What would i be if i were a PowerPoint presentation?


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I spend a large part of my waking hours creating or making presentations. So why not have the 'About me' section on my site as a presentation as well!

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What would i be if i were a PowerPoint presentation?

  1. 1. Now, withNO bulletpoints!UPDATED!PS: quick link to my company:http://www.circussocial.com
  2. 2. I spent the first 7 years ofmy life in Chandigarh…abeautiful city!
  3. 3. I had quite areputation …Ijumped from wallswith guns in myhand…once threw astone at a friend andalmost broke hisskull…
  4. 4. …and I received thebest conduct awardfrom school!
  5. 5. …and then movedto Delhi when Iwas 7…perhapsIndia’s rudest city!
  6. 6. I was happy to have a littlesister come along
  7. 7. I first became anentrepreneur at the age of9 when I started a libraryout of our garage
  8. 8. B. Com Honoursfrom SriVenkateswaracollege, DelhiUniversity (94-97)
  9. 9. I knocked on the doors of 1200 nonTimes of India readers in 60 daysand spent 30 minutes with eachone of them. I converted a 1000I also worked at an adagency as a copywriterfor a bit!
  10. 10. Indian Institute ofManagement,Ahmedabad,India(97-99)
  11. 11. Ramp parties were a favourite
  12. 12. Before I knew it, I found myself with a campus offerfrom NIIT, an awesome place to work! They spentno time in checking me out – assigning all sorts ofprojects across marketing, sales and businessdevelopment.
  13. 13. As his role entailed creating a new channel, he ran the subgroup independently and handled, not just the productcreation, the channel for delivery of service developed, builtthe product positioning and communication and post launchdrove Sales across India for the product line and exceededrevenue targets. A wonderful professional and friend.” –Ashok Clement T, VP Marketing, NIITHe is person of possibility - His enthusiasm is palpable. – L.Balasubramanian, President NIIT“Enthusiastic, high energy engine! Focused on results,unravels new methods and means through out-of-the-boxthinking. Strategic marketeer.” – P. Rajendran, COO, NIIT“I worked with Shalu on a project called "Swift Jyoti" formass computer literacy. I developed the product in oneweek and Shalu sold it for four weeks. More than 100,000people got trained in a month paying $10 each. NIIT made amillion. He is quick, accurate and very efficient, this guy.When he is in the mood....” - Sugata Mitra, Chief Scientist,NIIT
  14. 14. I did not disappoint!– I launched newproducts, enrolments surged, salesboomed, I ran joint promos with Coke,Times of India, AirTel, Eveready,Reebok, Microsoft etc, created hugelysuccessful events and more
  15. 15. “Shalu always amazes me with hiscreativity and ability to think completelyout of the box.He has a unique combination ofdreaming the unthinkable and thencreating a reality out of the same.” –Piyush Srivastava, VP, NIIT“Some of my most enjoyable times atNIIT were with shalu. He is amazinglycreative and extremly detailed in anyproject that he undertakes andespecially has an enviable commitmentto ensure its success. Jeffery Peter,Regional Manager, NIIT“Shalu is a great person to have in yourteam. He is full of ideas and full of beansall the time. He was looked upon for hiscreative ideas and high energy levels. Heled his teams well and was very affableand managed to consistently deliverresults.” Gagan Adlakha, RegionalManager, NIIT
  16. 16. The highlight was anincentive trip to Goa forour entire team after weall exceeded our targetsfor the year.
  17. 17. He was awesome in terms of recognizingopportunities and his attention to detailwas fantastic. Vikas Gugnani, HR Manager,NIIT Technologies“Shalu has been one of the most focused,extremely result oriented businessmanager,I have worked with. He is alwaysfull of brilliant ideas to archive goals andmotivate people. Last but not the least, heis fun to work with.” Manali Pathak, ProjectManager NIIT Technologies.
  18. 18. In the middle of 2005, I joined Polaroid ascountry manager for ASEAN and IndiaI helped to maximize the revenue potentialat the dying stages of the photographybusiness and helped establish the consumerelectronics business in competitive Asianmarkets.“Shalu was a very result orientedexecutive with a very good customerorientation. He managed tosuccessfully redesign our distributionfootprint in India and worked very wellwith our complex ditribution networkin that country.I vividly remember Shalu as a verytalented and hi-potential executive.The experience for me was verypositive. Gianfranco Palma, President,Polaroid“Shalu is an eager manager, adept atkeeping the customers perspective inmind while working internally to buildeffective solutions. He presided over aperiod of fast business growth in hisarea of responsibility.” Scott Bayles, VP,Polaroid
  19. 19. I ran workshops with …communication skillsI created, offered andconducted workshopson Creativity, SocialMedia, CommunicationSkills and Blogging formany organizations inSingapore
  20. 20. In 2009, I co-founded Tickled Media – an online companybased out of Singapore. We started building communitiesaround our websites when few people had heard of the idea
  21. 21. I learnt and mastered many aspectsof digital marketing and operations– CPC advertising, Newslettermarketing, technical aspects ofrunning websites, creatingmarketing solutions for clientsamong others
  22. 22. I also squeezed out timeto teach marketing at afew Singapore B-schools– and refreshed my ownMBA in the process!
  23. 23. 2009 was anawesomeyear!
  24. 24. My sister(facebook.com/wasumona)won the Indian version of ‘Iam a celeb, get me out ofhere! (Yes, she won!)I got hooked to Social Mediawhile I ran her campaign
  25. 25. My dad’s book was published torave reviews and the copies flewoff shelves!
  26. 26. In early 2010, I sold offmy stake in TickledMedia and joinedOgilvy.
  27. 27. …And it wasnot justbecause of achange inaddress!
  28. 28. …And we’re having a greattime!Check us out!http://www.circussocial.com
  29. 29. More at http://www.shaluwasu.com
  30. 30. shalu@shaluwasu.com@tickledbylifehttp://www.circussocial.comMarch 2011