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Techmodi crm technical analysis

  1. 1. Customer Relationship ManagementCRM consists of the processes a company uses to track and organize its contacts with its current andprospective customers. CRM software is used to support these processes; information about customersand customer interactions can be entered, stored and accessed by employees in different companydepartments.CRM goals are to improve services provided to customers, and to use customer contact information fortargeted marketing.CRM TYPES 1. Operational CRM provides support to "front office" business processes, e.g. to sales, marketing and service staff. Interactions with customers are generally stored in customers contact histories, and staff can retrieve customer information as necessary. 2. Analytical CRM analyzes customer data for a variety of purposes: Designing and executing targeted marketing campaigns Designing and executing campaigns, e.g. customer acquisition, cross-selling, up- selling, addon-selling Analyzing customer behavior in order to make decisions relating to products and services (e.g. pricing, product development) Management information system (e.g. financial forecasting and customer profitability analysis) 3. Sales Intelligence CRM is similar to Analytical CRM, but is intended as a more direct sales tool. Features include alerts sent to sales staff regarding: Cross-selling/Up-selling/Switch-selling opportunities Customer drift Sales performance Customer trends Customer margins Customer alignment 4. Campaign management combines elements of Operational and Analytical CRM. 5. Collaborative CRM covers aspects of a companys dealings with customers that are handled by various departments within a company, such as sales, technical support and marketing.
  2. 2. 6. Consumer Relationship System (CRM) covers aspects of a companys dealing with customers handled by the Consumer Affairs and Customer Relations contact centers within a company. Representatives handle in-bound contact from anonymous consumers and customers. Technologies & Solutions for CRM’s 1. SUGAR CRM 2. Virtue Mart CRM 3. CIVI CRM 4. VTiger 5. Splendid CRM 6. Microsoft Dynamics CRM 7. Salesforce CRM 8. Zoho CRM 9. IMPEL CRM 10. Relationware Best Case to Select CRM :- Your CRM matches your marketing, sales, customer service and retention strategies. It’s easy to use and provides reports that eliminate the need to generate tedious manual reports. It may integrate with other software like accounting and inventory, enabling your entire team to view important data and reports in real time. The attached figure gives steps to select the best CRM solution.We are technically equipped to carry out the implementation of the CRM listed above. We havereviewed the CRM technologies and are confident of providing you with the quality output. Our DomainExpertise lies in not only developing but providing a solution.Please check out the best software reviews for the Client Relationship Management (CRM ) this will helpyou to make a decision.
  3. 3. CONTACT INFORMATION Mr. Santosh Salve Business Development Mgr. Mob: +91 99222 21349 Email: Skype IM: - santoshsalve Yahoo ID :- MSN ID: - Gmail ID: - Website: - Disclaimer: - This document is the confidential property of TECHMODI & is created for the client. Hence if you are not the intended party or received it in error. Please delete the document and let us know at the contact details provided above for adequate preventive measures to be taken in future.