dismay she arrived to discover that the Sr. Level people who were scheduled to be at the meeting were doing other things they felt were ‘more important’. Shonika never got to present her big ideas. She was disappointed and felt frustrated. While the organization profusely apologized and reimbursed her for her travel expenses Shonika vowed that she would still carry out her ideas. But instead of chasing her big dreams, from this point forward she would ALWAYS put her teens and their dreams and needs first. By fulfilling their dreams she would fulfill hers too (Thank you Patricio) 22 SHONIKA PROCTOR
  25. 25. Amidst all the insanity, technology and strife, slow down and control your own speed of life. Exploration 2009 CONTRACT AWARD June 2008: Within 6 weeks of launching her business Shonika gets her first government contract. It gives her a great deal of financial freedom to get some professional marketing material in place. The contract is for developing entrepreneurship curriculum for disenfranchised youth employed through the Department of Employment Services Youth Summer Program. The program she implemented was an absolute flop. At the end of the program she says she will not work with that target market in a group setting anymore because she felt could not connect with them. But the teens who she struggled with the most connect with her after the program and ask for forgiveness and her continued support. They tell her that her work has inspired them and they want to be successful like her. They give her insight into this demographic and open up their world. 23 SHONIKA PROCTOR
  26. 26. Amidst all the insanity, technology and strife, slow down and control your own EPK COVER speed of life. Exploration 2009 24 SHONIKA PROCTOR
  27. 27. Amidst all the insanity, technology and strife, slow down and control your own speed of life. Exploration 2009 THE WEBSITE/BLOG August 2008: With a dominant teen male coaching audience “Grunge- Flourish” was the theme of choice for the website. Shonika didn’t particularly like the site initially but she just followed her teens inspiration and vision. It eventually grew on her and she went on to create a professional electronic press kit so that people would understand what it truly meant when she said she was coaching teens. Her work expanded far beyond hobby businesses and her teens deserved to have high end custom designed marketing materials that reflected each of their individual personalities and high value businesses that they had put so much time and energy into. 25 SHONIKA PROCTOR
  28. 28. Amidst all the insanity, technology and strife, slow down and control your own speed of life. Exploration 2009 365: INFINITE EXPEDITION Summer/Fall 2008: Ideas and stories beyond one’s wildest imagination start to surface as teens are feeling completely comfortable with Shonika and she is feeling comfortable with them. The concept of the book 365: Infinite Expedition comes about to profile inspirational stories from 365 Teen CEO’s. Renegades brings on a virtual support team to facilitate the implementation of their BIG Dreams! Rajon Mozee16, , Blaze Computer Systems, Inc., Muata Gibson-Hunter, 15, Inivatrix, Lamar Ramos-Peterson, 14, LWRP Enterprises and Matthew Turcotte, 16, North Shore Web Development all come on board and enter into a private coaching practice. The Teen Entrepreneur Success Secrets Book finally launches after tons of edits and changes. www.teenceobook.com 26 SHONIKA PROCTOR
  29. 29. “If you want to become a powerful person, you must empower others.” Exploration 2009 Rajon Mozee, 17, Matthew Turcotte, 16, Lamar Ramos Peterson, 15, Muata Gibson Hunter, 16 27 SHONIKA PROCTOR
  30. 30. INTERNAL COMPASS Sept 2008- Jan 2009 Shonika continues working with youth into the winter as they redesign the Renegades CEO curriculum from scratch. One of the teens from the Youth Summer Program is inspired to write a book with Shonika’s support. Shonika learns to let go and follow her internal compass. Her teens start doing the same. Daniel decides to enter a video competition sponsored by Russell Simmons. He is one of five individuals selected nationwide for the finals. He is featured in the promo video and gives a shout out to the Renegades. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1JeN82-4T9o The answers start to come before the questions. Everything fits together as if it was planned that way. And young people are fearlessly taking on leadership roles and naturally growing into their full potential. Matt’s company reaches 4 figures/mo in revenues, Muata publishes a book, Ashley Murphy, 17, UK joins the Renegades in Dec 2008 and writes and publishes book in 30 days and Daniel signs a lease on office space with no co-signer. 27 SHONIKA PROCTOR
  31. 31. Amidst all the insanity, technology and strife, slow down and control your own speed of life. Exploration 2009 FLYING After moving in sync with their own rhythm and the energy of the universe the Renegades starting flying and taking off. February 2009: Serial Internet Entrepreneur and self-made millionaire Yanik Silver Connects with Shonika on Twitter and invites her to be a partner in his 2009 Maverick Business Insiders Young Scholarship Program. She graciously accepts and Renegade Patricio makes the cut of the 10 young entrepreneurs to win $2,995 scholarship to the event. He attends the 3 day marketing seminar and has the time of his life. February 2009: Renegades picks up Danielle Herb, 15, CEO of Drop Your Reins in the coaching program and gains tremendous momentum and support from the first Renegade CEO's actively involved mom, Marianne St. Clair. February 2009: Renegades starts finalizing curriculum and getting ready to record the audio courses for their Teen C.E.O. Blueprint (Private Study Course) 29 SHONIKA PROCTOR
  32. 32. “If you want to become a powerful person, you must empower others.” Exploration 2009 Renegade CEO Danielle Herb, 15 and Renegade Mom, Marianne St. Clair 30 SHONIKA PROCTOR
  33. 33. Amidst all the insanity, technology and strife, slow down and control your own speed of life. Exploration 2009 FLYING HIGHER March 2009: Shonika, Daniel and Patricio rock the Teen CEO Blueprint lining up all the audio course interviews and getting everything from resources to worksheets fleshed out. March 2009: Begin official collection of inspirational teen ceo stories for the forthcoming 365: Infinite Expedition Series Book March 2009: Patricio finishes writing his book, The BiLingual Computer Handbook 31 SHONIKA PROCTOR
  34. 34. “If you want to become a powerful person, you must empower others.” Exploration 2009 FLYING EVEN HIGHER April 2009: Renegade CEO’s finishes recording for the Blueprint and goes into packaging phase. Renegades celebrates 1 year. May 2009: Renegade CEO’s invited to be a part of a joint venture for a national pilot for a youth workforce development and entrepreneurship initiative called ‘Unleash You’. May 2009: Lamar and Derron finish writing their books. May 2009: Renegades hire a publicist to support the launch of the Blueprint and get the word out about their teens. Before the publicist even finishes her “background prep work” 3 national media outlets contact the Renegades over the course of 5 days. This is yet more affirmations that they are on the right path. 32 SHONIKA PROCTOR
  35. 35. “If you want to become a powerful person, you must empower others.” Exploration 2009 CNN Feature June 2009: Patricio Quezada, 18, is featured on CNN…What Next? 33 SHONIKA PROCTOR
  36. 36. “All quotes in this presentation were created by Shonika Proctor and are commonly shared with her teens.” COMMUNICATE Exploration 2009 Group Interactive, Inc. Phone: 202-580-8336 (TEEN) Email: teensrule@renegadeceos.com Give: www.sponsorateenceo.com Take: www.renegadeceos.com Share: www.teeenceobook.com Twitter: @teenbizcoach Note: All content is available in both Spanish and French and videos can be subtitled. C SHONIKA PROCTOR